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July 2002   Alan Caruba
An Independence Day Without Borders By Alan Caruba

National Anxiety Center July 02, 2002

Independence Day 2002 comes with the threat of terrorism, but there is another threat that many Americans still have not fully comprehended.

They would do well to consider the way their nation is being transformed by a virtual torrent of illegal aliens from Mexico. The issue is not that they are Mexicans, but the sheer volume of their numbers.

America has become a nation that cannot maintain its borders, nor manage immigration that is three times higher than the next highest receiving nation.

In the first six months of this year, the US Border Patrol apprehended 176,655 illegal aliens in just the 21-mile Douglas, Arizona, section alone! The same individual may be apprehended more than once, and the Border Patrol estimates that for every one that is caught, three to five are not.

Since 1983, at least a half-million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. from our southern border.

According to a study commissioned by Americans for Immigration Control, Inc., 58% of Mexican respondents said that the US Southwest "belonged" to Mexico, while 28% disagreed. Asked if Mexicans should have the right to enter the US without permission, 57% agreed. By contrast, fully 65% of Americans asked whether illegal aliens should be granted amnesty and allowed to stay said no.

A study by the non-profit Center for Immigration Studies confirms that "annual immigration in 2030 will still approach 400,000 a year, 8.3 to 11.4 percent higher than the 370,000 estimated for 2000."

The Mexican-born population of the United States will double to 18 million by the year 2030. There is a powerful incentive for this because, in the last decade, Mexican immigrants sent more than $45 billion to their relatives. In 2000, they sent $6 billion or about $17 million a day.

Are there elements of the Mexican government carrying out a strategic depopulation program, centered around approximately ninety communities within central and southern Mexico? Some informed sources believe this to be the case.

Making matters worse, according to Rep. Tom Tancredo (R- Colo.), since 1996, there have been 118 incursions across the border into the U.S., 61 by Mexican military and 57 by Mexican law enforcement. At least 60% of the time, the Mexicans were armed. Sometimes U.S. border guards come under fire.

President Bush's enthusiastic support for yet another amnesty program for illegal aliens is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

The entire population of illegal aliens granted amnesty in 1986 have been replaced by new ones. This is why, at current rates, between legal and illegal immigration into this nation, we will double our population within the lifetimes of today's college students.

In the last decade, the 11.2 million immigrants who arrived, plus the 6.4 million children born to immigrants living here, equal 70% of the nation's population growth. That's just flat-out too much, too fast.

(Alan Caruba is the author of "America: A Nation Without Borders", available exclusively from the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center.)