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July 2002   Alan Stang
The 'Soviet Collapse", What Really Happened By Alan Stang

The "Soviet Collapse" What Really Happened

For the last few weeks, we have been exploring the supremely crucial question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror." Last week, we returned to the beginning of the Soviet seizure of Russia in 1917, and began to look at the "Soviet collapse," and we saw that the Soviets have "collapsed" time after time. Let's look at that tactic more closely.

In 1921, Lenin saw that his Communist dictatorship would collapse without help, so he announced a complete overhaul, known as the New Economic Policy, the propaganda point of which was to prove that the Soviets were just like us Americans. The West, preeminently the United States, sent the aid that saved the new Soviet Union. By 1924, Lenin had died and the time had come to digest all this help. New Soviet dictator Stalin now reversed Soviet policy, which again became harsh.

So, the United States had helped install the Communists in the first place, at which point the Communists were good guys. As soon as they took over, the Cheka implemented the Red Terror, so they were bad guys. They were good guys again, during NEP, and then bad guys again when NEP was thrown out.

But now we are entering the 1930s, and it was time for the Soviets to be good guys again. Stalin launched a massive propaganda effort that culminated in the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States. The exchange of ambassadors facilitated the transfer of even more financial aid to Moscow. As we have seen, for instance, the Ford Motor Company made it possible for the Soviets to manufacture motor vehicles. Other companies transferred entire factories. For more details, see my piece on the late Antony Sutton in the Etherzone archives.

But now here comes the "Purge," in which Stalin subjected his fellow Communists to show trials including brainwashing and execution for "disloyalty." There also was the little matter of the Soviet-Nazi "Non-Aggression Pact," signed by von Ribbentrop and Molotov in 1938, that made the Soviets and Nazis treaty allies. Little more than a year later, on September 1, 1939, these totalitarian socialist allies, married by treaty, began World War Two by attacking and dismembering Poland between them.

Needless to say, all this made the Soviets bad guys again. Sounding like rabid "isolationists," Communist fronts in this country driveled daily that the United States should stay out of the European war because it was none of our business. But now here comes crazy Adolf to the rescue. On June 22, 1941, Hitler stupidly attacks Russia.

On the next day, the Soviets are good guys again. The American Peace Mobilization disappears. Now we are told that we must intervene immediately to save the Soviets from collapse, because "Uncle Joe" Stalin is such a good guy. President Franklin Roosevelt conspires with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to trick the United States into the war for the purpose, and finally succeeds by treasonously arranging the executions of hundreds of Americans and the destruction of a large element of our Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. Soviet asset Harry Hopkins, Roosevelt's closest confidant, supervises "Lend-Lease," in which about $13 billion is sent to the Soviet Union, to "save it from collapse." Remember that we're talking about the early 1940s. Thirteen billion 1942 dollars would translate into a much bigger number today.

Because of all that aid, the Soviets not only survived but also were able to seize all of central Europe. The invasion of Poland had been the cause of the war, but now the United States literally forced Poland into the Soviet maw. See I Saw Poland Betrayed, by U.S. Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane. Why not? The Soviets were such "good guys."

Stalin again needed time to digest. In 1946, in Missouri, Churchill announced that an "Iron Curtain" had descended over central Europe. The Soviets were bad guys again. They were bad guys during the Berlin Airlift, which was the only way the West could keep their part of Berlin alive. Then Stalin went home to Satan, and the Soviets were good guys again—until the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The Soviets deceitfully killed its leaders, invaded and ruthlessly suppressed Hungary, in a betrayal directed by Yuri Andropov of the KGB. Hungarians who could, escaped into Austria. So the Soviets now were bad guys again.

Until new Soviet thug Khrushchev launched the "thaw." Now we could really relate to the Reds. They were good home folks, just like us. Khrushchev became the "Man of the Year." There was a blip in 1962, during the "Soviet missile crisis" in Cuba, a confrontation that Jack Kennedy lost for the United States. The Soviets were bad guys again for a while, but recovered quickly.

The United States now was embroiled in the War in Vietnam. From beginning to end, until Washington finally defeated our victorious military, the Soviets and their satellites in central Europe sent the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong the supplies and equipment they needed to fight us, despite which our military won in the Nam. From beginning to end, the traitors who defeated our military turned a blind eye and the Soviets remained good guys.

Until 1983, when the Soviets shot down Korean Airlines Flight 007, and, according to the best available speculation, kidnapped the survivors among the 269 passengers and crew, including Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald. Those were the days of Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire," and our dear friends the Soviets certainly were bad guys again.

But, just a few years later, we began to hear rumors about the latest "Soviet collapse." Most of the little Soviet dictators disappeared. In Rumania, for instance, Ceausescu was deposed. Ronald Reagan demanded that the Soviets dismantle the Berlin Wall, and—mirabile dictu—they did it. They allowed the reunification of Germany. Miracle of miracles, the Soviet Union itself was no more. Instead, we had the Confederation of Independent States (CIS). Russia no longer was Communist. Now, it was a Free Enterprise powerhouse, just like the United States. The men who ran Russia were good guys—just like us. Early in the 1990s, the process was completed.

For decades, your Intrepid Correspondent and others have been warning that long-standing U.S. policy has been to merge the United States and the Soviet Union. We repeated that warning during the heat of the "Cold War." At that time, of course we were totally insane, potential serial killers, loonies who heard voices when no one was talking. Merge the United States and the Soviet Union? Preposterous!

We knew that was American policy at the highest levels because Rowan Gaither, a former black ops spook, who ran the multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation at the time, said it was American policy in conversation with Norman Dodd, then a Congressional investigator. Norman told us the whole story on our radio talk show in Los Angeles.

And, sure enough, notice that, even with no treatment, no lithium or other stabilizing drugs, your Intrepid Correspondent has made one of the most amazing recoveries in the history of psychiatry, to the point of sanity at which I am arguably a paragon of "mental health." Now, when we mention the possible merger of the two nations, you still may not agree, but you certainly listen seriously.

Items: the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Incineration) and the "successor" (ha! ha!) to the KGB are as tight as a thumb in the nose. Russia is now in the middle of NATO. Did you happen to remember that a Soviet goal from the beginning has been the destruction of NATO? Space exploration has become a joint Russian-American operation. Bush looked into Putin's very soul and likes what he saw. He may not be a Christian, but he's a man we can trust. That's why Bush is disarming without verification. Soviet, oh, excuse me, Russian generals are allowed to see our infantry tactics and other military secrets. Try this: go to Fort Benning and demand to see them yourself, but don't call on me when you are trying to make bail. These are just a few examples.

Let's recapitulate. The United States (with European help) installed the Communists in power in Russia in the first place. Every few years since, the parasitical Soviet system has routinely approached the point of collapse—and every time without exception the United States has come to the rescue with billions. We like to call it, "yo-yo diplomacy." Had the United States merely done nothing, the Soviet Union would have disappeared long ago, and today would be a mere footnote, maybe a chapter. Back and forth the public relations have gone, from good guys to bad guys and back again. Which recalls Wolcott Gibbs's classic parody of Time Magazine's style: "Backward ran sentences until reeled the mind."

So the point is that the "Soviet collapse" is nothing new. It has happened time after time. It is a standard strategy in the Soviet mindbending arsenal. It is a routine subterfuge the Soviets use, taught by Machiavelli and Sun Tsu. So, now that we have the necessary history, we are ready to examine the specific proof that this latest "Soviet collapse" is a fraud, leading to another look at the question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror." Be with your reporter next week for more.

Copyright © 2002 by Alan Stang