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July 2002   Alan Stang
Why We Will Lose The War Unless We Fight The Real Enemy By Alan Stang

Why We Will Lose the War Unless We Fight the Real Enemy

In this new series of commentaries, we have been exploring the question of whom we are fighting in the present war, because of the obvious military law that if you don't know whom you are fighting, you will lose. Last week, we looked at the history of the so-called "Soviet collapse."

The media don't talk much about Russia these days. The only thing they tell us pretty much is that Russia is "helping" us in the "war on terror." The only time we see "President" Putin is when he is bear hugging George Bush, who says Putin is a man we can trust. The "Soviet collapse" is the starting point of most media coverage of that country. Even the "conservative" media believe it. So, let's look at the "Soviet collapse" today. What would a genuine Soviet collapse include? Would you agree that it would have to include:

The Destruction of the Gulag. You have seen enough movies to remember what happened when the Hitler horror collapsed. The gates of the concentration camps, from Bergen-Belsen to Auschwitz, were thrown open. The inmates were liberated. All over Europe, the victims streamed forth. The camps were either destroyed or maintained as museums. You can visit them today.

Any genuine Soviet collapse would have to include the collapse of the gulag, the vast network of Soviet concentration camps Solzhenitsyn wrote about. Millions would have to be liberated. As in the case of Nazi Germany, the camps would have to be closed. Question: Has that happened? Are you allowed to visit them? Answer: No. In fact, isn't the Soviet concentration camp system still completely intact?

The Punishment of the Guilty. When the Hitler horror and Hirohito's Tokyo collapsed, the "war criminals" at the top, especially the ones who ran the death camps, were tried, convicted, executed and jailed. They were hunted down everywhere on earth. They were kidnapped from South America. Today, an incredible 57 years later, investigators are still looking for them. As you read this, Slobo the Serb, who used to run Yugoslavia, is on trial for "war crimes" in The Hague. Any genuine Soviet collapse would have to include such punishment. Has it happened?

The Changing of the Guard. After the original Axis horror collapsed, different people ran Germany, Italy and Japan. It should go without saying that any such collapse in the Soviet Union should include the same dramatic change. Well, has it? "President" Putin is a "former" KGB colonel. The KGB, the Soviet Gestapo, has a new name. Haven't the Soviets changed its name many times? Don't the same people still run the country?

Disarmament. After the genuine collapse of the Hitler-Tojo Axis, the militaries they had run—the war machines we had fought—were totally dismantled. Neither country was allowed to have a military until a few years ago. With the "collapse" of Communism, shouldn't the same thing have happened in the Soviet Union? What has happened instead? The Communists who still run the country are still frenetically building the Soviet military as if they were at war, which they are.

Yes, they have promised to destroy some missiles. And they have actually destroyed some—rickety relics they would have destroyed anyway to make room for modernized versions. For years, Washington has complained that Saddam Hussein has refused to allow inspection of his missiles and NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) capability. But George Bush is betting your life on the promises of a "former" KGB colonel; Soviet generals are allowed to visit Fort Benning to observe our infantry tactics, but no observation of the metastasizing Soviet military—much of it concealed in vast cities underground—is allowed. No American is allowed anywhere near it. Does this sound to you like the policies of a system that has collapsed? Remember that when and if the Soviets launch, Bush will be safely installed underground himself.

The Lesson of History. We saw last week that Moscow has engineered many "Soviet collapses" since Lenin and his thugs seized power there in 1917. The word "collapse" refers to something that is out of control and has bad effects; on the contrary, every "Soviet collapse" has been strategically designed to produce effects beneficial to the Soviets. Research has established that this latest "collapse" was entirely staged. For instance, Mike Gorbachev (KGB) completed the paperwork that established his foundation even before he was "deposed." Mike presently offices at the Presidio in San Francisco, which used to be a U.S. Army base (a nice irony); his foundation runs annual conferences at which speakers like Ted "the Traitor" Turner demand a drastic reduction of world population. Mike says he is still a Communist. Why would the Soviets engineer the present "collapse?" Well, what are the effects? When the police investigate a crime, they always look for a motive.

The Big Casino. As usual, the money is pouring in. As we have seen, that happens whenever the Soviets engineer a "collapse." Funding is much harder to arrange when the Soviets declare a "cold war." Today, the usual combination of traitors, opportunists and fools is helping to finance the Soviet war machine. Believe it or not, American taxpayers, maybe including you, are financing the "destruction" of those Soviet missile relics, and the management of dangerous, radioactive materials, because the poor Soviets "can't afford" to do it themselves.

Diplomatic and Military Advances. For instance, the neutralization of NATO has always been a Soviet goal. Recently, the Soviet, oh, excuse me, Russia was admitted to NATO. How helpful will NATO be when the Soviets declare cold war again? The FBI (Federal Bureau of Incineration) is working closely with the "successor" to the KGB. The Treasury Department is helping the KGB collect taxes. Space exploration these days often includes a Soviet-American crew. As we have seen, Soviet generals are welcome at U.S. military bases. Our systems are becoming more alike and more entangled.

Disarmament of the West. If the Soviets no longer are a threat, if Communism has "collapsed," if the Russians are our friends, if we have nothing to fear, if our President is bear-hugging theirs, we don't need a massive military. The "Soviet collapse" is the reason we have been disarming, relying on Putin's word that he means us no harm. Of course, we can't blame this entirely on Bush. His predecessor, the First Sleazebag, did the same thing more blatantly for eight years.

Continuation of the War. Please answer this question based on your mature understanding and experience of human nature and history. We are talking about men whose sole reason for existence is the destruction of the United States; men who have been conspiring toward that end all their lives, an end that justifies any means. These are men for whom "promises are like pie crusts, made to be broken," as Lenin is alleged to have said; men who have violated every treaty they have signed, and lied whenever it suited them.

In your experience, how likely is it that such men would totally abandon all this voluntarily, on their own, without being defeated in war? Can you cite such a thing ever happening anywhere, in any country, in history? Yes, Jesus can regenerate even the worst of men, but so far neither Gorbachev nor Putin has hinted that Jesus is involved. Doesn't the crook who will put new siding your house tomorrow, if you give him a $500 deposit today, smile and smile? Why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up?

Finally, who invented modern Terror? Wasn't it the Soviets? Lenin called for more and more terror and assigned Felix Dzherzinsky, who ran the Cheka, to inflict it. Always, in every country they have seized, the Soviets used terror, starting with the first. They have elevated terror to an exact science. There are clandestine schools in the Soviet Union that teach how to kill a target by running him down with a truck; how to blow cyanide crystals in his face from a rolled-up newspaper so that he has a "heart attack"; how to destabilize a target country by terrorizing the population. For a dramatized version of all this, see my latest novel, Perestroika Sunset.

For instance, in South Africa the Communists used the technique of "necklacing" to terrorize the black population. They would put an automobile tire around the neck of a black accused of "collaboration" with the government, and set it afire. The victim would die horribly, slowly burning alive, still alive when the boiling fat ran down his legs. The Communists found that they only needed to do this a few times in each neighborhood to persuade people to see things their way.

Would the monsters who did this merely fade away, like General Douglas Macarthur? What proof do you have that the Soviets "collapsed?" Isn't the only "proof" the fact that they said so?

Now, here comes the most important question of the day. Forget your hair. This question is guaranteed to herniate your discs: If your Intrepid Correspondent, pecking alone at his keyboard, knows all this, and if you now know it, how likely is it, do you think, that the President—that's the man who looked into Putin's soul and liked what he saw—in command of the FBI, CIA, NSA, military intelligence, etc., and etc., how likely is it that the President does not know it? If he knows it and furthers it, doesn't it mean that's what he wants? Be with your obedient servant next week for more.

Copyright © 2002 by Alan Stang