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July 2002   By Alan Stang
The Soviet-Islam Axis by Alan Stang

For weeks, we have been considering the question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror." Now we are ready to put the pieces together. Suppose you are the Soviet Politburo in Moscow, and your unwavering goal has always been the defeat and subjugation of the United States. You are perfectly aware that you can' t just attack the United States directly. The risk would be too great.

So, if you are the world's supreme chess masters, what would you do? Both Sun Tsu, thousands of years ago, and Mao Tse-tung recently, taught that, when your enemy is strong, you should feign weakness. So, the first thing you would do is arrange the latest of many Soviet "collapses." As we saw last week, the present Soviet "collapse" is as phony as a one-dollar bill. The Soviet "collapse" will deflect attention from what you are really doing, and inspire your American enemy to disarm. The "collapse" will bring you sympathy, enormous financial aid and investment, along with diplomatic advances.

Next, you would use front men to implement your policy, so you could not be blamed for it. Over many years, investigators have nailed many individuals and groups who were doing exactly that for the Soviets. Some even pretended to be "fighting Communism." For instance, top State Department official Alger His was secretly working for Soviet dictator Stalin when he founded the UN along with other Reds. The UN they created has always been run by Communists for Communist purposes.

By now, the Communist technique devised by Italian Red leader Antonio Gramsci (see my piece on the subject in the EZ archives) has so corrupted and debased American institutions that you are ready to launch a military assault on the United States. We have seen that the Soviets invented the Red Terror to enslave Russia. Now, they have made an alliance with belligerent Islam for the purpose.

But aren't the Soviets atheists? Yes, they are, or, rather, they are devotees of the religion of man, known in the West as Humanism. Why would militant Islam collaborate with them? It would collaborate because the unwavering goal of both is the defeat of the Great Satan, the United States. Islam would be the perfect tool for the Soviets because Islam has been a warrior system for almost 14 centuries. since Mohammed founded it in 632.

Today, many Americans don't know whom we fought in the War for Independence, or even whom we fought in World War II. Who has heard of Charles Martel, the "Hammer," who was the grandfather of Charlemagne? Yet, no one in history has done anything more decisive. Had Charles Martel failed at the battle of Tours in 732, militant Islam could have swept Western Europe. All of civilization would have changed. Today, there would be no United States. Notice that Islam was threatening to do all that a mere hundred years after Mohammed. Almost a millennium later, in 1683, Islam was still trying. The same speculations apply to don John Sobieski, of Austria, and his Polish hussars. Had they not repelled the Turks at the gates of Vienna, militant Islam possibly could have conquered all of Europe to the English Channel and beyond. Why should we believe that belligerent Islam has given up the goal of world conquest it has been fighting for since the day it was founded? Yes, jihad has ebbed and flowed over centuries, but it is always there. Read the Koran.

By using a religion as a cover, the Soviets gain sympathy. Look at Bush's fulsome campaign to absolve Islam of guilt, to the point at which the present pinhead in charge of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incineration) actually met with and addressed the Islamic "charity" that has been nailed for financing the terrorists.

Indeed, the Soviets from the beginning have used front men who discreetly, and sometimes not so discreetly, work for Moscow rather than for the cause they pretend to represent. For instance, Nelson Mandela and most of the present black leaders of the Republic of South Africa, have always been Communists. So were Castro and his gang during all the years he was pretending to oppose them. So was Mao Tse-tung. As a deep cover member of the world government underground, you are no longer a Muslim, or a Christian, for that matter; you worship other gods.

In 1954, the Soviets began the siege of Algeria, a province of France, hoping to cripple that country .The leader of the rebellion was Ahmed Ben Bella, allegedly a Muslim, a Communist who ran a terror gang called the FLN (Federation of National Liberation). With the help of Moscow's man in Paris, Charles de Gaulle, Ben Bella succeeded in detaching Algeria from France, after a campaign of terror that endured for years, and included some of the most horrific bestialities ever committed. If you have the stomach for it, photographs are available in the Green Book, published by the French government.

Ben Bella is long gone. Unfortunately, Yassir Arafat is not. Arafat has always been a Soviet asset, trained, paid, supplied and directed. For half a century or thereabouts, he has taken orders from Moscow. What we face under his direction in the Middle East today is a typical Soviet war of "national liberation," as such operations used to be known.

Observe how the Soviet terror works. It kills not only the enemy but its own. The Islamic promise of a platoon of virgins to those who blow themselves up is the perfect tool for Soviet terror. Brainwashed Chinese committed suicide with American firepower in Korea, as did drugged North Vietnamese in the Nam.Indeed, a telltale tactic of all Soviet terror is the maiming and murder of the very people the terror claims to be advancing. Most of the victims by far of the Communist terror in South Africa were the blacks the Communists claimed to be liberating. There, the Communists used "necklacing," a burning tire around the neck. In Algeria, the victims of Ben Bella' s mutilations were Muslims. As we have seen, Arafat's thugs are doing the same thing in the Middle East. The purpose of such Communist telTOr is to persuade the target population to shut up; to create the spurious impression that everyone supports the Communists.

Bombing buses and dismembering children has emerged as a principal terror tactic in Israel. Yes, it's gruesome, but it certainly isn't new. For instance, Castro and his Communist thugs routinely bombed buses in Havana, killing and dismembering women and children as in Israel today. Always, everywhere, it is the same. For an encyclopedic look at Red terror tactics in Algeria, Cuba, China, etc., see your Intrepid Correspondent's book, It's Very Simple. All I ask you to do is what the detective does. Look at the m.o the modus operandi. Whose footprints do you see?

In a recent piece you will find in he EZ archives, your obedient servant reminded you that the thugs who recently invaded the Church of the Nativity guzzled all the alcohol they found. But these are supposed to be Islamic fundamentalists, presumably more Muslim than Mohammed, and one Islamic fundamental prohibits drinking alcohol. Were the terrorists who invaded the Church of the Nativity not so much Muslims as they were something else?

They also trashed the church, which tradition says was the birthplace of Jesus. (Imagine the outcry were the Israelis to trash a mosque. George Bush would join the jihad.) But Jesus is a revered prophet in Islam. Again the question arises: What kind of Islamic "fundamentalists" were these thugs?

Let's speculate on the basis of what we already know. The Soviets and the imams are working together. The Soviets are relatively new to the racket, but they have co-opted it and the jihad has acquiesced, because of the supplies, equipment, money and training it receives. Either partner alone would be a scourge; together they are a conflagration. At some point, the partners could fallout; right now, they are as tight as ticks in an armpit.

It is important to add that while expert Soviet propaganda has largely radicalized the Islamic population, especially the Palestinians, most people in the Muslim world even now would mind their own business if they were left alone. But, of course, that will not happen. The terrorists will continue to propel them toward Armageddon.

This brings us to American policy, which typically denies and ignores what is happening Oklahoma City was the work of Tim Mc Veigh and his pal alone, we are told. Flight 800 "just blew up." The Soviet Union just "collapsed." And the man who killed those people at LAX "just happened" to be named Mohammed. The people he killed "just happened" to be Israelis. And he "just happened" to shoot up El-Al.

Needless to say, not a word of all this is mentioned by the government or its lapdog so- called "news" media, the rip-and-read experts at the networks, according to whom the Soviets are our staunch allies in the "war." Be with me next week in this space for some thoughts on what we must do.

Copyright 2002 by Alan Stang