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September 2002   Alan Stang
Hitler and Homosexuality part 1 By Alan Stang

For the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at the homosexual explosion in the Roman Catholic Church, and we saw that it could well be part of a historic plan to destroy the Church and western civilization itself. We saw that the Communists use homosexuality as a tool. When they seize power they ban the perversion because they are perfectly aware of how destructive it is. Homosexuality destroys a civilization for the simple reason that the basis of civilization is the family, and homosexuality destroys the family.

I should say something here about terminology. As you have already noticed, I use either the clinical term "homosexuality" or the biblical term "sodomy" to name this perversion. I don't use the word "gay," because the horrific sodomite lifestyle is anything but gay, which is no doubt why the sodomites commandeered it, just as the totalitarians stole the word "liberal."

Now let's look at a related question. Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much? Well, how do we know that homosexuality is wrong? The best reason I can think of is that it says so in scripture. Some religious figures these days seem reluctant to say that, so I will. From the beginning of the Bible to the end of it, homosexuality is condemned. Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, saved the woman taken in adultery from stoning, and told her to go and sin no more. On the other hand, while archeologists routinely dig up artifacts that prove some biblical assertion, they have never found a trace of Sodom, which God utterly destroyed because of the perversion that gave sodomy its name.

And Hitlerism was just another version of homosexuality. Browse with me now through a book you must read by attorney Scott Lively, entitled The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (Founders, Keiser, Oregon, 1997). The Nazi Party was founded in Munich in the Bratwurstgloeckl, which just happened to be what today is known as a "gay bar." This was no coincidence because the Party was largely homosexual. Many of its rituals and symbols came from sodomite organizations and individuals, among them the "Sieg Heil" salute, the double lightning bolt "SS" symbol, and the inverted triangle to identify classes of prisoners in the concentration camps.

Indeed, in the perverted atmosphere in the Weimar Republic after the German surrender in World War I, cities like Berlin and Munich were known around the world as capitals where sodomites flocked. In The Arms of Krupp (Boston, Little, Brown, 1968), William Manchester wrote that "sodomy was delicately known as 'the German vice'." (P. 232) In Germany's National Vice (London, Quality Press, 1945), Samuel Igra said this: "In Germany these unnatural vices became a veritable cult among the ruling classes. . .."

Almost all Hitler's Nazi leaders were sodomites, no doubt because Der Führer preferred sodomite companions and co-workers. His closest friends were Ernst Roehm and Rudolf Hess, both homosexuals. Among homosexual Nazi leaders were Baldur von Schirach; Hitler's personal lawyer, Hans Frank; his adjutant Wilhelm Bruckner; his financial adviser Walther Funk, et cetera and so on. And on. Hitler's second-in-command, Hermann Goering, chief of the Luftwaffe, liked to dress up in drag and wear campy makeup.

Remember Julius Streicher, the notorious Jew-baiter? He was fired as a schoolteacher following many charges that he was molesting boys. Streicher later became a pornographer. Hitler's chauffeur and personal secretary, Emile Maurice was a sodomite. Reinhard Heydrich, a monster known as the "blond beast," who vowed to exterminate the Jews, became one of Hitler's closest associates, and was another sodomite. Again, homosexuality in the top echelons of the Nazi Party was the rule, not the exception, because that was what Der Führer wanted.

Josef Goebbels was another of Hitler's closest confidants. Goebbels was in complete charge of Nazi propaganda. In 1936, Goebbels threw a party. According to Richard Grunberger, in The 12-Year Reich (New York, Ballantine, 1971), the party featured "torch-bearing page boys in tight fitting white breeches, white satin blouses with lace cuffs and powdered rococo wigs." (P. 70) The Nazi sodomites their friend Goebbels had invited "were so affected by the rococo setting that they hurled themselves upon the bewigged page boys and pulled them into the bushes. Tables collapsed, torches were dimmed, and in the ensuing fracas a number of Party old fighters and their comely victims had to be rescued from drowning." All this reluctantly reminds your reporter of last week's discussion of the horror that is happening in some Roman Catholic seminaries today.

In recent years, the international sodomite conspiracy has floated the perversion that the Nazis disliked homosexuality. They point to Hitler's extermination of Ernst Roehm and some other sodomites. There is a new movie that shows sodomites in a concentration camp, lamenting their fate. This sodomite whitewash campaign is nothing but rancid sauerkraut.

Were there some sodomites in the concentration camps? Yes, there were. Remember that there are two main kinds of homosexuals. There are the sissies who imitate women. Their mincing footsteps and falsetto voices are easy to spot. Some observers derisively call them "flaming faggots." Remember that the Roman Catholic seminary in New Orleans is known colloquially today as "Notre Flame." They participate in anonymous sex through holes in the wall in "gay" bathhouses and they die. Then there are the sodomites colloquially known as "butch," who flaunt their "masculinity." They too are easy to spot. In "Gay Pride" fiascos they wear leather and military or motorcycle attire. They strut and stomp and bluster. They behave like, well, like Nazis.

In Nazi Germany, there was intense hostility between the "femmes" (the sissies) and the "butch" sodomites. The "butches" believed the "femmes" were "unmanly," that they were an embarrassment to the Teutonic warrior cult the butches were creating. Butch won the struggle, with the result that some femmes were killed and a few were sent to concentration camps. From time to time, early in Hitler's Socialist experiment, complaint among normal Germans about sodomites at the top became so intense that the Nazis pretended to do something about it. All such attempts were part of a charade. Let's take a look.

For instance, confronted with outrage over Roehm's flagrant sodomite brawls, Hitler responded, "His private life cannot be an object of scrutiny unless it conflicts with basic principles of National Socialist ideology." (Hans Bleuel, Sex and Society in Nazi Germany, New York, Lippincott, 1973, p. 98) Remember, this is Hitler talking, not Bill Clinton. Also, remember that Adolf was a Socialist. We realize that this embarrasses you "liberals," but that is what the man said. In his defense of Roehm, Hitler also explained that the S.A., the Nazi group Roehm ran, "is not an institute for the moral education of genteel, young ladies, but a formation of seasoned fighters." Indeed, Hitler threatened to expel from the Party those who kept "tongue-wagging" and "letter-writing" about Roehm and his sodomites.

But the situation got so bad Hitler had to do something about Roehm. The industrialists who financed Hitler threatened to withdraw their support otherwise. So, Hitler elected to double-cross his old friend. Yes, on the infamous Night of Long Knives Roehm and other S.A. sodomites were killed. But attorney Scott Lively makes clear not only that most of the sodomites in S.A. were spared, but also that other sodomites conducted the purge, among them, in Munich, Wagner, Esser, Maurice, Weber and Buch. Reinhard Heydrich ran the national campaign of assassinations. As we have seen, the "blond beast" was a notorious sodomite. In the concentration camps to which some of the surviving "femmes" were sent, the guards were themselves sodomites.

So, Hitler did not purge his regime of homosexuals on the Night of Long Knives or at any other time. He continued to surround himself with sodomites. Indeed, he kept appointing them to top positions in the Third Reich. Some S.A. survivors probably participated in the 1936 sodomite orgy run by Dr. Goebbels. After the Night, Hitler's inner circle remained intact, including Goering, Streicher, Frank, Emile, Schaub, Wagner, Brueckner and Weber. Hess was there until his bizarre mission to England.

So, again, any idea that Hitler opposed homosexuality is preposterous. The murder of Roehm and his cohorts was a mere tactic Hitler's financiers and normal Germans forced him to take. From beginning to end, the Nazi Party was homosexual. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that Nazism is just one version of homosexuality.

The obvious question arises, was Adolf the Socialist himself homosexual? Yes, we know all about Hitler's niece and Eva Braun. Ask yourself how many normal men you know who surround themselves with sodomites and actually prefer the company of sodomites. Be with your Intrepid Correspondent in this space next week for a look at this intriguing question.

Copyright © 2002 by Alan Stang