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December 2002   Joe Sansone
Trent Lott And The Great Diversion: It's The Affirmative Action Stupid! By Joe Sansone


By: Joe Sansone

Senate majority leader, Trent Lott, now the target of a character assassination campaign in an effort to remove him from power, is under attack from left wing totalitarians for doing the unthinkable, the senator had the audacity to tell an aging Strom Thurmond, at his one hundredth birthday party and retirement dinner, that the nation would have been better off if he had been elected president. The outcry from leftists was that this was an act of racism. Thurmond had run for president a half a century ago as a Dixiecrat, and in the process won several states in his presidential bid. At the time, Thurmond promoted what was then the politically popular policy of segregation. Somehow to a few lunatics this equates to racism on the part of Trent Lott. Notably nobody even considered that Lott could have been referring to Thurmondís strong stance for stateís rights.

Certainly Thurmond must look back on his presidential run with pride and Lottís comments must have stirred enormous sentiment in the old man. What exactly should Lott have said to the 100 year old birthday boy? Should he have said that the Senator was an evil racist and the world would be a better place after he was long dead?

A close look at census numbers would prove that Americans have elected to live in segregated communities anyway. Rather than focus on the issue of segregation either voluntary or otherwise, maybe a closer examination of Lottís detractors is in order.

Lottís biggest attackers, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, all practice and promote racial segregation every February when so-called Black History month is shoved down the throats of every American. After a while it does start to look like Black Supremacy month doesnít it?

The race base NAACP is a segregated organization. Its purpose is only to advance the agenda of Blacks and in the process supports racial discrimination toward Whites. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP all support so-called Affirmative action policies where the government discriminates toward Whites and actively forces educational institutions and businesses to do the same.

Have any of these folks come out in support of Jennifer Gratz and her case in the U.S. Supreme Court against the University of Michigan for discriminating against her in their admissions process simply because she is White?

Even if Trent Lott were a racist there is nothing wrong with that as long as he doesnít act to harm non-Whites. His critics all mentioned above, have not only expressed racism, but they believe Jennifer Gratz should be actively discriminated against because she is White.

Al Sharpton, Kweisi Mfume, and Jesse Jackson, all attended a Black Supremacist march in Washington DC called the Million Man March. The Nation of Islamís, Louis Farrakhan, who by the definition of most would clearly be defined as a racist and a Black supremacist, headed up this event and was the featured speaker.

Jesse Jackson once publicly called NY Hymietown. He also admitted to spitting on White peoples food when he worked as a food server.

Most consider Al Sharptonís Tawana Brawley rape case allegedly perpetrated by White Supremacists as being a hoax. There was the incident where many would consider Sharpton to be the inciter and agitator of arson that lead to 8 deaths.

Has anyone asked members of the Democratic Party to resign from their elected offices for associating with these bigots? Actually anyone that supports Affirmative Action should step down from his or her elected position using the current logic being slung at Trent Lott.

Al Gore, also accused Lott of being a racist, but when you consider the fact that Gore, a man of inherited wealth, supports Affirmative action, which is essentially discrimination toward middle class Whites, maybe Gore should be shunned.

The twenty first century equivalent to Rosa Parks, Jennifer Gratz, stood up for her rights and said that she would not be discriminated against because she was white. This monumental issue sits before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Instead of focusing national attention on the issue of government endorsed, and shall I say, forced discrimination toward European Americans, the media monopolies have deliberately allowed anti-White bigots to divert attention from this case.

Doesnít anyone wonder why Jennifer Gratz isnít receiving the same media time as Al Sharpton? What about her story?

Lott could save his political career and turn the whole thing around by holding a press conference with all the media waiting for his resignation and instead declare the following, "I condemn racial discrimination and believe that we should have an honest discussion on race relations in America, discrimination is wrong, and by changing the victim, you donít change the crime. Let us embrace equal rights, let us end the evil racist policies of Affirmative action." He should then encourage his critics to join him in this cause for equal rights.

Joe Sansone is the founder and president of USA Daily as well as a weekly columnist. Mr. Sansone is the co-founder and former vice-chairman of the American Reformation Project Joe has previously hosted a Central Jersey Talk Radio Show and is the former chairman of the Reform Party of New Jersey as well as the former chairman of Pat Buchanan's presidential campaign in New Jersey. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.