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December 2002   John Le boutillier
Bush Stabs Lott, Payback For Daddy Bush By John LeBoutillier


By: John LeBoutillier

Never - ever - has any President of the United States so publicly attacked a Senate Majority Leader from his own party as G.W. Bush savaged Trent Lott last week.

And the brutal campaign against Lott continued over the weekend with a high-ranking White House aide - probably political guru Karl Rove - casually dismissing the thought of Lott leaving the Senate and the Democrats thus getting that Mississippi seat: "If he chooses to do that, that's his choice, so be it."

It is now very likely that the following scenario takes place - this week:

Lott - with a big push from Team Bush - is kicked out as Majority Leader. Then Lott, not wanting to hang around the Senate as a pariah, quits the Senate entirely. Then the Democratic Governor of Mississippi appoints a Democrat to fill the vacancy. Thus, the Senate will again be 50-50 - with Vice President Cheney breaking the tie and again keeping that body in GOP hands - for now.

Suddenly the pressure will be back on from the Democrats and liberals to pick off one more liberal GOP Senator ala Jim Jeffords 2 years ago. Rhode Island's Linc Chafee is their number one target. If that happens - and it might - then the Democrats will again control the US Senate.

That would be twice that G.W. Bush has so ticked off a GOP Senator that he will have forced the Senate into Democratic hands!

Why is this all happening?

It goes back to a simple rule of the Bushes: if you are not "for them, then you are against them."

Back in 1988 Trent Lott supported his friend and fellow House member Jack Kemp for president in the GOP primaries against then-Vice President George Bush. The Bushes have never forgotten - or forgiven - Lott for that.

And George W. Bush - the 'Enforcer' in his father's campaigns - has been lying in the weeds waiting to exact 'payback' on Lott.

But while finishing off Lott, Bush may also ruin any chance he has of enacting his agenda in the US Senate.

All because of this ridiculous 'loyalty' rule of the Bush Family.

Why doesn't Bush go after Democratic Senators with the same vengeance?

He kisses Teddy Kennedy and gives away the store on the Education Department - all to earn the moniker of "The Education President" - while trying to teach Republican Senators a lesson. He deliberately excluded Jim Jeffords from a Rose Garden ceremony and Jeffords nailed Bush back by switching parties.

Now Bush purposely went out of his way last week to criticize Trent Lott - when he could have done it more gently and led the charge for accepting Lott's apologies.

What about W's well-known 'Christianity'? What about accepting an apology? What about 'forgiveness'?

No, in the world of the Bushes something is higher than following Christ's principles: loyalty to the father and to the Bush family. If you cross them, watch out!

John LeBoutillier is a former U.S. Congressman and a nationally recognized political commentator. He has been a frequent guest on many national talk show programs and is author of the book Harvard Hates America. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.