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December 2002   Alan Stang
Kissinger Is A Traitor, What Is Bush? By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Who told Bush to pick Kissinger to investigate Nine Eleven? Was it the original Bushwhacker, Forty-One? It would be so helpful to know. They canít have worked together. The difference in their ages is too great. Had they ever met? Whatever, somebody obviously told Bush that Kissinger was the man. Until the announcement, Bush had been adamantly opposed to any investigation of the Muslim attack on the United States.

Why? Wouldnít everyone, whatever his politics, except maybe a zombie Democrat, want to know everything about it, want to know who did it, how and why? Everyone wanted to know except Bush, which tells me that he already knew the answers and didnít want them revealed. I canít think of any other explanation. Can you? Why wouldnít he want the facts revealed? But apparently, as in the case of arming airline pilots, the pressure from the heartland was too great. So, here comes Henry the K, still mumbling like a man who has overdosed on Wiener schnitzel, still serving the world government conspirators who inflicted him on the nation that took him in. The appointment of Henry Kissinger to investigate Nine Eleven doesnít mean that Bush has changed his mind. On the contrary, it proves that he wants to bury the facts; it means that we shall never find out what happened. But it does serve the valuable purpose of exposing what Bush really is.

Your Intrepid Correspondent met Herr Kissinger when I was writing a network radio show at NBC in New York. It was a talk show for which I did the research, the pre-interview and the questions. At the time, Kissinger was an unknown Harvard professor and was hawking a book entitled Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, a book so atrociously boring that the eye forced to undergo it rebounded in horror from the page. Looking through the book and then listening to the interview, imbibing the impenetrable, germanified version of English we have all come to loathe, your Intrepid Correspondent loudly predicted that we would never hear of this pompous schweinhund again.

This recalls the fact that your obedient servant was stupidest and most ignorant when I worked at NBC. I havenít been that stupid or that ignorant since. What didnít occur to me at the time was that the boredom that emanated like a stale crotch from Herr Doktor, the obfuscation that surrounded him like a physical miasma, could not happen by accident. Nature would forbid it. It could only be planned and deliberately cultivated. For instance, Kissinger came to us from the Council on Foreign Relations. At the time, I couldnít tell the CFR from the Salvation Army. Believe it or not, I had never heard of it, much less knew what it was.

What do we know now about Henry Kissinger? One of the men who helped cure my ignorance was the late Frank Capell. Frank was Chief Investigator for the Sheriff of Westchester County, New York. At his home in Zarephath, New Jersey, Frank had files on Nazis, Communists and other subversives sufficiently voluminous to give pause to CIA. I often called him with questions about who was whose, and Frank always took the time to tell me.

One of Frankís books was about Henry Kissinger, Soviet Agent. At the end of World War II, US Army Sergeant (later Captain) Henry Kissinger was stationed in Oberammergau, in Germany, at the Military Intelligence School, where he was an interrogator and instructor. A Soviet spy ring called ODRA was active there, and recruited Kissinger, who used the code name "Bor." Thatís right, Henry Kissinger started his career as a member of a Soviet spy ring, whose purpose was to infiltrate US military intelligence.

Is he still a Soviet agent? Soviet intelligence, like Cosa Nostra, is something you canít quit. Years later, Kissinger was a top US government official, to whom the Communists provided an escort when he visited the Soviet Union, an escort routinely composed of military intelligence officers. When they got together in private, they no doubt had much to discuss.

The man who discovered all this used the name "Michael Goleniewski," and was a top intelligence official in Communist Poland, whose rank corresponded to general. "Goleniewski" decided to work secretly for the West and fingered many spies, including the Soviet Colonel who masqueraded as Gordon Lonsdale, and who ran a network that included Henry Houghton, Ethel Gee and the Krogers, Peter and Helen, in England. Houghton led to John Vassal, of British Naval Intelligence and the KGB. Remember George Blake, who was high up in MI-6 in London? Blake was also a Soviet spy and Goleniewski exposed him. Later, Goleniewski escaped with his family to the West and told everything to CIA.

He discovered Kissingerís name on a list of ODRA agents in 1954, when a courier, a Greek-Russian woman, was murdered and considerable money disappeared along with some documents. Goleniewskiís information was impeccably accurate. In fact, a subcommittee of the US Senate conducted hearings on the subject at which John Norpel, Jr., testified. Norpel had been an official at State Department security and the FBI (when that agency was still run by Americans). The subcommitteeís chief counsel asked Norpel: "Do you know of any information ever furnished to the U.S. government by Goleniewski which turned out to be untrue or inaccurate?"

Norpel replied: "I do not. No, sir." Norpel added that Goleniewskiís revelations had been checked out and proved true "in every case." Elsewhere, the people he had named were arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned, but not in the United States. Goleniewski told CIA about Kissinger in 1961-62, when no one had ever heard of him. By 1973, Henry the K had become world infamous, so Goleniewski warned CIA again. Again, Kissingerís Soviet record was ignored. His CFR connection protected him. Years later, finally cured of stupidity and ignorance, your Intrepid Correspondent spent hours talking with Goleniewski.

Now look at Kissingerís activities. Kissinger was one of the principal perpetrators of our defeat in the illegal UN war in Vietnam. Remember that our glorious military won the war in Vietnam. They lost in New York and Washington. World government traitor Walter Cronkite told America on CBS that we had lost the Tet Offensive in 1968, when in fact our military had completely exterminated the Viet Cong, which disappeared entirely. But Kissinger had the ear, even the whole, rotting carcass, of Richard Nixon, who signed off on our defeat.

Indeed, it was Henry Kissinger, more than any other man, who arranged to abandon our POWs in Southeast Asia. Communist Vietnam was ready to deal. Smelling piasters, Communist Laos publicly announced that it was holding hundreds of our men. Kissinger and Nixon arranged a secret payoff, but when Congress wouldnít pay, Nixon lied. With Kissinger at his elbow, Nixon announced that no more Americans were being held against their will in Southeast Asia. The men he and Kissinger abandoned never did come home and some of them, maybe many, are still alive and still there. Later, Kissinger shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Le Duc Tho, his Communist counterpart.

In fact, Kissingerís company, whose stock-in-trade is influence, is up to its heinie in deals with the Arabs. How likely is it, do you think, that Herr Heinz will expose his own clients? Along these lines, the Bush family is also deeply involved in business deals with the Arabs. So, although your Intrepid Correspondent was totally discredited as a prophet at NBC, we can easily predict what Herr Kissinger will find: Nothing. There will be the usual, Teutonic mumbling about "intelligence failures" and the need for greater "homeland security." Nothing more.

What is Henry Kissingerís secret? He explains that "institutions based on present concepts of national sovereignty are not enough." The world government he wants "will not come quickly; many intermediate stages must be traversed before it can be reached. It is not too early, however, to prepare ourselves for this step beyond the nation-state." Like the conspirators he serves, he wants world government.

Question: If your obedient servant, in command of one computer keyboard, knows this, and if you now know it, how reasonably possible is it that George W. Bush, President of the United States, in command of the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, et cetera and so on, does not know it? Would you agree with me that Bush doubtless knows many times what you and I will ever know about it?

So, Bush knowingly appointed this discredited Soviet agent to "investigate" what happened on Nine Eleven, which says volumes more about Bush than it does about Kissinger. At least, it certainly proves that Bush wants to bury the truth about what happened, just as Franklin Roosevelt launched "investigations" to conceal the truth about Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt deliberately arranged that disaster. Did George W. Bush arrange this latest attack on the United States?

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at: