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December 2002   Dorothy Anne Seese
Giving Women The Vote, A Mistake That Wounded America? By Dorothy Anne Seese


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

There are times I believe that the biggest mistake Americans made was to give women the vote. Since 1920 women have been forsaking their traditional role of helper and nurturer, turning into what Rudyard Kipling called "the female of the species [that] is deadlier than the male."

Are we better off since women found out they can do as well at almost any job as men? No. This is not to deny that in most instances women are as good or even better than men in the professions such as law and medicine, chemistry, math, science, aerospace and other engineering fields. This is not a put-down of women at all from the standpoint of capability. It is a question of whether women have used their franchise and power for the betterment of our society or for its destruction.

After all, the most famous American atheist is the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Her fight against God and for the total secularization of the state, of the United States to be precise, opened the door for other women to take their turn at hacking away at the fundamental unit of any social order, the home, and working for the replacement of the home by the state. Thank you, Female Facists of America. We now have a nation where the government is in charge of the children, not the parents, and their state indoctrination is disguised as education.

Did anyone ever doubt the influence and strength of women like Martha Washington or Dolly Madison? What about the courage of Sacajawea in leading Lewis and Clark to the Northwest? What of the influence of women writers in the era of the war between the North and South and up to the year 1920? Never have women in America been without significant political influence, albeit not directly through the franchise, but through their influence on their husbands and children, in their churches and communities. Perhaps a strong example is more powerful than just an "X" on a ballot. It is, we know it is. The power of example far surpasses a simple franchise, a trip to the ballot box.

But what has all this equality done for, or to, women and their role in American society, the keeping of the freedoms for which our men and some women have died? Not a lot.

In the quest for "equality" -- always behind a good reason -- there came Gloria Steinem and all the senseless women's liberation tactics of the 1970's. It did not stop at bra-burning.

Roe v. Wade allowed American women to use their freedom not just at the ballot box, but at the abortion mills (largely run by men), thus becoming the mass murderers of the last half of the twentiety century. Over forty million "choices" have been made to terminate the lives of the helpless unborn in the wombs of females who have more liberty than character. Sexual freedom brought about promiscuity and the spread of disease. And is the nation rid of the "sex symbol" status to which women objected so strenuously? Heavens no. If anything, women are the most grossly exploited sex objects they've ever been, shamelessly taking off their clothes in front of the cameras for all the world to see, regardless of the ratings placed on movies -- for the children of course!

We probably don't have exact figures on how many couples cohabit prior to marriage, but it has to far outnumber the statistics of the 1920's to 1960's, but in the late 1960's along came the flower children, half of them females, demanding sexual freedom and the lifting of those old moral restraints that made marriage a commitment and divorce a disgrace, except under extenuating circumstances.

Then came the cry for equality in all areas, including combat roles in war and membership in formerly all-male private clubs, as if women had the right to deny others their freedom of choice as to club membership. This cry for equality (which is not equality but the disenfranchising of men's rights to their own private, non-governmentally funded and non-governmentally associated social clubs) is not a cry for equality at all, it is the total disrespect for the rights of men to associate privately with whom they please and have women-free zones in life. Is that bad? No. If men demanded the same from women's clubs (and there still are women's clubs) then women would be the first to denounce this male display of chauvinism.

Am I really against women voting, against the franchise? Not at all. Am I against equal pay for equal work? Absolutely not. Then what's my gripe?

America's loss of freedom and the entrance of dominant political correctness have been enabled by those women who threw aside real liberty for the false freedom promised by the leftist-socialist liars. They have aided and abetted the cause of statism in America, misused all their freedoms, and wielded a large scalpel to psychologically and socially neuter American men, particularly white men, while at the same time becoming the newest mass murderers on the planet.

Ladies, this is not freedom and you are not free if you are a part of the Women's Lib movement or a partaker of the "choice" issue when it comes to abortion.

Now, to you ladies who have maintained the moral standards of the nation, used your franchise to vote against abortion and denigration of the high moral status women used to have, not only do I congratulate you but I applaud all your efforts to speak out and to vote against the floozies who have forwarded the cause of lesbianism and gay rights, pro-choice politics, and the desecration of the home and family.

To those women, Christian or just conservatives with a higher view of what women should be and do, may I say you not only need your franchise but you need a political action group or groups to fight the forward march of the devaluation of all human life. Once any class of life, such as the unborn, becomes valueless, it is not a far stretch until any, or all, human life becomes devalued, worthless, dispensable.

It is the preservation of human life, the nurturing side of womanhood, that has held society together, that helped so much in making America a great nation. It meant that women could not only cook, but they could go out and shoot the critter they planned to cook. Freedom meant women who followed their husbands into the American frontiers so that a great nation could be built and liberty could be offered to all human beings who became citizens of this nation. Women have the power and the ability to produce far more than a bragging right to being head of XYZ Corporation with male underlings. Women have and always have had the power in this nation to guide its moral standards, religious beliefs, value standards, education of children and the vision for the future of the nation -- one nation under God.

Women of America, whether naked on magazine covers in plain sight of all, or with seats in Congress, have removed from our women the respect of the nation for womanhood in general. Women are no longer admired and esteemed for their strength in holding together the vision of a free nation. As a result, the nation has lost much of its freedom and the rest is teetering on the brink. We need our women, we need them franchised, but not for the purpose of killing our children, we need them to bring up a new generation of family-respecting youths who are properly educated and imbued with solid moral principles.

Too many of our women are too busy trying to be liberated females at the expense of the rest of the women, men and children and to the shame of their own gender. Sex is a larger commodity than it ever was when decent women ruled the nation's moral standards by example and, if necessary, an umbrella bopped over some miscreant's headbone.

Now, if any of you males are sitting out there giggling, it's your turn. Where were you when the nation was being torn apart? How did you allow yourselves to get silenced? Leaders are you? Fit to be the head of the home and the spiritual leader of your family, the strong, forceful male to whom the wife can look for leadership, protection and comfort? Or were you whining about the bills and then complaining about your wife down at the corner pub with the other good ole boys who couldn't say "suey" if the hogs were after them. Were you sitting on your couch like a ragged pillow watching the bra-burners on television parade themselves without dignity? Did you think it was funny then that women were rebelling? Do you think it's funny now?

Are you the ones who sweet-talked the girls into a one-night stand and an unwanted pregnancy that either had to be terminated by abortion or the girl had to go it alone with her child and try to make her way in this world, supporting two at an age when she couldn't really support herself? Were you dads too busy making money to pay attention to the emotional and spiritual needs of your wife and kids? Are you the ones who didn't want to commit to marriage without a trial run first? Are you the guys who allowed old bats like Hillary Clinton and all her clones to get into the highest ranks of women as First Lady while pretending to be a wounded wife? Did you New York men vote for her as your new senator?

There are relatively small, financially well endowed special interest groups with insider connections taking away America's freedom, and where were you men while all this was building up? Were you down at the topless bar watching the worst examples of womanhood display the outer shell of a human with a hollow interior?

Are you the brutes who come home full of displaced anger at your job and strike your wives so that they have to flee the home or risk getting killed?

The reason this article is directed at women, however, is that for the most part, they're the ones who held the homes together and trained the children, watched over their education, and set the moral tone of the nation. They influenced their husbands' votes and character, turning boys into men fit to live with and who became fit to head the household and run the nation. They're the ones who wouldn't stand for trash on radio or television, who insisted that "for the children" really meant what it said and enforced it at the local level and right on up to the corporate inner sanctums.

It was America's women, with or without the vote, who stood behind their men and behind their nation and behind their churches to build a country that was without parallel. Then they decided they weren't free and the nation came tumbling down.

Why am I focusing on the women?

Because when you want to change things, you go to the people who can get the job done.

Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.