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December 2002   Alan Stang
Goodbye "Party Of Lincoln" Hello "Party Of Lott" By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Long ago, I thought that the reason we fought World War II, the reason Roosevelt lied to the people "again and again and again," and committed treason to trick us into it, was that we hated Fascism so much. Now, much older, balder, slightly fatter and (I hope) a bit wiser, I realize that we defeated Mussolini and took Fascism away from the Italians because we love it so much we want it all to ourselves. As this weekís commentary goes to press, Trent Lott is still groveling like a dog, a painfully embarrassing spectacle, like being forced to watch a man doing something in a bathroom only he should see. Yet it is eerily appropriate, because the Bushwhackers have thrown him to the dogs, even risking Republican control of the Senate. Bush has not lifted a fingernail to help him.

And his fellow Republicans are swarming him, protesting their own innocence, vying with each other to state their belief that the pathetic wreck must step down. Of course all of this is routine. Some of the finest people in the country are in the Republican Party.

Sadly, they are at the bottom. They are the people who make the telephone calls and knock on the doors. At the top, you have men with absolutely no conscience, psychopaths who therefore can lie with utter sincerity, because at the moment they say it they believe it themselves, fearless men who can send youngsters to die and be maimed in wars fought for corporate advantage and favorable numbers in an annual report. In other words, the men who run the Republican Party are the same men who run the Democrat Party, wearing other faces. Instead of the sleazy Clinton smile, we get the dour Bush expression. The more things change, the more they are the same.

But, in the middle, ah, in the middle you have the elected Republicans, the Congressmen and Senators, et cetera and so on. These are the people who give the Republican Party its public face, and, almost invariably, they are revolting cowards like Trent Lott and his Republican colleagues who now are kicking the cringing dog when he is down. Yes, Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are Republicans; they probably got on the wrong bus. The Republican bosses know they donít belong and have long tried to get rid of them. Tom Tancredo says they may find a candidate to run against him in the primary.

Congressional Republicans love to strut and preen. They talk a good game. They boast about the things the fine precinct workers at the bottom want to hear: limited government, the Constitution, Free Enterprise, and so on. But, at the moment of truth, when the feces hit the fan, they cave. They always cave. Look at the ruinous legislation of recent years: NAFTA, WTO, gun control, etc. None of it could have passed without Republican collusion.

Of course, the Democrat Party is what the lawyers call a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. The only difference between the Democrats and Cosa Nostra is that the Democrats are elected. They thrive on the same things and, like the Mafiosi, Democrats are not cowards and donít cave. They deserve to win. When they lose, they try to undo the election results. They tried in Florida. They are doing so right now in the campaign to unseat Trent Lott. As black Republican Congressman J.C. Watts explained, Lottís groveling is useless, because were he to crawl across the state of Mississippi on hands and knees, lashing himself and shrieking endless mea culpas, it still would not be enough.

But, because they cater to and finance sodomites, feminoids, traitors, parasites, abortionists and other unsavory types who donít play in Peoria but who in turn deliver the votes, the Democrats could not succeed without Republican help. Notice in fact that Bush has gone out of his way to protect the departed Clinton and to keep alive his policies. For instance, Bush concealed what the Clintonites did to the White House on their way out. Were it not for Bush, Clinton today could be in Leavenworth.

Not to worry, say the Republican bosses. The GOP is still the "Party of Lincoln." Yes, thatís true, and because the GOP is the "party of Lincoln" the United States are now rapidly descending into totalitarian dictatorship. In the weeks to come, we shall take a long look at Lincoln, because his crimes explain where we are now; it is not an exaggeration to say that without Lincoln we would not be (again) headed into war.

Meanwhile, there is a fascinating, historical parallel joining Lincoln and Lott. Lott is accused of saying nice things about Strom Thurmond at his hundredth birthday party. Many other legislators were there. One wonders what they said. What do you say to a man at such an event? "Strom, I just want you to know that Iíve always thought you were a scumbag?" Apparently, Lott should either have not gone at all, or at least kept his mouth shut.

Lincolnís lifelong idol was Henry Clay, the champion of the so-called "American System," which was another name for the mercantilism the British then were discarding. Today, we would call the "American System" Socialism. Lincoln was already an advocate of the "American System" when he entered politics in 1832 at age 23. Lincolnís dream, more properly a nightmare, was to impose Clayís socialist system on the United States. He did everything he could to emulate his hero. When Clay died in 1852, Lincoln was there to deliver the eulogy.

Henry Clay was Speaker of the House. He was also Secretary of State, in which capacity he said that "there never was a full-blooded Indian who took to civilization," because civilization "was not in their nature." Henry Clay "did not think them, as a race, worth preserving. They were "inferior" to Anglo-Saxons; indeed, their "breed could not be improved." In fact, still speaking of Indians, Henry Clay said, "Their disappearance from the human family will be no great loss to the world."

Thatís right; these are the beliefs of Abraham Lincolnís lifelong idol. Of course, this is no surprise. Lincoln believed blacks were inferior and wanted to deport them. He gave a man a lot of money to arrange their deportation, to Haiti, to Central America, to Liberia, to anywhere. Nothing happened only because the man stole the money. Lincoln had no problem with slavery. He wanted to keep Negroes in the South and out of the North. That was why he opposed slavery in the new states then being formed.

Because Henry Clay believed what he said, and because Lincoln idolized and wanted to be like Henry Clay, after Lincolnís War to Destroy the Union, war criminals including Sherman and Sheridan who had butchered civilians in the South, including many Negroes, now turned their ferocity on the Plains Indians and wiped them out in behalf of the railroads.

The point is that what Lincolnís idol said was much worse than anything Strom ever said. I am not aware that even at the height of his segregationist mania Strom ever called for the extermination of blacks. He never said it would be better for the world if blacks just disappeared. Therefore, if Trent Lott has to go, and it looks like he will, Lincoln has to go too, because Lincoln didnít make just a few stupid statements at a Clay birthday party; he idolized the man his entire life.

Let us hear no more about the "Party of Lincoln." From now on, Republican Party precinct workers should be told to talk about the "Party of Mussolini," when they call, or the "Party of Hitler," or maybe the "Party of Lenin." One of my favorites is the "Party of Lott." You may disagree.

Every four years, the restive Republican rank-and-file are kept in line with the stern warning that if they express their dissatisfaction by voting for some third-party candidate, they will "waste their vote." By withholding their vote from the Republicans, they will in effect elect the Democrats. Indeed, Ross Perot did elect Clinton in 1992.

My answer is: So what!

The Republican bosses typically make so-called "conservative" noises during the campaign; once safely elected, they abandon the rank-and-file, who have "nowhere else to go." My fervent prayer is that all this now at last be given the ignominious burial in Potterís field it deserves, without a headstone, so it cannot be found and resurrected.

By now, it should be obvious even to the most obtuse that there is no basic difference between the parties. Whichever is in power, the main policies continue. The only difference is a difference in style, in personality. Indeed, in some ways the Republican Party is even worse than the Democrat, because, again, the Republicans are allowed to impose totalitarian proposals the Democrats could never get away with, because the Republicans are supposed to be "conservative."

Could Clinton have imposed the totalitarian superstructure Bush has now imposed? All we can do is speculate, but I donít think so. Remember also that the Republican Party itself began as a third party. It is time for the Republican rank-and-file to look elsewhere.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for The Welch Report. Alan Stang can be reached at:

Alan Stang is a member of the Distinguished Board of Advisors of The Welch Foundation.