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January 2003   Dorothy Seese
The Efficiency Of Dictatorship, There's Nothing To Do But Obey By Dorothy Seese


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

Riddle me this, please. Why are Americans who won't write a letter to the editor, much less an article for publication, whining about losing their freedoms? Is it fear? If our founding fathers (who were all traitors to the Crown, by the way) had been afraid, we'd all be Her Majesty's subjects rather than American citizens. Well, maybe citizen is an obsolete term now, but it will have to do until some leader declares openly what some of us know and discuss rather privately -- we're in a form of representative dictatorship in which the representatives do not represent the people but special interest groups.

Actually a dictatorship is so much easier to manage than a federal republic. So what's to complain about?

Look at all the benefits.

Maybe the trains don't have to run on time but we're about to get a federalized airline industry with what few major carriers are left crying to Uncle Fed for tax dollars to support private businesses. Now Federal Air can be made to run on time or the airline executives will be shot, and that's efficient.

There won't be any more noisy commercials about elections because everyone will have to vote for the same person, just like they do in Iraq or Cuba. There won't be political arguments, so neighbors will be nicer to each other, only squealing on one another for revenge or to gain favor with the state. It's so simple.

All this business about private property will be stopped because there won't be any private propery, we will all rent from the government, pay our money to one landlord, like we pay Social Security and Medicare dues to one benefactor, and that's simple. We don't expect much in return, but it's very simple. The only reason Social Security gets complicated is that some dissidents want to change the system and involve private enterprise or some fool notion like that. But under the dictatorship, our taxes are taken out of our wages, our national health care premium is taken out too, along with our rent payment. Just simple as can be.

About half the nation's workers seem to work for government anyway, and once everyone is working for the government we won't have all the hassle about do-nothing government employees. All Americans can do nothing and be federal employees. Simple? Sure it is.

Education is already federalized but some angry dissidents insist that schooling must educate the kids rather than indoctrinate them, and this is causing stress. Once all education is completely federalized and home schooling or religious schooling (other than Islam or anti-Christian religious schools) are outlawed entirely, we can all live in a national village that is part of a world village, and we can all get along. Well, we may have to slap the hands of some religious fanatics but we can build a Tienanmen Square by some other name and stop that kind of nonsense summarily. This makes education much simpler and much more compatible with government ideals anyway. We won't need to deal with things like history, no one needs to memorize that stuff anyway.

A dictatorship needs spiritual guidance, every dictator knows that. Well, the Communists don't seem to, but they probably have some sneaky idol somewhere to the state. Anyway, we'll have a nationally approved religious system funded by taxpayer faith-initiatives and that way, one national religion will put all this religious bickering out of the way. You won't have to go to worship services either, there won't be any. Just put a pinch of incense onto the altar outside the Official State Personage Identification Office and poof! You are a member of the national religion and have a national ID card to boot. Plu, they will send you to a free clinic to have a free implant that positively identifies you regardless of what cosmetic surgery does to your face. (Under such a system, we would be able to positively identify Michael Jackson even if his face does melt.)

Since everything will be owned by the government, and the dictator will decree that the government cannot be sued by individuals or "persons" all this trial-lawyer nonsense will cease and desist. If you get hurt, oh well. It was all for the benefit of the state, your benefactor. Besides, it will probably decrease the number of lawyers in the country, and that is positively a magnificent benefit. What good will a lawyer do against a state that doesn't allow lawsuits? So a dictatorship will definitely improve the condition of having lawyers, suits, and the only courts will be criminal courts to convict people who oppose the state. Isn't that simple? No appeals either, just summary execution. That will allow all the tax dollars that the government takes to be used for humanitarian purposes, like abortion and euthanasia for the useless feeders, thus saving even more tax dollars. Imagine how rich the state will be, and those who control it.

The state will be paid your check, take its deductions, and give you the balance. You can then buy food at the government store without going through all those stupid coupons every week to get bargains and save money. Besides, the money isn't worth anything, it is just barter paper issued by the state. This way, folks won't have to worry about their money losing its value because the state sets the value, not the free market.

Not only that but you will get early retirement. Further, you won't have to worry about saving for retirement in some 401(k) system that might go belly up. In China, last time I checked, the mandatory retirement age was fifty, whereas in the United States, still partially under the old constitutional system, one will soon have to work until age seventy-two to get Social Security, if there are enough workers to pay the retirees. Otherwise, the US will have to work under the Chinese system of making the kid and spouse take care of the elders. This is known as population management for a sustainable earth so owls and bats can have suitable quarters without being disturbed by humans. If you don't have a kid, you are in deep trouble, but then the state can send you to some home for the elderly where people can continue to contribute to the state by being used for medical experiments, a noble way to die indeed. The dictatorship state thinks of everything. It's all so ... so simple.

We may even be following the example of that nation of tree-bark eaters, North Korea. Now there's an efficient system. The people live long enough to either fight and die for their country, or die of starvation. That totally eliminates the need for Social Security or other retirement programs. The only people who count are those in the military, and they don't count for much. So there isn't the worry and strife we have here to maintain a high standard of living, longer life and healthier people. North Korea is really simple. The only reason we have a problem with them is that they hate America because it still looks like a free country, and their dictators don't like our dictators.

It's a shame the founders of the United States wasted all that effort and expended all that energy trying to invent a system where people could be free under a rule of law. It's not an efficient way to run a government. People don't have that much interest in running a government, they want to be left alone to watch reality television and ballgames, or wrestling. Or maybe they prefer Jeopardy and The Price Is Right. With nationalized television, one can have their choice of cable television and it will be free because it will feed state propaganda to the masses. Now we have to pay to watch state propaganda. That isn't fair.

People are always writing and asking what we can do to maintain our freedoms. They must have read that ancient statement in the Declaration of Independence that says:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government

Hopefully no one in the 21st century, particularly those who have come out of public schools and most institutions of higher learning, takes such a statement seriously. We are into the post-modern, post-Christian, post-freedom and post-individualism state of world affairs. It is the village, not the individual, that counts. It is the elite who select the rulers, not the ignorant masses.

If people in the United States really believed in freedom, they would not elect leaders who believe in dictatorships, in the world village, or in total government welfare and growing bureaucracy. If they elected them in error, they would recall, impeach or otherwise rid the country of people like ... well like Arizona Representative from District 7, Raul Grijalva, who believes southern Arizona belongs to Aztlan.

So as a people, we must believe in the efficiency and desirability of dictatorship. Whether we do or not, that's where we are but no one has declared it openly, so there are some twits who go about acting like they think we have a free nation. Then something occurs to prove we have a police state and everyone is shocked, shocked I say ... to find out that we're not really under the rule of law. Well, we are under the rule of the law of the leadership, it's just a different law than the one on the books, or a different application of it.

If I may borrow an auto maker's slogan,

The Rules Have Changed.

Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

We invite you to visit her website at Flagship

Dorothy Anne Seese can be reached at

Published in the January 13, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.