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March 2003   Ted Lang
Fire Robert Mueller! America Doesn't Need A Secret Police By Ted Lang


By: Ted Lang

The FBI is now an out-of-control federal police agency resembling a standing army. Federal appropriations are limited to two years by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution thereby ensuring a standing army would be short-lived. The Founders fears have now been borne out. The prohibition against the military as a law enforcement agency was reiterated in the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.

The Navy was not so limited for two reasons: first, our Nation endured the incursions of the greatest navy in the world, the British Navy, during the American Revolution; and second, John Adams considered our Navy only as a defensive "wall of wood." The Founders felt that only land-based forces could threaten the populace. Organizational jealousies and politics involving the New York and Washington Federal Reserve Banks precluded a timely response to the cash needs of the banking industry in 1929. This immediately preceded the Stock Market Crash leading to the Great Depression. And then there was Prohibition, another bumbling debacle by American government in its efforts to legislate morality.

These massive failings by American Big Brother in its youth ushered in organized crime to fill the huge demand for alcoholic beverages by law-abiding citizens. And banks were having a grand time foreclosing on mortgages due to the financial failures of our economy exacerbated by the Fed in 1929. Machine-guns, bootleggers, bank robbers, public enemies, and "doity rats" were everywhere. And many of these felons became folk heroes, especially the bank robbers. Enter the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Big Bro's suit-and-tie standing army.

Under the corrupt Clinton administration, "the Bureau" was politicized even more and became a central government secret police and enforcement agency similar to Nazi Germany's Gestapo and the Soviet Union's KGB. Allegiance to "party government" is primary to the advancement and enrichment of its senior bureaucrats.

So it comes as no surprise that in spite of the investigative work of Phoenix agent Ken Williams, and in spite of two separate attempts by Special Agent Coleen Rowley to secure approval from FBI headquarters to obtain a FISA search warrant for Zacarias Moussaoui's computer, competent government rank and file employees were ignored. The problem wasn't merely a failure to consolidate information. It was the glaring incompetence and unimaginative stupidity of FBI supervisors in not supporting the investigative professionalism of their field operatives.

When Rowley's Minneapolis Office tried to circumvent the headquarters' roadblock by going to the CIA, more heat came down upon her and her fellow agents. Director Robert S. Mueller III, admitted that he had made comments contradicting information concerning the investigations of flight schools and bin Laden operatives, offering that he was still new to the job when he made them. This is precisely why Rowley took him to task - why didn't he answer honestly at the time instead of telling the press what he preferred them to believe? Moussaoui's computer would have detailed the plans of Sept. 11th.

The FBI covered up TWA Flight 800, offering the ridiculous notion that an electrical short in a fuel tank caused the explosion and crash. The FBI spiked this to shield Bill Clinton from being criticized as soft on terror after the first WTC bombing in order to protect his 1996 re-election bid. More than 800 witnesses saw the missile - the only question that remains is whether it was an accidentally launched missile from our own Navy, or a terrorist act carried out the day after such a calamity was predicted in an Arab newspaper.

Mueller, Bush's replacement for the corrupt Louis Freeh, right from the beginning upon assuming his management of the Bureau one week before 9-11, ordered agents to remain quiet about screw-ups. He is now continuing his directives against dedicated government employees and agents who want to be honest and forthright in order to improve the agency's responsiveness and effectiveness. It would seem that such goals should be at the forefront of Mueller's personal performance standards.

On Thursday, March 6th on The O'Reilly Factor on FOXNews cable, Bill O'Reilly interviewed former federal prosecutor Mark Flessner and former House of Representatives' Chief Investigative Counsel, David Schippers, who headed the House inquiry leading to Bill Clinton's impeachment. Schippers is now representing FBI Special Agent Robert Wright.

O'Reilly documented that FBI Agent Spike Bowman received a commendation from Mueller, but Agent Coleen Rowley did not. Bowman was the headquarters supervisory liaison to the field office where Rowley tried her best to protect the American people. Mueller is not only displeased with her, but also with Special Agent Wright, who is trying to blow the whistle on yet two more cover-ups purportedly shrouded in "sensitivity" and in the interests of "national security."

Wright was ordered to remain silent in attempting to air a complaint about a Muslim FBI agent that was obstructive as regards undercover work involving suspects tied to al-Qaida. Although Mueller wasn't directly involved in these security failures, all that he has done is to reward incompetent performance that is politically correct, and ignore and suppress performance that is superior and beneficial to the security of the American people. Robert S. Mueller III should be fired!

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