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March 2003   tod brandon fahey
Jefferson's Torch: Ron Paul For President By Todd Brendan Fahey


By: Todd Brendan Fahey

"That government is best, which governs least." - Thomas Jefferson

Were one to have informed our third President--author of the Declaration of Independence, which granted us freedom from a despotic British monarch--that, come 2003, would be faced by the United States citizenry, fully: - an organization whose end-purpose is to establish World Government, consolidating under central control the various nations' militaries, currencies and body-politic;

- a private banking cartel which, counter to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, operates irrespective of Congressional control and, thereby, of the oversight of We The People;

- a system of taxation which penalizes persons for their industriousness, their marital status, their thrift and ingenuity, and which takes from them an additional sum from that which had been left to them, lovingly, by their ancestors, whom had already paid their respective debt;

- the establishment of a branch of government possessing the power to garnish one's earnings and seize one's savings, without due process of law--wherein one is guilty until proven (at great personal expense) as innocent;

- an aggressive propensity of government to pry open the savings accounts, medical records, electronic transmissions (unknown to the Founders, albeit, but still among the "persons, papers and effects" as stipulated in the 4th amendment) absent writs of search or seizure;

- a legal differentiation between man-made distilled spirits and synthetic chemicals v. naturally-occuring plants, God-given, the latter being penalized most harshly by law, and whose various States have no longer power to govern their own constituencies in this regard;

- whose national government has deemed it such that a living human being be denied his and her future existence, the various States, similarly, having been deprived the power to govern their own constituencies in this regard;

- and a system of education by which every adult citizen, including the childless, are forced to fund a bevy of educators, whose curriculum which supports all of the above is designed by the same government which enforces its source of funds;

...our third President would have pleaded:

"Is there not one decent person among us, who might find favor among our people, for Liberty's sake?"

20 years hence, the answer may very well be, "No. There is not such a person among us."

We have the benefit of foresight, currently. When asked what form of government the signers of the Constitution had given the Colonists, at the Philadelphia Convention, Benjamin Franklin responded, "a republic, Ma'am; if you can keep it." To salvage the "republic, Ma'am," there is but one living statesman who has, in his eight terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, sponsored legislation to:

- Get US OUT! of the United Nations

- Abolish the Federal Reserve System and reinstitute a hard-money standard

- Put an end to the "progressive" income tax, the "marriage-penalty," capital gains and inheritance taxes

- Abolish the Internal Revenue Service

- Dismantle the Patriot Act, the Medical Records Act, the FBI's Project Carnivore and NSA's Magic Lantern cyber-snooping capacity

- Place the laws governing use of drugs and occurrences of abortion back unto the respective States, as per the 10th amendment

- Give back to the various States and to parents, and not the Federal Government, the time-honored right to be the source of inspiration to their offspring, via the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul is the inheritor of our Founders' desires for this nation. urges every voter in America to contact Dr. Paul's congressional office, toward a Presidential run in 2004.

The Welch Foundation also encourages this action.

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul: 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone Number: (202) 225-2831 Additional offices and contact information

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Fahey, a strategic writer stationed in South Korea, has served as aide to Central Intelligence Agency agent Theodore L. "Ted" Humes, Division of Slavic Languages, and to the late-Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Lt. General Daniel O. Graham; to former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham (R-AZ), former Congressman John Conlan (R-AZ) and others. He is author of Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel, Far Gone Books, 1996) and "Al Hubbard: The Original Captain Trips" (High Times magazine, 1991), exposes of the CIA's MK-Ultra program and its influence on the Sixties' psychedelic counterculture. He is the architect of

Todd Brendan Fahey is the Strategic Director for Ether Zone.

Todd Brendan Fahey can be reached at: