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March 2003   james hall
Betrayal Of Republicanism, Bush Does Not Deserve Our Support By James Hall


By: James Hall (aka SARTRE)

The Republican Party has long pursued a path contrary to its heritage. Under President George W. Bush, that direction has culminated in a repudiation of traditional conservative principles. Any honest conservative maintains a core roster of values and policies that reflect their passionate support for the Republic. Belief in limited central government, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, a free enterprise economy and national defense are essential positions. Despite lip service to these ideals, the Bush administration has systematically turned its back on those standards and has chartered a course that inevitably will preside over the death of our nation. In addition to the presidency, the Republican Party has control of the House of Representatives and a majority in the Senate. There are no valid excuses left.

Where is the beef?

The events of September 11, 2001 were tragic, but hardly provide justification to abandon our Constitution or deploy the military to every corner of the globe. The security of the United States is not enhanced by perpetual intervention and permanent war. The Presidency is meant to lead the country, not to transform the nation into an empire...

President Bush has overseen an expansion of the federal government, that no Democratic administration could accomplish. His use of executive orders has only increased the scope and reach of central authority. Resonantly absent are any efforts to enact fundamental conservative policies, or to reverse past policies of liberal administrations. Appointments and procedures all reinforce and expand a dominant role of bureaucratic agencies over local jurisdictions. The defense of liberty has been forsaken and is the ultimate causality of the Bush legacy.

Allowing this betrayal to continue would, amiably, be giving consent to the loss of our inherent way of life. Defending the civil liberties of individual citizens was always a basic component of genuine conservative principles. Bush has turned his back on the most important purpose that made America distinct from other countries. "We the People" clearly establishes that governments exists to serve, not control. George W Bush does not deserve another term as president. His re-election risks a coronation of unending despotism.

Presidential elections have been reduced to selecting between approved candidates. Both major parties practice the same anointing course. Yet, the primary process still offers the opportunity to focus the national debate, within the party preference contest. The significance of challenging an incumbent lies in the proving the "emperor has no clothes." Most politicians are obsessed with attaining the office they seek. Many primary nominees are seeking a stage to advance their platform. And even once in a long while, you find a Statesman who seeks to reinstate the real national interest.

Redress of grievances, are seldom heard. During a primary charges become public. Restitution and restoration can be voiced, while visions for returning to our constitutional republic can be presented. Party members and delegates can be tested to chose - raw power politics - or principled purpose. Americans can view that meaningful change is possible, only through reform. Bush would not get a free ride, he would be obliged to debate or be seen as above mere mortals. Republicans would be pressed to follow their true roots or concede that have become and now only promote - internationalism, multiculturalism and imperial empire.

Since purging the traditional wing of bona fide conservatives, the GOP has adopted the neocon policies that are a direct extension of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Serious defenders of America understand that Bush and his cronies are proponents of globalism. If our ranks are expunged from party membership, the haven of a third party requires consideration. Majorities need to include their own voices of conscience or bear the responsibility of dissolution from their morals and purpose. The United States has squandered the "good will" of a generous people. Bush has isolated America from the rest of the world. His drive for interdependence has been discredited, as he pursues a course of conquest. His claims of liberation of foreign lands, have the cost of forsaking and honoring our own liberty, here on home soil.

Third parties may not become the avenue to the oval office, but supporting such movements retain the authenticity of righteousness. Just look what kind of government we received under a ‘so called’ conservative? The Republican Party needs to change and renew or their tenure in power will end in disaster. The "war on terror" has become the annihilate of dissent. When Bush says he will track down all those who make war on America, he really is saying that everyone must accept his form of rule or become an enemy of the state. That is not traditional conservatism, and Bush is no conservative.

Republican Congressmen Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo have been ostracized from the Bush GOP. They are both legitimate and proven conservatives. Such is the very reason they are scorned within their own party: they represent the true America and deserve our support in confronting the pretender conservative. A ticket with the constitutionalist Ron Paul at its head would directly challenge the cozy corporate government union that replaced free enterprise. He would insist that the Federal Reserve be abolished, thus liberating our economy from the curse of debt created fiat money.

Tom Tancredo would secure our nation and put an end to "Open Borders." This is the single most important public policy that will lessen the threat from aliens, who are hostile and willing to do harm to our citizens. Under Bush guarding our borders means scrutiny for those who want to leave, while smiling at those who rush to enter. Tancredo embodies the common sense pro American viewpoint that only a politician of courage would dare demonstrate.

A litany of policy positions are not necessary to support a Paul/Tancredo ticket. Only a profound commitment to stop the madness of George, the man who would be king. Pressure from within the Republican Party will have the great advantage of slowing down the rush into the abyss. Voters deserve and warrants a real alternative. The GOP, especially needs the opportunity to remember their true purpose. It has been obvious that Republicans are unable to retain the majority, and rule as conservatives. They need to hear this message loud and clear. Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo are the only elected officials that have the credibility, courage and honor to carry this fight into the camp of their own party.

Policies that Pat Buchanan advocate would not cause world animosity, but George Bush’s administration has achieved "America the Isolated." Paul and Tancredo will carry on the same America First tradition that Buchanan championed, but will add the stature of being members of the U.S. Congress, to their candidacy. The prospects that haunts us all, is a country run under the "Patriot Act," guarded by "Homeland Security" with a constant "War on Terror" being waged upon American citizens. That is George Bush’s formula for our future. Put an end to his term as President, he deserves an early retirement. Support Paul and Tancredo - real Americans.

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul: 203 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone Number: (202) 225-2831 Additional offices and contact information

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SARTRE is the pen name of a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. He is the content liaison for Ether Zone.

SARTRE can be reached at:

We invite you to visit his website at: Breaking All The Rules

Published in the March 7, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.