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April 2003   Ted Lang
Lords And Locks, Failure Is Not An Option By Ted Lang


By: Ted Lang

Some have already pointed out the huge gamble the Bush administration has taken initiating this war for purposes of "regime change." Eight years of Bill Clinton and the "read my lips" lies of the current presidentís father have created a boundless vacuum between actual fact, truth and validity and what is offered as reality by the utterances of American politicians. Add to this color of their world the terms "state secret" and "national security," and the babbling waters get murkier.

Some have already pointed out that the Bush administration is being eyed with scrutiny to ascertain whether this war is really about regime change or an empirical adventure with search and destroy conquest in mind. It is also hoped in this regard, that our troops arenít being led by the same half-hearted resolve as was the case when our troops were shortchanged in Vietnam. Will our military be commanded in a holdback mode to avert the criticism of those hateful of Bush and his administration?

Even if victory in this war doesnít come as quickly as it should, this will be more than offset if WMD manufacturing plants and facilities are found and uncovered to prove the administrations assertions were correct. It will validate Bushís preemptive posture, even if not excusing his avoidance of the appropriate legitimization by requesting Congress to declare war. It will serve to silence his critics once and for all. The American people are sick and disgusted with the bellyachers on the Left. The jackasses Democrats now make of themselves will serve to exacerbate the contempt and rebellion voters demonstrated during the midterm elections.

Embarrassed Democrats are shielding criticism of their unpalatable, un-American political agenda, suggesting that it will sell packaged by "funnyman" Al Franken. All they need is a voice. But thatís been the problem - minority voices of opposition on talk radio and the Internet have torpedoed their big media monopoly, and all of King Clintonís men and his jackasses cannot put it together again. This thing is not going to get better for the socialists.

If, however, things donít work out right for Bush and the PNAC/Israeli gang, then Mr. Bush will be appropriately tarred and feathered as a warlord, and a failed one at that. This will not bode well for the nation as Democrats demonize Bush as both a warlord and a warlock. And Democrats have the answer: a female warlock named Hillary!

Consider all the iron-fisted laws the Bush administration will have placed at her disposal. How does the "Patriot Act" look relative to when Hillary is appointed queen for eternity by fifty percent of the voters, Hollywood and the media? Think of the qualified, loyal members of the Party that would be thrilled to "serve" the nation!

How about Bob Torricelli for Attorney General? And how about New Jersey court-appointed Senator Lout Frankenberg as Direktor of Hillary Youth? How about her husband Billy Jeff as Secretary of Defense? How about the homeless guy pushing a shopping cart Hillary talked to during her "listening tour" asking: "Is that your stuff?" Commissar of Commerce seems appropriate! How about DNC head Terry McAuliffe, the guy that brokered a hundred grand into $18 million as Direktor of the Securities and Exchange Commission? How about former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia as Imperial Buzzard of the Civil Rights Commission? Canít you just see all this talent and socialized medicine unleashed on the populace in 2008? I can!

If Republicans blow this war gamble and donít put some safety valves in place such as getting us out of the UN, easing up on gun control to allow citizens to make a serious effort at contributing to the civil defense of our country, and make a concerted effort to scale back the anti-terrorist overkill in the Patriot Act and Fatherland Security infringements on our freedoms, it will be the Republican Party that will become extinct!

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Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Ted Lang can be reached at:

Published in the March 26, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.