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April 2003   william a. shields
This Moose Is An Ass: Racist Chief Was Sniper's Ally By William A. Shields


By: William A. Shields

The Multi-Culturalists are killing us.

I knew this to be true back in my FAA days when air traffic controllers were hired and promoted on the basis of race and gender – as long as that race and or gender was something other than white male. And the competent white boys were left to actually push the tin around safely. This is not to say that the darker fellows and the weaker sex could not perform up to standards. Racist FAA managers who viewed them as inferior, and used them as evidence of progressive management credentials, never held them to that standard. The safety of the system suffers for it still, and is the major reason why I discourage any participation in commercial aviation.

Comes now the beltway sniper episode, and the facts that are surfacing about the “hero” of that investigation, Chief Charles Moose. The more we find out about this cop, the more I wonder why this racist idiot is not being charged with a crime. And once again, the multi-culturalists are infecting the public safety arena, this time in law enforcement.

Police union officials are charging that Chief Moose withheld descriptions of the beltway snipers at least one day, endangering citizens and cops. I believe he did so because he knew the suspects were black males. According to Moose, he didn’t want to “paint some group.”

No, it turns out that Chief Moose DID want to paint some group – white males to be specific. Chief Moose wanted white males to be the snipers so bad, that he allowed the real snipers to hide in plain sight. In fact, while eyewitness reports of dark skinned men were being discounted, police were told to NOT check vehicles containing black men, and to focus on white male suspects. However, after reports of white vehicles were received, sketches of those VEHICLES were distributed. Reports of actual black suspects did not seem to warrant any sketches.

On October 3rd, Malvo and Muhammad took the life of their sixth victim. Earlier that day the D.C. police had checked on the vehicle plates of the snipers’ car. But the D.C. police did not stop and question Malvo and Muhammad because, according to D.C. Police chief Charles Ramsey, “We were looking for a white van with white people.”

There was, however, no eyewitness reports of any “white people” connected with this crime up to this point. A white vehicle yes, but not any white people. White snipers were a figment of someone’s imagination, or at most they were drawn from some psychological profile based on previous historical incidents. But there were reports of black suspects and Chief Moose apparently discarded these out of hand.

Meanwhile a dragnet was being thrown over white males, and black males were being waved through the checkpoints. It really looks as if Chief Moose was actually TRYING to pin this horrible crime on any white male he could make a case against.

Make no mistake about it. Chief Moose is a dangerous racist. We know this because he has left a slimy track record of racial incidents throughout his career. For more disturbing background on Moose read Paul Sperry’s excellent article Chief Moose cost lives on WorldNetDaily.

The multi-culturalists care not for public safety. They will push their agenda no matter how many lives, careers or reputations are sacrificed. Their battle cry is diversity uber alles, and in their wake they leave outrageous failures, and stark raving malfeasance. They are turning our country into a third world look alike, with third world police corruption, and third world transportation failures.

Police Chief Charles Moose is the latest poster boy for this madness.

William A. Shields is a USA Daily columnist. He has also been a contributor to the American Reformation Project. Willie is a "once and always" U.S. Marine with 19 years experience as an air traffic controller. The former chairman of the Delaware Reform Party, and a past president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, EWR Local, he has held positions in the rail, aviation and marine transportation industries. A freelance writer, Mr. Shields owns and operates a small business in Wilmington, Delaware. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

William A, Shields can be reached at:

Published in the March 26, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.