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April 2003   Sartre
How To Rehabilitate The UN, Only One Man Is Made For The Task By Sartre



It has been established that the UN is not only irrelevant but terminal; however, that won’t prevent an attempt to resurrect it from the dead. Kofi A. Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, has proven to be a disaster. He has demonstrated that under his tenure, the organization serves no useful function. The absence of any recognizable leadership is evident for all the world to see. So what is the alternative?

If you listen to knowledgeable sources, a replacement for Annan has been floating around for sometime. According to Janes Foreign Review, UN head for disarmament affairs Jayantha Dhanapala is a potential candidate, and Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando has declared himself for the top post. Not exactly household personalities, especially during a time when the useful purpose of the entire body has been placed in question. But don’t fret, the globalists always have a plan in the wings to rescue the day . . .

Since the UN is on life support and the rift between the United States and the august world council is so acute, why not install the one man who can resuscitate the most tenuous of relationships? A masculine practitioner of the art of empathy, a potent force for enticement to unite and a virile example of the dominate ideal. During these times and trials of inconsistency, the UN could use a man of known character and proven sympathies. The General Assembly would ardore the selection. The masses in the United States would sigh relief that their hero has re-emerged. And the detractors of the UN would be defused, since the United States would, once again, have their own man in the cat bird seat!

The ‘Messiah of Marxism’ is the perfect solution for the globalists. Just think about all the advantages that having a CIA asset running the world league of conspiring nations . . . His tutelage under the Brits in the Rhodes school of Hyperpower, re-seals the Blair connection. His Soviet secret affairs during those vacations behind that ferrous curtain, can only consummate that Detente among comrades. His ties to the Chinese dragon are unassailable, running in a river of red hemoglobin that flows through every aspiring Khan. He even calls himself a “citizen of the world”, how can it get any better for the Planetary Directorate?

Still, not convinced? From his own mouth: "There are still people who vote in the United Nations based on the sort of old fashioned national self-interest."

This guy is PERFECT for the job at hand. Yes; our own fearless leader, the one and only (thank god) William Jefferson Clinton (correct spelling should always use a K), is the answer. Global unity would no longer be just a dream. Under Klinton you would get a coordinated double team, from two branches, of the same organized crime syndicate.

Iraq is the latest diversion. The breakdown of Security Council to sanction a military campaign was contrived. It was always meant to fail. For the real objective is to invent world wide hatred towards the United States. George W Bush is following his orders. The seemingly and fabricated differences with Tony Blair are temporary. Regarding Iraq, Blair said: "The important that the UN is involved and any post-conflict administration is endorsed by it." The Prime Minister, follows with, "there was "no difference" in opinion on the role of the UN after the war - and that they (Bush and Blair) both agreed to the principles established at the pre-war Azores summit."

You are watching political theater. The effort to rehabilitate the UN will begin in earnest when the heavy lifting by the conquering coalition and carnage ceases. The UN will be raised from the dead, and a miracle of global brotherhood will emerge! If you are sincere and intellectually honest, you must address the clear evidence that both Bush and Klinton are political clones for the same - New World Order.

Tony Blair’s “Third Wave” is pure delusion for the asses who are eager to sip the kool aid. However, the role that Blair plays that bridges between the illusory differences in the administrations of Klinton and both Bushes is the consistent glue that drives the consolidation for world government. The Iraq expedition is the first overt and blatant war against the sovereign nation state. The objective is patently obvious. Any government that objects to the plans for global governance, must be labeled a rogue state and slated for elimination.

The entire concept that the United Nations is a good idea, is deranged. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised when conflicts are created and manufactured. This method of “good cop bad cop” ensures that a clamor for a solution to a false crisis, becomes the outcry. The World Community is an euphemism for Global Control. The UN functions for that purpose and will be revived to continue its subversion.

The reason that a world war is, again, being waged is unmistakable. Bill Clinton was taught under Carroll Quigley. He perfected the Tragedy and betrayed the Hope. The United Nations is an integral part of that perpetual war and eluding peace. The strings are pulled to coordinate all the puppets, as the business of show, seldom tells the real story. If this drama wasn’t so sick, we all might enjoy the entertainment. The mask of deception has been removed, now all you have to do is open your eyes and see the players for what they are - celebrities of the lust for absolute power. Can’t you hear him standing at the bow of that famous sunken ship - “At last, I AM King Of the World” . . . A most titanic propect for a colossal planet collapsing - staring us, directly in our face.

SARTRE is the pen name of a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns.