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April 2003   Ted Lang
The Trojan House, Assume The Worst Is Yet To Come! By Ted Lang


By: Ted Lang

The beneficial diversification of American government via the complexity of its original design has fostered competition between the branches of the central authority augmented by the independent powers of the joint and several states. This had always provided assurance against a monopoly of power. American politics has not only subverted this competition, but has concentrated central government power in the White House and abolished our individual freedoms as well. Congress has progressively abrogated its own authority under the guise that democracy is a huge ship of state and difficult to turn. But the slow pace and difficulty in trying to change the course of our former republic was in reality a benefit. Debate, no matter how agonizingly slow and polarizing, does in the long haul interfere with political expediency. For it is political expediency that continues to undermine and destroy our once great limited government constitutional republic. Just as socialism is incorrectly termed "liberalism," political expediency is incorrectly termed "political correctness."

Why couldnít this long drawn out contest preceding the Iraqi invasion take place where it rightfully belonged - within in the halls of the United States Congress instead of the UN? Considering all the time spent as well as todayís worldwide polarization, the political expediency of relinquishing congressional authority to the White House has exposed all the risks inherent in such an unauthorized short cut. And all the proponents of post modernity progressiveness and political correctness, all those who clamored for a "living constitution" based on the expeditious remedies an occupant of the White House can provide over the antiquated lethargy of political debate, are the very oneís who are now howling the loudest: those in Hollywood and the media!

Like the Trojan Horse, a false gift of mammoth dimensions concealing destruction within it, the office of President of the United States can indeed be likened to a gift of chocolates - you never know what youíre going to get until you open it up and sample the contents. Throughout the brief history of our republic presidents have come and gone. The greatest among them conducted their terms with little or no fanfare. The worst of them have made it a point to magnify their exalted station and their egos by being constantly in the limelight and the focus of public attention.

Abraham Lincoln is consistently touted as one of our greatest presidents, but his catering to the Northern States and their greedy industrial interests led him to saddle the South with an economically crushing tariff, one which required their withdrawal from the Union for survival. Inciting the citizenry of the Northern States via the medium of Northern newspapers, Lincoln made clear the Northís intentions of subjugating the South. In spite of his plotting, Lincoln managed a partnership with Congress with respect to the political intrigue redolent of this unnecessary war. But who fired the first shot? It was the South, thereby justifying Lincoln to lead America to its most costly and internally divisive war.

And mustering public opinion when an adversary hasnít fired a first shot at us is easily accomplished through the magic of yellow, jingoistic, journalism. Shouting "Remember the Maine" incited the populace so McKinley could grab Cuba and the Philippines from Spain. Then we needed "The war to end all wars," thereby creating WWII. As usual, the populace wasnít interested in entering a contest between the socialists advocating fascism, Nazism and militaristic imperialism, and the socialists advocating a communist "new world order." No first shot? No problem! Simply launch an oil embargo on the Japanese to halt their expansion towards the Soviet Union. The poor souls at Pearl Harbor? "Allís fair in love and war!"

So letís be patient and adopt a wait-and-see attitude! Letís trust George Bush. Letís enhance the Patriot Act even more, and grow the Office of Fatherland Security. Letís follow the lead of Alfred E. Newman and not worry. Be happy! Clinton is gone!

Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.