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April 2003   Jan Lamrecht
US Political Asylum For Whites? Kicking Whites Out Of Africa By Jan Lamprecht


By: Jan Lamprecht

I had black Americans writing to me a time back saying that whites must get out of Africa. I wish those black Americans would actually then help those whites who DO want to get out. I'll bet they have never actually thought how difficult it is for most whites to get off this continent. The USA will accept any Third World trash - but try getting into the USA if you are an educated, honest, working white person - then you have to jump through all manner of hoops. Where are these whites supposed to go to? They have no claim to citizenship in Europe any more. So they have to find some place that will accept them - and that is not easy. Would these black Americans actually put their money where their mouths are and help whites who want to get out, or would they prefer to see them murdered instead?

I am writing this article in the vague hope that maybe some Americans can help two white ladies who are desperately trying to get the hell out of Africa. They are both already in the USA, and will be deported before long. It appears to me as if the US Courts are going to block them, and I am asking if any of you can help them in any way. In fact, the one lady and her daughter have already lost their case.

When it comes to leaving Africa or staying, I have adopted the policy of not trying to convince people either way. My decision is motivated in part by my own torture in deciding what is best for me. I was determined to leave once, but then things happened and I ended up staying again. I have told people that my book, Government by Deception, is the last thing I'm doing before I leave this country. I am going to try, this one time, to make my voice heard, and if I fail, I will pack my bags and put Africa behind me for good. But first, at a personal level, I have a mission. I am driven by my own conscience into saying, for once and for all what I want to say. So if some people want to leave then I say to them "Go for it". And if others want to stay because they believe they have as much right to live here as anyone else, then I leave them to it. I do not try to influence people either way. Personally, I am on a mission to make my last stand. I have never taken part in politics in all my life. For me, this is personal. I am driven by something I feel is terribly wrong. I am not sure where this will take me, or what it may involve. But my motivation is something between me and my conscience. I am trying to make a difference. It appears at this time as if I am being sucked into the politics of two countries - Zimbabwe and South Africa. But Zimbabwe is calling, and I'm finding my involvement there growing by the day. The looming Zimbabwe Civil War is calling me loudly, and I am being drawn into the fight against a man I consider to be one of the most evil on the planet - Robert Mugabe. For me, the hatred of Mugabe, cultivated from when I was a youngster, is so great that it would be an honor and a privilege to be involved in anything that damages him - or, best of all, helps bring his reign of terror to an end. I was a peaceful person all my life, but now I feel the conditions are right for a proper fight. There is something very real to be fought for. If it means I must stand with black people who are struggling for a great cause, then I am willing to throw my lot in with them. So before I leave Africa, I have a stand to make - my Last Stand. Then at least, if I leave one day, I can say honestly I did try my best.

It pleases me when I see the extreme hatred the black Zimbabweans now have for Mugabe and his oppressive ZANU(PF) regime. I have spoken to many blacks, some of whom have experienced torture first-hand. The blacks I have spoken to, truly hate Mugabe and those who support him. I can see these blacks want to murder them, and if they see the opportunity, they will. I suddenly find myself among people who think like I do. Just like the USA said Iraq needed a "regime change" - well so does Zimbabwe. Seeing this hatred among blacks really gives me hope. So fate draws me back for one attempt at changing the course of history. It is an opportunity too great to pass by. The Concerned Zimbabweans Abroad, whom I have the pleasure of knowing and dealing with, have become Mugabe's Public enemy No. 2 in the last 6 months. Public enemy No. 1 is of course the MDC [Movement for Democratic Change] opposition. But the CZA has done so well during these last 6 months that Mugabe is now sending intelligence agents into South Africa to hunt them down and to abduct them back to Zimbabwe. But I will write more about that in the coming weeks.

I had the privilege of meeting another black Member of Parliament from Zimbabwe, Mr. Job Sikhala. He has been arrested by Mugabe about 16 times, and he has been tortured about 2-3 times. He was made to drink his own urine, and the damage to his rectum from some of the torture was so bad that he had to come to South Africa for a month for medical treatment to try to fix him. Mugabe's Police were ready to arrest him for the 17th time. They had been to his home and were also waiting for him at the airport. So I helped people who wanted to smuggle him back into the country in such a way that Mugabe's agents would not know it. He is also preparing to flee Zimbabwe for good. Isn't that sad? He is an elected Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe (for the opposition), and this is how he is treated. He will attempt to get political asylum in South Africa! But before you think he is a coward for fleeing - put that thought out of your mind. The man's spirit is far from broken. I know what he plans to do, but it is not right to talk about that now.

My book, Government by Deception, is having some interesting effects. I had hoped my book would trigger things - and it is already happening.

One most unexpected result is that I have had desperate calls from two white women trapped in the USA who are trying to get the hell away from Africa. I tried to help them, but it appears all is lost for them.

I have had a number of Americans writing to me saying that if America had a more sensible immigration policy it would admit more whites from Africa as they would make model citizens in the USA. Those kind words are much appreciated, and it is so wonderful hearing that some Americans think so. They are right of course - we whites are hard-working, honest, contributing members of society, and I have heard many success stories of white South Africans who have gone to other Western countries, including America, and doing well for themselves there.

The first woman to contact me was a South African nurse in the USA. She was trying very hard to get into the USA. Her situation is complicated, and it is not as simple as letting her in as a nurse. But she appealed to me for help. She was trying to get into the USA by applying for political asylum. When she discovered my book and website she said that until then she had no hope. Now at least her hopes are slim. Her case before the US court is based on South Africa being a crime-ridden state with an out-of-control rape situation. She is trying to show, desperately, in a US Court of Law that there is a clandestine war against White people and that white people are being persecuted.

The Prosecutor of course, as a counter-argument, went to a South African government website that portrays a positive picture of South Africa and he says that nothing is wrong. Of course, that is how they work over here. They present one face to the rest of the world and those of us who live here can see through it.

Let me give you some concrete examples. Last year, during the World Summit on Sustainable Development, there was an instruction to journalists that there would be no stories on crime printed in newspapers during that time. The only crime story that appeared in newspapers during the WSSD was one where foreigners were robbed while in Johannesburg!! A friend told me of the murder of someone at the same time, and this dreadful murder was blocked from the newspapers at the time and that is how she discovered that there was a subtle ban on such stories while the world's attention was focussed on South Africa.

Similarly, when the International Cricket matches took place in Zimbabwe, the British Cricket team refused to go there, even though they lost points for making that stand. However, during that time, Mugabe sent the Police around Harare, telling them to make sure that there were no unsightly petrol queues during the time of the cricket matches.

The point of these two exercises is of course to discredit the negative stories emanating from these countries when the foreign media and foreign conference attendees and journalists come here en masse. These are just propaganda stunts.

I am awaiting the outcome of the nurse's application for political asylum, but I have very little hope for her.

I got another desperate e-mail from a white woman from Zimbabwe. She and her daughter are in the USA and their application for political asylum was kicked out of a Dallas court. For her, going back to Zimbabwe is unthinkable. She only found out about me at the last moment. To make matters worse, her lawyer made some silly mistakes that really messed things up for her. She was going to use me as an expert witness, and I was going to testify in her case telephonically from Johannesburg. I was keen to do my bit to help her and her daughter. But, sadly, her court case went all wrong and she was prevented from submitting more evidence, including having my testimony. The US Court ruled that since she had not been imprisoned or tortured she could not apply for political asylum. They want to extradite her to South Africa (which is better than being thrown back into Zimbabwe). But this woman and her daughter really want to get the hell out.

Here is one of her e-mails:

Hi Jan,

Just to let you know that the judge has turned down the motion to submit supplement records, to continue the proceedings so that you might testify and that the case is CLOSED! He has now dashed all my hopes ... makes me very angry. Anyway, Paul [the lawyer] says that even had our case gone up on appeal already it would be possible to remand based upon newly acquired evidence. So I don't know what is up with this judge.

Paul says that we were unlucky enough to get the worst immigration judge in Dallas - he is a stickler for going exactly by the book, and because I was never tortured or imprisoned, I have no fear of persecution if I returned to Zim, and to top it all off he happens to be one of them!

If the judge turns us down then we will definitely appeal, and maybe the appeals board will want to do a telephonic testimony with you. Will keep you posted and many thanks for all you have done for me.

God bless Merryl

Last year I heard of some South African farmers in the USA who were battling for years trying to get political asylum there.

I do believe we should push for this political asylum idea for two reasons. Firstly, to help those who want to leave, especially the women and children who want to get the hell out. Secondly, it will be a tremendous statement on the real situation here. It would be a political breakthrough. It would show that whites are under persecution. It would be a good thing in my view.

It is too bad there isn't an "American Friends of Africa" association that one could appeal to. In your country, people can start a movement at the grass roots level and get something done. But it rests on American's shoulders to help these people who very much want to become a part of your society - and who definitely would be positive contributors.

One Afrikaans friend of mine is so desperate to leave South Africa that he met an American girl via an Internet chat group and she came to South Africa and married him a few weeks ago! He is now doing the paperwork to go to the USA to join his wife, and to get the hell away from here! His is an extreme example, to be sure, but that will give you an idea of how some people feel about living here.

Should whites flee from Africa? I have mentioned in past articles that black Americans have written to me saying that whites should get out of Africa. Of course that is the line, which the communists have been pushing for decades. As Napoleon once said, you should, as a matter of principle, do the opposite of what your enemy desires. He gave the reasons why you should do that. The obvious one being that your enemy desires to hurt you and if you do as he wants then you will in all probability be shooting yourself in the foot.

One of the best counter arguments I have heard to this suggestion came from the lips of Sekai Holland, the shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs for the MDC [Movement for Democratic Change], in Zimbabwe. I met her and another MP from the MDC here in Johannesburg some weeks ago. This old black lady pooh poohed the idea that white people should leave Africa. Her immediate response was this: "If whites must leave Africa, then blacks must leave Europe." She said "There are countless millions of blacks in Europe - are they prepared to go back to Africa?" Her argument was simple: What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Give blacks and whites the same treatment. She told me that although she was born in Africa she had lived in Australia for 17 years. She was married to a white Australian man and had decided that it was time to come back to Africa to make a difference here.

Ever since the publication of my book I have spoken to countless numbers of blacks from Zimbabwe, including three members of parliament. Not one of them will tell you that whites are the problem in Zimbabwe or Africa. In fact, it bothers them that white people are still leaving Africa.

Of course I must remind people that while I am making a lot of noise about whites and their fate, the truth is that Indians in Africa got an even worse deal. Entire Indian populations where thrown out of African countries and sent back to India. I should digress and mention that Indians are even more hated by the blacks in South Africa than the whites. Some months ago, a Zulu song writer wrote a popular song, which stated that the whites had changed for the better, but the Indians had remained the same. It caused quite a furore in South Africa. He defended it by saying that it reflected the popular sentiment of blacks in South Africa. He said that Indians treated the blacks much worse than whites did. So that will give you some perspective on the racial situation in Africa. I have often wondered if black/Asian race relations (worldwide) are much more tense than black/white race relations. I remember consulting for a company some years ago and working with a really nice Chinese guy - a real bright guy, and a hard worker. I was stunned one day to see him reading a conservative newspaper and to hear him saying how South Africa was going to the dogs. He was really irritated by the ANC government and what it was doing to the country.

Those black Americans who told me we whites should leave Africa would be surprised at how little support that idea enjoys among blacks in Africa. Here in South Africa we have a political party called the PAC [Pan Africanist Congress]. Whereas the ANC was Russian sponsored, the PAC has Chinese connections. It should be remembered that in Zimbabwe the Russians sponsored Joshua Nkomo and the Chinese sponsored Robert Mugabe. In South Africa, it was the Russian puppets, the ANC, who won.

The PAC is completely racist and it reflects the sort of views, which many black Americans have expressed to me. The PAC does not have whites in it. The PAC also believes in "Africanising" Africa and getting rid of white influence in all its forms. You would think the PAC should enjoy massive support in South Africa. And yet it does not. It is one of the smallest, fringe black political parties around. Yet, like the ANC, it had a major sponsor (China), and it supposedly had an army of 10,000 trained guerillas, which also fought the whites. The PAC carried out acts of terrorism in South Africa just like the ANC. The two of them fought side by side, and yet, the PAC probably only has 1- 1.5% support. In fact, even that support is actually falling.

The idea of kicking whites out, does not enjoy any public support, and most whites would get extremely irritated by the idea if it was pushed in public. I think a lot of blacks in the rest of Africa would prefer to have whites coming back, and one can see it. As Mugabe is kicking farmers out of Zimbabwe, there are other black countries actually taking them in, like Zambia, Mozambique, Gabon and others.

The idea of kicking whites out of Africa is, in my opinion, a clandestine policy, which is being pushed quietly by the "Axis of Evil" (to paraphrase George Bush), here in Southern Africa, namely, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. In my book, Government by Deception, I wrote of the "clandestine war on the whites".

I believe that whites are being "encouraged" (to use a nice term), to leave. I believe the ANC, and Mugabe and others are racist to a degree, which even their black supporters do not realize. I have wondered, if this were brought out in public, what the majority reaction of blacks would be?

I think that even here in South Africa, after the decades of focus on Apartheid and demonizing the whites, that a big percentage of blacks would NOT like to see whites go.

For example, Buthelezi, a Zulu Chief, who has his own political party, the IFP, and has a position in the government as the Minister of Internal Affairs, recently started a public campaign to bring whites back to South Africa. His argument is that there are many skilled ex-South Africans now living in the USA, Australia or Europe. This recent move by him to publicly call for ex-South Africans (mostly whites) to come back is a kick in the teeth for the ANC's subtle campaign to drive whites out. It goes to show that white people are not completely on their own in their desire to stay in Africa, and tens of millions, or more likely hundreds of millions of blacks across the continent would like to see a bigger presence of whites.

I have a maid who helps out at home about 2-3 times per month. She comes from Botswana. But she can't find work there, so she works in Johannesburg. I said to her why doesn't she go and work for a black man. There are many wealthy members of parliament in South Africa (who are stinking rich not only from their high salaries but from their corruption too). You would be amazed at how few blacks like working for other blacks! Over the years members of my family have jokingly said things like that to blacks, and they express an extreme distaste for working for blacks! I am not sure what it is, but I think, in part, they are treated better by whites - and I have heard blacks say this to whites. They say that black bosses are much harder on them than white bosses.

My brother told me about 3 years ago about a discussion he had with a black man in Zimbabwe. He said that the blacks had seen how the whites had packed up and left (60% of us left in the first 5 years of Mugabe's rule) - and they had talked among each other and they were saddened to see so many whites leaving. They could also see how the country was going backwards as a result.

However, while the common people, the masses, may not like to see whites leaving en masse, I do believe firmly, that it is the policy at the highest levels of government to drive whites out, slowly, and carefully, by deliberately doing things they do not like. Crime, is in my opinion a clandestine war to remove whites. I believe they have deliberately created conditions whereby criminals spend very little time in prison, and even hardened criminals are soon let out. Recently, a black man was charged with something like 146 crimes, which included dozens of murders. He is the worst serial killer in South African history. He raped and murdered more than 40 black women. It was later discovered that he murdered more than a dozen Indian men. He was up on dozens of rape charges, and many other charges. In the new legal system, he cannot be executed. Instead he got a jail sentence of over 1,000 years. But, ALL HIS JAIL TERMS WILL RUN CONCURRENTLY!! The worst criminal in South African history could be out on bail, in about 20 years!!

I wrote extensively in my book about the clandestine, and subtle ways of driving people out of this country. Since the publication of my book, more has happened to confirm my suspicions. As some of you know, more than 1,400 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa in the last 10 years in crimes, which professional investigators describe as politically motivated. (You can see the photos on my website at: The ANC recently decided to disband the Commando system, which is the main means by which farmers get to protect themselves. They say a new Police unit will take its place. My suspicion is that the new Police unit will prove itself ineffective and my strong suspicion is that you will see a rise in farm murders once more. I believe that the farmers' counter-measures were keeping the trend in check, and now the government is intervening clandestinely to change the rules so that more farmers will die.

Another example of government intervention to deliberately make things worse is the booms in Johannesburg. As crime shot out of control, people did the "Medieval thing" - we created "castles/walled cities". Over 500 residential suburbs in Johannesburg were sealed off with fences, and they implemented booms and restricted the entrances to one or two places where there are security guards. This reduced crime radically because it prevented thieves from walking around freely and staking out houses.

Now, all of a sudden, the Johannesburg City council wants to re-evaluate this process and says that all these suburbs need to reapply for these booms because they are limiting the ability of the public to travel on public roads. People were outraged because this will definitely lead to much more crime. It is a proven fact that the booms and the sealing off of suburbs reduces crime drastically, but now suddenly, the Metropolitan Council pretends to be stupid and it doesn't see the merits of this process.

I know how the council works. One Reader of my book is a Jewish guy, a councilor in Sandton in Johannesburg. He told me how the Sandton city council works. He says the ANC has about 150 seats in it, but only about 10 people actually set the policy and ever speak. The other 140 go along with those 10. Whatever the 10 say, the other 140 do. So when an opposition party tries to get anything done, no matter how good the idea is, if the 10 are against it, the other 140 will vote it down. Parliament is the same. A handful of communists and others set the tone and the others are merely the cheerleaders. This is definitely NOT how democracy is supposed to work. A black man once told me that the communists control Johannesburg in this way. A handful decide what the issues are and the others are like monkeys and they just go along with it. That Jewish councilor told me that many of the things I wrote about in my book are already coming true. He cited instances when the race card was played needlessly for political gain by the ANC. In one case, for example, where questions were raised about the use of money, the ANC councilor played the race card needlessly to divert attention from the missing funds.

For me, the fight is not ending. Its just beginning. The South African Communist Party, and Mugabe's ZANU(PF) like this Portuguese phrase: "Aluta continua" - the struggle continues! They used it a lot AFTER they had taken over. It was their way of telling their members that this is not the end, and that the struggle against the whites will continue... Black Zimbabweans tell me that Mugabe uses this phrase a LOT - to this day. For him, the war has never ended.

I am now adopting it as my motto, except, it means I'm struggling against them!!! Aluta Continua!!

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Jan Lamprecht grew up on a small farm in Rhodesia. He moved to South Africa after Mugabe came to power and spent a short time in the South African Navy. He ventured into the world of politics after Mugabe began his land invasions in 2000. He is a self-employed IT Consultant in Johannesburg and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

His new book "Government by Deception" - Psychopolitics in Southern Africa, is now available for purchase. Click here to read comments by famous Americans who have read the book.

We invite you to visit his website at Southern Africa In Crisis

Jan Lamprecht can be reached

Published in the April 22, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.