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April 2003   Al Conkrite
Money Money Everywhere, The World's Most Lucrative Slave State, America By Al Cronkrite


By: Al Cronkrite

Congress has appropriated 75 billion dollars to finance the rapacious decimation and rebuilding of Iraq. This appropriation and scores of others devised and passed by our elected congressional representatives will have a serious effect on the lives of our citizens. However, the passage of this bill and much of what goes on in Washington, D.C. seems strangely remote from our everyday lives.

Governments have always been greedy.

According to the Biblical record, in answer to prayer, God arranged the birth of Samuel. Hannah, his mother, gave him to Eli, the Priest, to be raised. Samuel and Eli were God fearing, righteous men. Their sons were scoundrels. When Samuel's sons, Joel and Abiah, sought to enrich themselves by taking bribes and perverting justice, the elders of Israel used it as a pretext to reject theonomy (Rule by the Laws of God.). In response to their request for a king, God, through Samuel, outlined some of the evils in which governments would engage. He predicted that kings would conscript their sons and daughters, that they would steal the best fields and require a tenth of their property in taxes. He also predicted that the people would cry out against the evils of their kingly rulers and that God would not hear. God has always desired to govern those whom He chooses. The Laws given to Moses were the basis for that government. Absence of government, a utopian scheme that is prevalent in Anarchism and Libertarianism, is similar to the idea that a society can live in religious neutrality. Law, Government, and religion is inevitable. The character of the triumvirate remains variable.

Domination of those who resist God will be humanistic. Humanistic rule always tends toward tyranny. Marxist governments, touted as a panacea for the working man, have culminated in barbaric despotism. Rather than being panaceas, they have been abominations. Governments that ignore the Laws of God are always on the verge of abomination.

As the citizens of Baghdad have plainly shown, men, not restrained by law, will revert to the law of the jungle. Man's choice is limited to choosing a captor and as King David rightly decided, our Gracious Christian God is the best captor.

The financial dealings of our government and banks are purposefully esoteric. With the advent of Central Banks and fractional reserve banking, hiding hegemony, manipulation, and thievery has become an everyday occurrence. Since the house of Pisano and Tiepolo built the first model of modern day banks in Venice in the Fourteenth Century, banks have been a source of temptation for their owners. That first bank became insolvent through the misuse of its funds and reorganized into the Banco della Piazza Del Rialto which became an honest and highly revered bank for a short period of time until the government needed additional funds and acquired them by befouling the banking system.

When the Bauer family in Germany changed their name to Rothchild to coincide with the red shield (roth schild) that adorned the exterior of their Frankfurt bank, a name was given to the most cunning manipulation of money and banking the world has ever known.

Mayer Amschel Rothchild died in 1812; he left a will designed to perpetuate the wealth and independent power he and his five sons had accumulated. Among other directives, he recommended that family members marry cousins in order to keep the fortune within the family. It was said of the Rothchilds, "the family that preys together stays together."

The roots of the Rothchild dynasty were fraudulent and their continued international crypto-manipulation is rooted in theft.

As with drugs, all of the blame cannot be placed on the supplier. Shrewdness was amply flavored with brilliance and when the Rothchilds devised the scheme of converting debt into money, many acquisitive nations became addicted.

Sating the ambitions of rulers with egos requires large sums of money. In addition to stealing wealth through currency inflation, dishonest rulers have entered the lucrative drug trade, callously debilitation their citizens.

Wars result in spoils and the winner has access to them. According to the Newhouse News Service, Saddam Hussein has amassed a sizeable fortune, which will be seized by the British-America coalition. There could be as much as $20 billion dollars hidden around the world.

Much talk is heard about returning the oil fields to the Iraqi citizens. There may be some truth to that statement but we can be sure that there will be huge outside profits and many strings attached to the return.

It is interesting to note that when God provided the miraculous entrance into the Promised Land for His people, he ordered the destruction of everything, thereby removing the spoils as an incentive for obedience. Saul was covetous, he disobeyed, and he retained the best of the livestock and allowed the king to live. Samuel obediently slew the king. Saul begged to be forgiven but his replacement as king was formalized.

The Bible contains an abundance of scripture referring to the need to maintain honest and exact weights and measures.

Lev. 19:35-36; Deut. 25:13:16; Prov. 11:1; 16:11; 20:10, 23.

Dishonest manipulation of value creates an injustice and is a criminal offense. Justice is a prerequisite to freedom. Without it, freedom cannot be maintained.

Mayer Amschel Rothchild is quoted as having said, "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws". This dishonest quest for power has resulted in the deaths of millions and a steady deterioration in the world's social structure.

Peter Kershaw in his book "Economic Solutions" lists the ten primary stockholders in our Federal Reserve banking system: 1) Rothchild Family, London; 2) Rothchild Family, Berlin; 3) Lazard Brothers, Paris; 4) Israel Seiff, Italy; 5) Kuhn-Loeb, Germany; 6) Warburgs, Amsterdam; 7) Warburgs, Hamburg; 8) Lehman Brothers, New York; 9) Goldman & Sachs, New York; 10) Rockefeller Family, New York.

America has sunk deep into the mire.

Being used to a high standard of living, as women entered the work force, most Americans did not notice that it was now taking two salaries to provide what one had previously supplied. Couples added the oarsman and paddled harder. Taxes also continued to climb. Even as the standard of living began to plummet, Americans failed to notice. Many of them were too busy to notice. They continue to divide half of the money they earn with a government that pays a substantial portion of it to the International Bankers. In upscale America, husbands and wives combine for 120 hours of work to maintain their standard of living even as jobs that will allow that life style continue to diminish.

International bankers, who are protected from losses by American taxpayers, regularly finance globalism. During the Clinton Administration $50 billion was given to Mexico which allowed them to pay off defaulted loans to Goldman Sachs.

David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank owns 32% of the stock in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The group headed by that Bank finances our government. He is also the founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank which counts as members most key government officials and advisors and which consistently sets governmental policy. David Rockefeller can both establish and demolish kingdoms.

With the willing participation of our citizens, America has become the world's largest and most lucrative slave state. Willing workers toil from dawn to dusk with more than half of their wages being stolen by an untethered evil cabal. This fete has been carefully engineered over many years. Little by little unnoticeable freedoms have been usurped and the structure for a police state has been built. Real freedom has been unknown in America for several decades. The candidates of the two political parties are pre-selected, and the voting itself is manipulated. Congressmen know the folly of bucking the establishment. They go along to get along. There is only one Ron Paul in the Congress. He gets some cooperation but most are too dishonest to join in his attempts to bring back Constitutional government.

As long as conditions remain as they are, all efforts to change the system will fail. Cancer cannot be stopped by complaining about the pain.

Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida. He a is regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Al Cronkrite can be reached at:

Published in the April 18, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.