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May 2003   alan stang, press
Prostitute National Press, Dr. Goebbels, I Presume By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

The recent invasion of Iraq has dramatically changed the United States. Before the invasion, your Intrepid Correspondent was used to being a "right-wing extremist." That was what the totalitarian enemies of this country called me long before I knew what that meant. I "talked like one." That was what a feminoid screamed at me in a Greenwich Village literary party.

Some years later, I was doing research in the files of the Anti-Defamation League in New York. The men who ran it found out I was there and said I could stay if I agreed to write the opposite of what I had been writing. I refused and was kicked out onto Lexington Avenue. My father was once dozing at a meeting when he vaguely heard the speaker denouncing a man named "Alan Stang." Needless to say, my father awoke. People who looked into the matter, even for a short time, understood that the totalitarian enemies of this country were Marxists of some stripe, either Communists plugged into the Soviet Union, or Reds who didn’t belong to the Party. Whatever version of Marxist they were, ignoramus or member, they shared the same ideology, had the same goal and derisively called your obedient servant a "super-patriot."

They expected me to support the war in Vietnam blindly, without question. I could see their mouths literally fall open at my lectures when I said that the war was illegal and that we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Of course, they were less pleased when I added that since the world government conspirators had put us there, the only sensible American policy was to turn Hanoi into a big hole in the ground, to win immediately and stop sacrificing our men, which we could have done at any time, and get out. Remember that Washington’s policy at the time was to lose.

In this latest extrusion of the conspiracy for world government, the invasion of Iraq, your Intrepid Correspondent has said all along the same thing I always say. The most sensible American foreign policy is to mind our own business, to keep our nose out of everyone else’s, to avoid "entangling alliances," thereby to give offense to no one, to make nice with all, to encourage trade between individuals without government interference, to enjoy our own country, and to make sure every other country understands that if anyone comes here and messes with the United States, our overwhelming, irresistible military will turn their capital city into another big hole in the ground, from Hanoi to Baghdad or wherever they hang out.

Of course, your Intrepid Correspondent did not invent this work of genius in the art of statecraft. All I am doing is adapting for our own time what the Founding Fathers taught us. Later, Teddy Roosevelt, who had the right instincts but was victimized by the world government conspirators, put it this way. "Walk softly, but carry a big stick." What we should be defending in our greatest of all countries is our unalienable right to mind our own business.

Only one thing has changed. In the present phase of the war, the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us have decided to win. They are using the federal agency known as Fox Cable Channel for the purpose. Federal bureaucrats such as Sean Hannity and other belligerent ignoramuses, who have never seen a DOD press release they don’t like, spout the world government party line, however preposterous.

Talk radio, which used to be the glory of the media, has become the "vast right wing conspiracy" Hillaroid called it, a mere mouthpiece of the warmongers. Yes, I know she is the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain, but if you’re right, you’re right. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that you are reading the only remaining free press in the country right now.

The preposterous but predictable result of all this is that hannitized readers who somehow have found their way here to EtherZone are vociferously calling your Intrepid Correspondent a "Marxist," even a "liberal," and questioning my loyalty. For thirty years, I have written, broadcast and lectured to expose Washington’s abandonment of our Prisoners Of War, but these belligerent zombies assert that I don’t support our military. Maybe they don’t know that two of my sons are in the military right now.

"Aren’t you happy that Iraq is now free?" such readers ask. Michael Savage, the world government pussycat and Rush Limbaugh, talk radio’s Dr. Goebbels, have done their work well. I am now trying to get used to being a "liberal," which is somewhat difficult; as you will recall liberalism is a modern species of insanity.

So, let’s look again at the basics. Some of this is so childishly simple, I fear it could be patronizing to explain. I apologize in advance; please bear in mind that I explain it only because the zombies - whom the brainwashers have suffocated with angst - pretend not to understand.

On the rare occasions when I make some money, I come home and give it to my wife, not to yours. Does this mean I am against your wife? Not at all. I am for my wife. God has assigned me to take care of her. Your wife I am sure is as lovely a lady as you say she is, and I have no doubt that if you are as worried about her as you say you are, you will take as good care of her for the same reason.

If I go crazy and give money to your wife, there will be trouble. Your wife maybe would be glad to get it, but my wife would complain; and wouldn’t you start wondering why I’m giving money to your wife? Could some alienation of affections be involved? The thing could degenerate into something serious. If I want to keep the peace, I need to mind my own business. Certainly one of the most dangerous things I could do would be to get in the middle of an argument between you and your wife.

Yes, it is a blessing that the Iraqi people are now free. For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to assume that Dr. Goebbels is correct, that they are free. If this wonderful situation had been arranged in a vacuum without context and effects, maybe there would be nothing to fear. But the warmakers still have not answered a desperately serious question.

I don’t know how bad Saddam Insane really was, once we peel off the wartime propaganda. Remember that "our side" lied in Gulf War I about what Iraqi soldiers were accused of doing in that Kuwaiti hospital. Whatever, there are dictators like him all over the world. If we went halfway around the world to unseat a dictator who hadn’t attacked us and hadn’t even threatened us, will we do the same in Africa and elsewhere? Will we invade every country with which we are displeased? Or are we talking about some species of cafeteria in which we pick and choose? How much liberation can we take?

Indeed, notice that the Iraqi circus already seems to be coming apart. More than 60% of the Iraqi population subscribes to the Shi’ite version of Islam. Yes, more than 60%! The Shi’ites are the folks who seized control next door in Iran when Washington overthrew the Shah. Saddam Insane, who was another Washington creation for many years, was suppressing the Shi’ites in Iraq. That was one of the reasons he was a dictator. Now that Washington has kicked him out, they are trying to take over.

If Iraq is as full of Shi’ites as it is, wouldn’t democracy require that they be allowed to do so? The result of course would be another country like our dear friend Iran, ruled by the mullahs who stormed our Teheran embassy and held the Americans there hostage for more than a year. This is just one of the problems American liberation has caused in Iraq, which means our military will need to stay there a long time. Again, how much more such liberation can we take? How much more can we afford?

After every one of these imperialist wars, Washington imports thousands of people from the countries we destroy. That is why so many Cubans are here. That is why so many Vietnamese are here. And so on. After Gulf War I, we imported thousands of Iraqi soldiers, some of whom may have participated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Soon, Washington will predictably import thousands more. The wars serve the world government conspiracy’s double purpose of moving populations around.

Remember what a "liberal" is. I put quotes around the word because it used to mean something quite different. A "liberal," or a Marxist, if you prefer, is someone who wants the government to interfere in and control everything, everywhere, who wants confiscatory taxation and massive spending, along with military intervention around the world. The Democrat and Republican bosses are liberals. Clinton is a liberal. Bush is a liberal. So is the Prostitute National Press. The Founding Fathers gave us a limited republic. The liberals have given us an empire.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at: