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May 2003   alan stang
Prisnoner Of War, Now Get The Others By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

As I write, the incomparable U.S. military has arrived at the outskirts of Baghdad and the final battle looms. We have the best men, the best equipment and training, and the best military leadership the world has ever seen. In the present war, our military has performed even beyond expectations and by now the last sincere doubters should have changed their minds.

Please note that I do not include in these kudos the political leadership, the same conspiratorial leadership that defeated our military in Vietnam. Certainly one difference is that the present, illegal war is the first our political leaders have fought to win - at least so far - since World War II. All the others have been fought to stalemate, which Washington predictably has used to foment still more conflict. Among the political problems our leaders still face is their desperate need to discover Weapons of Mass Destruction. So far, thank Allah, Saddam Insane has not used them. All we have seen are the lies that have become the telltale signature of the Bush Administration. Remember that Bush used phony documents to trick us into the war; then came the discovery of the "chemical weapons factory" (an empty warehouse), and the warning that Saddam would use such weapons when we penetrated a line he had drawn in the sand fifty miles from Baghdad. As I write, we are about ten miles out and nothing has happened.

Be assured that we shall find WMD whether or not he has them. Imagine Bush explaining that he made a mistake, that Saddam didnít have WMD after all, and therefore that we didnít really need to invade Iraq. Bush would look like the total idiot total idiot Tom Daschle has accused him of being. That isnít going to happen, so, if necessary, spooks will plant something for our military to discover. To see how that works, simply go to the movies.

Among the magnificent exploits of our military was the rescue of POW Jessica Lynch. Braving enemy fire in and out, our forces acted on a tip and found her in a hospital. Jessica is apparently the first POW rescued by the U.S. military since World War II. There were similar attempts during the war in Vietnam, but they all failed. For instance, when the rescuers arrived in Son Tay, they found that the prisoners had already been removed. So, still more kudos go to the men who brought Jessica out.

One crucial misstatement needs to be corrected. A couple of times, I have heard a justifiably excited spokesman assert, "We leave no one behind. We never have and we never will." This is at best a horrendous mistake, at worst a damn lie. The truth is that we have always left our men behind. We have deliberately left our men behind in all of our wars for almost a century - since the American republic became an empire - and those men are still in captivity.

In fact, that is no doubt the reason our leaders are so sensitive on the subject. Could it be the reason they thankfully went out of their way to rescue Jessica? It is essential that we squelch this horrendous mistake, this damn lie, before other Americans innocently repeat it.

In World War I, we sent men to Asiatic Russia, after Lenin, with American help, succeeded in taking Russia out of the war. The Soviets took some of those men prisoner and never returned them. By now, they are probably dead.

Toward the end of World War II, the advancing Soviets inherited about 25,000 U.S. military personnel the Germans had taken prisoner. Because the Soviets by then had decisively infiltrated and compromised our government, Washingtonís policy was to appease them. General Dwight Eisenhower oversaw Operation Keelhaul, in which at least a million people who had escaped the Soviet Union - most of them civilians, but some who had served in our military, in our uniform - were forcibly returned to totalitarian Communist monster Josef Stalin. Many killed their children and committed suicide rather than make the trip.

Washington also abandoned those 25,000 Americans. They never returned. Remember that military personnel are the youngest of our people. It is quite possible, probably certain, that today, almost sixty years after that war, some of those abandoned Americans are still alive, still prisoners. Imagine that you are a Kansas farm boy. Other than a couple of trips to the teeming metropolis of Ellsworth, or maybe Salina, you have never left the farm. You were born in 1927. Now, it is early in 1945, you are 18, and in machine-gun succession you are drafted in Kansas, trained in New Jersey, captured by the Germans and imprisoned by the Soviets. Today, you are 76. Your native land and language are a memory, a dream. Were you ever really an American? Do you still speak English? What do you think of us?

Remember, there isnít any question about those men. Our government knew they were there. Washington abandoned them to suck up to Stalin. Time and again after the war, eyewitnesses reported seeing them. Later, the billionaire totalitarian Socialist conspirators who rule us rewarded Eisenhower, who had served them so well. In 1952, they used him to steal the Republican nomination from Senator Robert Taft, who as President would have exposed the extent of their control of our government.

But now here we are in Korea in 1950. Typically, Washington has lied to trick us into the war. See your Intrepid Correspondentís EtherZone pieces on the subject. Eisenhower, the man who enthusiastically ran Operation Keelhaul for Stalin now is President. And Eisenhower leaves thousands of our POWS in Communist hands. Again, these are men we know are there, men who were seen being sent into Manchuria. To read all about it, see, for instance, my book, The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles (Boston, Western Islands, 1968). Some of those men are no doubt still alive.

Washington left maybe a couple of thousand behind in Southeast Asia, after defeating our incomparable military in Vietnam. Communist Laos admitted that it had hundreds, hoping to get in on the payoff Nixon and Kissinger were trying to arrange for Hanoi. The payoff collapsed, but the Laotian admission was still on the books, along with a mountain of evidence including satellite surveillance and eyewitness testimony. But Washington typically washed its hands of our men. Many of those men - some just in their fifties and sixties - are no doubt still alive.

You may want to look at your reporterís latest novel, Perestroika Sunset (Los Angeles, Patton House, 2002), about the men we left behind in the Nam. Because it is a novel, it is of course dramatic, but even I was not prepared for the reaction. One reader called me in tears, barely able to speak. Another hung up while he was talking. He called back to say he was too overcome to continue. And the history in Perestroika is authentic, validated by the people who were there. The Soviets took some of those POWS to Russia for the usual experiments. To see the cover and read the first three chapters, go to Perestroika Sunset. To order, call 1 (800) 470-8783.

No administration, Democrat or Republican, has done anything about this. Finally, in Gulf War I, Washington left Commander Scott Speicher behind. Pressure happily has now forced DOD to reclassify him from KIA to POW. Let us pray that our military can find him, along with the other POWS, including another woman, the Iraqis have captured in the present invasion. Indeed, letís hope the spectacular rescue of Jessica Lynch signifies a complete change of policy toward all - all - our POWS and that Washington will now do everything it can to bring them all home.

Remember however that we are talking about an administration that has lied repeatedly about the war, in which respect it differs not at all from the Clinton obfuscation. And this brings us to the question of why Jessica was there. She was there because of Clinton policy, of course, Clinton policy not only continued but also expanded by Bush. Here as always we see that, in the main, there is no difference between them, except that Bush does not drop his pants and ask for sex.

So far, in all the excitement, no one I know of has pointed to the fact that this is the first war in which Washington has deliberately thrust American women into combat, which means that from now on we shall see more and more women POWS. No doubt the nationís bull dykes are joyfully buckling on their dildos, genuflecting to George W. and rushing to enlist, but, as usual, we have a question.

So far, the military is voluntary. But there is good reason to suspect that the present, illegal war will expand. After we take down the Saddamites we shall go after Syria, Iran and so on. The need for military personnel will increase. Registration for 18-year-old males already is in place. It is realistic to speculate that the President could reinstitute the draft, and this time women could be included.

Jessica Lynch is 19. Would you allow Washington to draft your 19-year-old daughter with the certainty that she could be sent into combat? Or to put the question in another way, exactly how corrupt, how utterly degenerate, are you? You say it couldnít happen? You say Iím insane? What would you have called me during the Vietnam era, had I said that 25 or so years from then we would be sending women into combat? Weíll discuss the question in commentaries to come.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at:

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