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June 2003   Alan Stang
Joe McCarthy, Hero By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

There are so many heroes these days. There are movie heroes. There are sports heroes. I have read many times that John Wayne, for instance, was a "hero." There is no more dedicated John Wayne fan than I - even now I still watch his movies again and again - but a "hero?" For making millions of dollars enjoying the adulation of millions of fans? It is important to add that John Wayneís work is still important, not just because it is so entertaining, but because it helps preserve the American culture our enemies are conspiring to destroy. Still, it isnít heroism.

The sports "hero" is generally a man who plays a game with a ball a few hours a week, before a screaming audience that includes many fanatics who have painted their faces purple or whatever, wear bizarre headdresses and have managed to elude their wives. These "heroes" too are paid many millions - which we certainly donít begrudge them if that is what their fanatics want to spend their money on. But the men who play these games are not heroes. At the same time, we read all the time that the "age of heroes is past," that there are "no more heroes." One reason for the confusion certainly has to be the fact that if you use the word indiscriminately - if you insist on calling people who donít deserve it "heroes" - after a while the word doesnít mean anything.

The word "liberal" used to mean someone who wants to restrain the government. It was such an appealing word that the collectivists stole it. Now it means someone who wants the government to restrain the people. The word "gay" used to mean someone who was straight and happy. Now that the sodomites have stolen it, it means someone who is glad to be in hell.

No, a hero is someone who willingly enters great danger and takes great risks, for a purpose that will not enrich him. A military hero throws himself on a live grenade to protect his friends. He lays down his life for his friends. A moral hero undergoes calumny and ostracism - even mortal, physical danger - because he holds his ground, because he will not recant.

My dear friend, physician and fellow author, James R. Privitera, M.D., of Covina, California, with whom I wrote Silent Clots: Lifeís Biggest Killers, about a suppressed lifesaving test, is certainly a hero, who has been thrown into jail more than once for giving his patients the treatment they elect. As it stands now, he has won, but the same totalitarians still control California medicine.

And if ever the word "hero" meant anything, it certainly applies to Senator Joe McCarthy, whose very name the enemies of our civilization desperately perverted until it became an epithet. It turns out that Joe was wrong. After almost half a century of revelations like Venona, we now know that he was much too modest, too fair, too restrained in his assertions of Communist penetration of our government. If only Joe hadnít been such a gentleman.

Not only was everyone he called a Communist exactly that; we now know that the problem was much worse than he said. Only two of the many Soviet spy rings in the government were uncovered. The ones that remained undoubtedly metastasized, with the devastating results so obvious today. Todayís breathtaking treason would be impossible without traitors to commit it. Intelligence agencies of the time knew McCarthy was right; had they said so they would have revealed to the Soviets how they knew, thereby putting our agents in danger.

There were no "victims." J. Robert Oppenheimer was a traitor. He was a Communist who paid Party dues and hosted Party meetings. No "innocent lives" were destroyed. So foul and so obvious are the latest revelations that in recent years even "liberal" commentators like the Washington Postís Nicholas von Hoffman have been admitting that Old Joe was not the monster they said he was; that the Communists really were there.

But, at the time, McCarthy stood alone. One can only imagine the courage that took. The people with the power did what they could to destroy him. Among them was Dwight Eisenhower, for whom the Rockefeller Reds had stolen the Republican nomination from Senator Bob Taft. Eisenhower had done everything he could for Stalin in World War II; now his job was to keep the lid on, to prevent the exposure of the Communists a President Taft would have conducted.

Even Joe McCarthyís colleagues in the Senate officially condemned him. It is not an exaggeration to say that no one in American history has been denounced as long and as much as Joe McCarthy. He still is. How many people can you think of whose names have been made a curse, whose military service and heavy beard were made cartoon subjects of ridicule? The Communists have done such a good job that even today, after all the revelations proving how right McCarthy was, perfectly sound patriots will unknowingly disparage "McCarthyism."

You will know that Americans once again control our federal government, when the Senator Joe McCarthy Memorial is dedicated in Washington. The Memorial will include photographs of the Communists he nailed, along with photographs of the Communists he didnít. There will be a statue of Joe pointing an accusatory finger. Schoolbooks will describe McCarthy as a hero, which of course he was. Fat slob Alec Baldwin, slimmed down for the part, will play Joe, in a movie directed by Oliver Stone.

Why have the Communists devoted so much time, energy and money, so long, to the destruction of McCarthy? The question is so naÔve I am embarrassed to ask it. I do so in reluctant recognition of the fact that there may be somebody out there, maybe even somebody painted purple who has managed to elude his wife, and who canít figure it out for himself.

The Communists hated McCarthy because he was exposing them. There was and is a Communist Conspiracy. A conspiracy by definition, by its nature, must operate in secret, because it is implementing an evil end, in this case the enslavement of our people by a dictatorship. The best way to destroy a conspiracy is to expose it.

The most fascinating and revealing aspect of the attempt to destroy McCarthy is the overwhelming support it enjoyed from people who certainly were not Communists; who in fact were eminently respectable. Why would such people go out of their way to help the Reds? Why didnít they want Communists in government exposed?

These are some of the questions that gradually led us to understand the cabal that is conspiring to destroy our country. It is a conspiracy that includes the Communists and at the same time competes with the Communists, a conspiracy the goal of which has always been world government. I have no doubt that Eisenhower, for just one example, was not a Communist; did not have a Party card; did not pay Party dues. The reason a man like Eisenhower would do everything he could to destroy McCarthy and protect the Communists, was that he and the Communists wanted the same thing: world government.

In the conspiracy for world government, the Communists have always played the same part the head buster plays in Cosa Nostra. When dirty work - what the Soviets call "wet affairs" - needs to be done, the Communists do it. Look at Hillaroid, the nationís leading cause of proctologic discomfort. Is she a Communist? I donít know. We do know that she actively supported the Communist Black Panthers. But one certainly canít imagine her leading a Communist riot. It would ruin her manicure; maybe mess up her hair. For Communist riots, there are Communists.

Sometimes the Communists get out of control, like Dr. Strangeloveís right hand. Then there is a gang fight, in which the world government conspirators usually suppress the Reds. The conflict means nothing; it is merely a fight within the family, a disagreement among siblings about how something should be done. Always, the different elements in the conspiracy come together to advance the common goal.

Today, the monster McCarthy fought is much worse than it was. Half a century ago it had infiltrated the government. Secret Soviet agents like Alger Hiss - the top State Department official who was the first UN Secretary General - were everywhere. The government was already rotten, but Americans still controlled it.

Today, that is no longer true. Americans no longer control our government. An American is someone whose loyalty lies with the independent United States the Founding Fathers left us. Anyone whose loyalty lies elsewhere is not an American. George Bush is not an American because his loyalty lies elsewhere, because he is conspiring for world government, which is treason because it would destroy the United States.

We need Joe McCarthy now, more than ever, a McCarthy who is finally willing to take off the gloves and name names.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at: