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June 2003   dorothy anne seese
When Conservatives Aren't, A Dynasty For The Demolition Of The Republic By Dorothy Anne Seese


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

Various sources report that President George W. Bush will have as much as $200 million in his campaign war chest for Election 2004. Americans apparently enjoy purchasing themselves an American Dynasty that will demolish the Republic, morph the Constitution into a "living" document of varying meanings rather than an absolute standard of liberty for the people, and engage the United States in world-wide entangling alliances and wars against "evil." The Bush dynasty will do this at the expense of the American taxpayers who are contributing in various ways, including cash, to the president's war chest so he can continue to abolish the Republic and the personal liberty for which it stood. This is amazing, utterly unbelievable!

Our federal debt ceiling was recently raised by nearly a trillion dollars, the approximate sum of the entire US budget for 1985. Of course wars in Afghanistan and Iraq aren't at fault, it's all the fault of Social Security. Come to think of it, Mr. Bush was going to correct that also, by at last establishing true "lock box" accounts and choices for the investment of the funds, including tax-exempt bonds, stocks if desired, or just CD's and IRA's. While the term "Social Security" isn't exactly conservative, we now have an aging population that has been left nearly destitute of funds other than Social Security (for which they paid) because inflation devalued their meager savings and skyrocketing medical costs (which began with Medicare, a government program) are draining the survival funds of America's elderly.

True conservatism has nothing in common with the Bush record of enlarging the federal debt, raising the ceiling to somewhere just outside the perimeter of the Milky Way. "Liberal" is a more accurate term to describe his record of accommodating wild spending, federalized education to indoctrinate the children who are not to be left behind, gay/lesbian demands for access to high office and expensive military efforts that result in the takeover of nations that were never a national security threat. Nor is his record of leaving our borders open to all comers and overriding the nation's immigration laws a "conservative" course of action. Mr. Bush has done nothing to reverse the Clinton policies; he has made them more stringent, and under guise of wartime emergency acts he intimidated a wimped-down Congress into passing the USAPATRIOT Act. He has continued to support and uphold the UN, except where they disagreed with his plans (that violated international law) and then he demonized certain nations for not joining in his "coalition." Then Mr. Bush ignored the UN as blithely as he has ignored his oath of office to uphold the Constitution! So why is Mr. Bush not a "conservative" as many believe?

The following points are the major hallmarks of a true conservative:

* Smaller federal government and increased responsibility to the individual states to choose their own laws.

* Decreased federal spending at all levels with sufficient budget provisions to keep a military for national defense.

* Examining all proposed laws as to their compliance with our Constitution and its amendments, particularly the Bill of Rights.

* The right of all Americans to keep and bear arms according to the Second Amendment.

* The right of all American citizens to enjoy the full and unadulterated provisions of the Bill of Rights, without judicial reinterpretation and translation to accommodate special interest groups.

* The repeal of all laws that fail to meet the test of constitutionality.

* Accountability to the people for all actions taken, through their duly elected representatives, without any executive orders that provide for denying access to presidential records that might be incriminating or embarrassing.

* The cry for "liberty, liberty, liberty" for each and every citizen, and no amnesty for illegal aliens who penetrate our borders but a strict construction of our immigration laws to provide for prosecution, deportation or other remedies at law.

* Full respect for the rule of law, not rule by those above the law.

* Absolute safeguards of the privacy for all American citizens and surveillance only upon issuance of a warrant issued for probable cause against any citizen or legal immigrant.

This nation does not need a Department of Homeland Security. We had security until the avowed liberals dismantled it, starting with Lyndon B. Johnson, augmented by Jimmy Carter and blown away by Bill Clinton and Associates. Don't tell me I have freedom when the very keystrokes creating this article could be monitored without my knowing it.

When we had freedom, we didn't need to be told we are free people.

When we had true family values, no one had to keep chattering about family values.

When we had Second Amendment rights, no one had to fight to keep them.

When we had freedom of religion, Christians weren't forbidden to speak out while other religions do.

When we had a free press, mainstream news media didn't sound like an echo chamber.

When a president was an executive officer rather than an emperor, the word "emperor" was never mentioned.

When we knew who and what Americans were, we didn't have to be told!

Apparently many folks in this nation have been confused by labels that lack meaning. Not all Democrats are liberals, although most of them are now. Certainly not all Republicans are conservatives or this article would never have been authored by any conservative writer. Certainly the Bush Dynasty has steamrolled over the Bill of Rights or so many would not be recounting the ways in which our freedoms have been lost or mitigated.

Now that most of the literate world knows that the USA is an aggressor nation, above international law, the new imperialist force on the planet, it has fewer allies and more enemies than ever before; it is a nation in the crosshairs and someone, someday, will pull the trigger.

It's a shame that George W. Bush is even associated with the names "Christian" and "conservative" because he is neither. He is an opportunistic showman with a purple robe under his bomber jacket. His ambitions are carried into action on the nation's stage under the production and direction of Karl Rove and his clones.

If you want to know what a real conservative is, go find a copy of the late Barry Goldwater's "Conscience of a Conservative" and read it. It most certainly contains no descriptions that fit the person or conduct of George W. Bush, a president who may be a leader-in-perpetuity if we have another "wartime emergency" prior to Election 2004.

If this Bush wins again in 2004, which seems a certainty absent a presently unknown conservative opponent, then expect Jeb Bush in 2008, and on, and on, and on.

Goodbye Republic, Hello Monarchy!

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Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

We invite you to visit her website at Flagship

Dorothy Anne Seese can be reached at

Published in the June 6, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.