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June 2003   sartre
FCC Advances The Corporate-State. All Is Well In The 'PC' Culture By Sartre



Media deregulation, hardly! With the passage of new ownership rules, the monopoly control of the media is protected and ensured to surf the waves of public discourse with impunity. The FCC, better known as the - federal consent club - is a creature of the approved ‘PC’ culture. No wonder the shock and awe of programming is reserved to classic broadcasts from another era. FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell said in an interview: "If I did exactly what I am being urged to do," which is to let the current rules stand, "the result would be disastrous," meaning the rules would be tossed out by the court, leading to an unpoliced environment of unfettered consolidation. So goes the expressed newspeak from Colin’s number one offspring! The "Powell Rules" contrast with another member of the commission - Michael J. Copps - "They will take the media and the country into very perilous waters. I think we are damaging localism, diversity and competition, making it harder for alternative viewpoints and information to see the light of day."

So who is correct? This occasion confirms that all is well in the board rooms, while boredom and monotony reigns in the bedroom. TV watching at home means that the position of this missionary will preach only one sermon. Even a break from midnight lewdness, sitcoms, soaps and mindless talk, will not be refreshed by reading the newspaper. The same message will be found in those rags as viewed in the latest network exploitation. Fewer owners means stronger controllers with a greater rigidity for those with whom frigidity towards the truth is their biggest pleasure.

Cable and satellite programming isn’t much better. For every history channel there are scores of dribble that appeals to the asses, being the mainstay of the masses. Telecasting isn’t just big business, it is the decisive method of communications. Today the connection has little to do with facts, truth or meaning; but has everything to do with image, perception and indoctrination. The printed press writes the initial version of history, as the visual media selects the immediate agenda of what is newsworthy. Magazines strive to inject reflection, while tabloids fetch the sensational. Wisdom is seldom found in any venue, as the coordinated culture of compliance becomes syndicated into consolidated and managed reality.

Pool news reporting becomes the spool of wire service reports that reflect the mirror that most view the world. News functions by the standard ‘if it bleeds it leads’, while it avoids sober subjects and serious investigation. Independent inquiry and substantive scrutiny is rare and virtually non existent if it conflicts with any of the sacred cows of corporate management. The New York Times debacle is more the rule than the exception. The apparent reason is unavoidable, a uniform culture of conduct is indispensable to advance a career. Remember that media reporting is a paid occupation, with the requirement of editorial approval. There are no entrepreneurs of autonomy working for the corporate news moguls.

When governments argue that the airwaves are public; thus, demanding regulation and licensing, the field for entry shrinks. The mega corporations that dominate programming are dictators of content and are distant servants to their own owners of company shares. What chance does the public have voicing their concerns or desires for programs? Advertisement still fills the coffers for earnings, with most sponsors coming from the same corporate culture. Controversy can be deadly, especially if the sheeple become offended. Again, so goes the pretense of the barons of deception . . .

Many regard the media as mere entertainment, distraction or amusement. But the substance of the medium is that it depicts the realness of events. Whether subconscious, subliminal or intuitive; the images create a passive instilling of what the ‘PC’ culture claims to be normal values and acceptable behavior. For those aggrieved by such insults to basic common decency, the message coming out of the media is amoral at best and more often, entirely depraved. If you doubt this judgment, ask what are the likely prospects that trusted and reliable genuine conservative voices can get serious air time?

Talk radio and the internet have been the only bright spots in a dismal picture of certified collectivism and expanded government adoration. Do you really believe that the concerns of Mr Copps - damaging localism, diversity and competition - will be safeguarded after the next round of media swaps, consolidation and mergers? The only diversity we ever get is the kind that destroys our heritage and attacks our traditions. Use your insight and start thinking for yourselves . . . the only competition within the media community culture is one that seeks to advance a career in complicity.

The internet requires active interplay and cognitional ability - one needs to be able to read, think and understand. By that test, the pattern of average viewership, disqualifies them from advancing their political acumen. The lazy nature of boob tub veterans, draws sighs of relief for the celebrities of idol worship. The only reality in TV is the combination in further control and the uniformed message that flows from clones that fit the corporate culture.

The State enjoys the benefit from a satisfied co-conspirator and partner. When the journalist is hired by a regulated company, the prospects for authentic accountability for government becomes doubtful. Mates protect each other and are frequently rewarded with more loot for sealed lips. The FCC decision proves that bed fellows often trade bodily fluids. Wonder if the risk of disease can be confined just to the immoral or will the rest of the public be subject to further contamination? For the answer, consider closely what media you trust.

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SARTRE is the pen name of a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. He is the content liaison for Ether Zone.

SARTRE can be reached at:

We invite you to visit his website at: Breaking All The Rules

Published in the June 4, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.