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July 2003   Dorothy Anne Seese
Liberty Is An Inside Job And So Is Subversion By Dorothy Ann Seese


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

Americans, as much as we'd like to believe it, no one took our liberties from us. Through innocence, misplaced trust in elected officials, disinterest in political affairs, and increasing urbanization, from 1919 to 1989 we gave up our liberties, although we didn't know it at the time. Or at least, few Americans did. Mea culpa. My household was strongly Democratic and my mom loved President Roosevelt because she said he made it possible for poor people to have things by buying them on credit. She had no recollection of her earliest middle class days in Houston, from birth to about age three and before her dad lost his health. All she recalled was the poverty of the Bisbee homesteaders, no running water or indoor plumbing, a clapboard shack with a corrugated iron roof and neighbor kids whose parents had more money (but not a lot) making fun of her and her sister Grace. Poverty became anathema to her, and so did the rugged, harsh life of do-without. My dad was born into a monied family but his dad preferred being a war correspondent to being a husband and father so he split and headed for Europe about 1917 to cover World War I.

Now, this is the background of a kid (me) born in the later days of the Great Depression, to a Democrat household, a family that rented rather than owned and looked to the government as the Great Benefactor. Many folks wonder why I'm not a liberal Democrat, but after I was in my twenties, I learned to love liberty and hate slavery.

Meanwhile, back to my folks. Did anyone take their liberties from them? No. They never gave "liberty" a second thought because it was a constitutional right, we were a free people, and what counted was whether a union man could support a wife and child. Was my family vastly different than most Americans? Not the ones in cities.

However, I want the reader to notice something. My folks never gave liberty a second thought because my dad considered it a constitutional right, an inviolable part of being an American citizen. My mom voted Democrat because dad said so, but she didn't really want to think about politics. She was a stereotype of that era's woman who was more concerned about having a purse that matched her shoes. They had no idea that totalitarianism was a long-range plan in effect, subversively, for undermining the very liberties they took for granted. They had no idea that the politicians of the day were lying as much as they did. When the rumor came out during World War II that Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor in advance, my folks could not believe it and went on voting Democrat. In summary, my folks were typical, believing, naive, gullible, uninformed American citizens (because the only media we had was skewed then too) who believed this nation was free, it was always right and it would always be free because that's the way it was set up!

All the while we were singing the National Anthem with tears in our eyes and hoping for "victory over evil" the evil was lurking in the halls of our State Department, our various administrations and among the academies who dared not express their Marxist ideas openly.

There was one very critical difference. Right from the start, my parents had to depend on dad's wages and the profitability of the movie studios where he worked, for the income to support the home. We were in no way self-sufficient nor tied to the land. We never had families who were tied to the land and knew how to work it and be self-sufficient. Regardless of the ten years on the Bisbee homestead, my mom spent the rest of her life in cities.

Increases in property taxes were probably something that my folks never thought about unless the rent went up. Their ties, their livelihood, depended on someone else, as did the income of most people in the cities. In those days most city people were renters, too. It wasn't until the advent of the "tract house" in the 1950's that average working people could purchase a house (and a long term debt). Actually the financiers, the political leftists and the anti-constitutionalists were busy as moles, while we and other average Americans took our Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and our liberties for granted. We truly believed they were "unalienable rights" and the politicians made emotional speeches (as they do today) about our great liberties. The difference is that in those days, only a few disbelieved them and most of us swallowed the bait ... hook, line and sinker.

People in cities, depending on someone else for their livelihood, unwittingly surrendered their liberties to those they trusted to represent their interests in the Congress of the United States. That pattern has continued to this very day and only those who investigate news via the alternative media know that we're headed straight into a totalitarian, imperialist government with aspirations to rule the world. With a madman currently at the helm of our ship of state.

There are far too many, the majority in fact, who believe that things will be fine as long as no Democrat gets into the White House or that we follow the dictates of our leader in his perpetual war against something.

The difference between this generation and the one in which my parents lived, and I grew up, is that we had no other source of information than the three major networks, first via radio and then television. Since most American households today have a computer and internet access, there is no longer the excuse of having the truth hidden from them. It is difficult to ferret out the truth if you don't know where to start, perhaps, but I found the conservative news and opinion sites, so can others.

Never in our history, at least since the war between the North and South, have Americans been called upon to voluntarily surrender their liberties. Never has there been a time when our own nation was prepared to put down any attempt at insurrection, nor so afraid of those who exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 it was hailed by the media as the end of the cold war and the beginning of the light of freedom shining on the world. That, too, was propaganda. The Kremlin was simply not needed any longer, as American thought had changed so significantly between 1949 when God, the Bible, and morality were held in respect, and 1989 when "anything goes" had broken apart our nuclear families, the self-sufficiency of the landholders, the parentally-guided schools and our morals in general that the Kremlin had no further purpose. Totalitarianism was in charge of the West. The Constitution was not yet totally shredded, but since 1962 the Supreme Court had evidenced its intentions to carry out the New World Order agenda. In 1973 they reconfirmed their contempt for the sanctity of life, liberty and morality in their Roe v. Wade decision.

At the beginning of this article, the words "mea culpa" (I am guilty) appear. Why? Because growing up in a Democratic, union man's home I was brought up to believe that the government programs were a blessing to the citizenry. Republicans were evil, rich people who wanted to exploit workers so that they could barely make a living wage, and that Democrats, unions and social programs were the only way the average working person could ever survive. My first presidential vote (you had to be 21 to vote then) was for John F. Kennedy. And, it was my last vote for a Democrat for president!

A few weeks ago I surrendered more of my liberties, trading my privacy for a doctor's appointment and the prescriptions I need to keep mobile enough to live independently. A so-called Republican is in the White House, and I have fewer liberties than I've ever had in more than 60 years on Planet Earth. But our president isn't a Republican, he is an elitist, centrist, imperialist, the epitome of everything mistaken Americans thought about Republicans based somewhat on the robber barons of the railroads, mining interests and big oil.

A true Republican is one who believes in a small federal government, in states' right, in the whole rule of law based on the whole Constitution and the full Bill of Rights. A true Republican is one who believes the Supreme Court should consider only those cases to which the Constitution speaks directly, and leave the rest to the states and the folks who live in those states. A true Republican believes in the right to keep and bear arms and use them appropriately. A true Republican believes in a strong tie to the land, not the confiscation of land by the government so that the landholders no longer have a strong voice in the direction of our nation. True Republicans believe these and other traditions that are the cornerstones that our founding fathers laid for this nation to be a real light of freedom to the world.

Our light has gone out. It is dark in Afghanistan and Iraq, except for the bursts of gunfire or grenades. It is dark in Washington D.C. where the Supreme Court has extinguished the light of true Constitutional liberty in favor of politicized decisions in keeping with the agenda of the One World Governance group and its agenda. The lights have gone out in many churches that follow the leaders in Washington, D.C. rather than standing firm in the light of Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel, but forcing it on none. The lights have gone out in our schools where federal indoctrination prevails in spite of the protests of parents who want to guide their children's education. The light has gone out in our courts as decision after decision upholds the killing of our children while they are in the act of being born, or before, and where the grossest immorality is upheld as something natural and a minority right, even to instructing school children in unnatural practices. The lights have gone out in formerly well-intentioned organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, now an opponent of everything this nation once stood for in morality, decency and propriety.

We have wrung our hands but we have not shouted at our leadership to either stop it or face impeachment.

The subversives did a marvelous, well-timed job of undoing America and all it stood for, putting out one bulb at a time in our giant lamp of liberty, and they did it with spoof and poof propaganda to which we Americans surrendered.

But liberty, like subversion, is also an inside job. The subversives believe in their Marxist agenda. Americans say they believe in liberty, but in what kind? If they accept the licentiousness and downward spiral of morality, integrity and respect for human life, just what kind of liberty is it they are defining? Is it a fake liberty that will hold hands with the Marxist agenda?

Some of us still believe in the original liberty, which is largely freedom from government rule and the least amount of government possible, especially at the federal level. How many still believe that? The restoration of true liberty, or as close to true liberty as anyone on earth has had, is to be found in a return to the inner conviction that liberty is right, that morality and virtue are right, that honesty and integrity are right, and that there is an absolute standard by which we must judge right and wrong.

The Marxists march lockstep because that is the way of those in a totalitarian mindset.

Lovers of liberty are largely disorganized because, loving liberty, they see things differently and march to no one else's drum.

How long, if ever, will liberty once against be "an inside job" in the minds and hearts of Americans? Or do the few of us just write to one another while liberty's lamp grows dim in an already darkened world? I wonder.

(Ed. note: Dorothy Anne Seese is presently devoting most of her time to a devotional and inspirational book, but will contribute articles as the occasion demands.)

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Dorothy Anne Seese is a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

We invite you to visit her website at Flagship

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Published in the July 3, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.