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September 2003   Dorothy Anne Seese
A Long Red Line Of Subversion And Deception By Dorothy Anne Seese


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

The simple explanation of nearly everything political is generally wrong because it looks at the plant rather than the roots. Right now, Americans are beginning to see that they are entangled in a web of kudzu that is changing the American landscape more rapidly than the mind or eye can follow.

The easy solution is to say that all this began with the inauguration of President George W. Bush, of whom we are not particularly fond or supportive, but The Shrub is the plant on top of the well-rooted vine. With the expansion of the internet and the explosion of information, misinformation and disinformation, valid as well as absurd conspiracy theories, and general confusion over what in the world is going on in the world, we have more information and less knowledge than ever. As a public, Americans were by and large a trusting people until the 1970's. The liberal rebellion and true conservative dissent over Vietnam forever split American thought beyond the traditional Democrat and Republican party traditions that stated simplistically that Republicans are for the rich, Democrats are for the working man. That was great, it was believable and believed, it was a voting pattern and a political mindset. It simply was not true because the split was really between genuine conservatism (individual liberty) and radical liberalism (the Marxist mindset of the collective).

The issue of liberty, constitutional rights and the continuation of American political institutions prior to the Vietnam split never came into focus because the government, the academes and the managed media kept the agenda of destruction out of the way as far as the exercise of free speech or free press. We had and believed in an illusion of America that even in the 1950's was building a confidence of the people that could be betrayed with their consent and without their advice.

Observing now the fields of unconstitutional kudzu stifling nearly every provision of the Bill of Rights and the constitutional provisions for checks and balances in government, the puzzle is this: why were we so deceived and can we ever do anything about it?

We were deceived because of our own trust of government and our belief in America as a perpetually free nation simply because we had a Constitution and Bill of Rights. It was not in the general voting public's mindset that subversive forces (meaning Stalinist in the critical 50s) actually were at work to infiltrate education, to create special interest groups with financial and lobbying power, and to create a superstructure that would sever representative government from the people to the Agenda.

There are people even now who cannot be convinced by all the evidence, dot-connections or unconstitutional acts of governmental leadership that this nation is no longer free, bears no resemblance to a federal republic or is destroying its own middle class to cause the implosion that will forever finish any effectiveness of our founding documents. Hit these believers in the face with facts as real as a cream pie, they will say it tastes good, wipe their faces and go about their business unenlightened by the experience.

Yet since 1861 this nation has been under siege as a federal republic, a nation comprised of sovereign states, and with a government that was to serve under, not rule over the people. The "rule of law" was to be applied equally, and yet while this noble ideal was being taught and believed, under the surface of the land the vines of kudzu were germinating.

* Abraham Lincoln destroyed the idea of a union of sovereign states in favor of a singular union where a strong central government would hold the power over the states and the people. His "government of the people, by the people and for the people" was emotionally-stimulating window-dressing for his intent to forever end the concept of sovereignty at the state level. Worse, the issue of slavery as a cause for war has beclouded this issue for more than 140 years, denying the fact that certain of the northern states still held slavery as legal at the time the war was begun. The South was demonized for a fiction -- the evil slaveholders -- while the North justified and glorified itself as being a great liberator, not admitting its own equally evil sins including legal slavery.

* The growth of the nation was spurred on by railroad and banking barons whose amassed wealth fed directly into a concept of national elitism well over a century prior to the entry of the phrase "new world order" or "global governance" by supporting an ever-increasing power base that could and did deprive the citizenry of any meaningful franchise at the ballot box. It's been well over a century that America has had the best politicians money could buy, rather than men of vision who chose, by their own integrity, to lead the nation under the concepts embodied in the founding documents.

* By 1913 the transfer of the monetary system to the Federal Reserve Board, a non-governmental entity, handed over control of the entire financial structure of the United States to a non-elected body of bankers from various nations, not merely the United States. Hence, globalism was well on its way to pushing America into the novo ordo seclorum that one finds engraved into the dollar bill. The Freemasonry symbols on that bill alone indicate that some subversive plan had to be at work simultaneously with the founding of the country, and just how it would work out surfaced with the Federal Reserve Board and the control of the monetary system, the use of land, the purchase of properly indoctrinated leaders to "run for office" and manipulation of America's involvement in wars, depression and eventually socialism.

* During the Great Depression, when unemployed American workers found themselves in soup lines and some Americans actually died of starvation, farmers cried for seed to grow crops, and government seized land for past due taxes, the public looked for a savior. The voters elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt to save the nation and rescue the people from the expansion of the strangling kudzu on the surface of the land. What Roosevelt did was offer socialism and what the public did was buy it ... kudzu seeds and all. By the Great Depression and the introduction of overt socialistic programs, Roosevelt began the creation of a "victim class" that would forever look to government rather than to individualism to rescue them from their government-created plight.

* While all this was taking place, the trade unions created to help the hapless workers against the abuses of rogue capitalists (actually elitist crooks who amassed fortunes by devious means) became the new savior of the new victim class, until they too were overrun with thugs and overwhelmed by their own power. It is surprising to some that the 1950's saw the highest era of trade union membership in America.

* In 1965, then-President Lyndon B. Johnson and his cabal declared that Americans had a problem with insufficient medical coverage, something few had noticed (largely because it didn't exist except in extenuating circumstances). With the introduction of Medicare, an additional victim class was created and is to this very day growing rapidly. No greater self-fulfilling prophecy ever existed than Johnson's declaration that medical care was above and beyond the means of older Americans. What was new knowledge then is sheer fact today, thus the government is still dealing with the soaring costs it created with its own programs.

* By 1991, along came NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and opened up new avenues for foreigners to lure American businesses to their nations to make greater profits off their slave-wage labor while exporting their excess labor to America (legally or illegally) to take advantage of America's egregious, mismanaged and victim-creating social programs. Not only did the American middle class begin to feel the outflow of jobs to foreign nations, but the influx of new victims to create an ever-decreasing middle class and a perpetually expanding victim class that the government could manipulate at will.

* Also in the 1990's direct thought and speech control began to spread another layer of strangling kudzu over our true First Amendment rights as some speech became freer than other speech, depending on who was speaking and what was intended or thought to be intended. This process is as ongoing as ever, thanks to a corrupt, politicized judiciary that hardly claims any independence from the political mindsets of the day by making the rule of law its sole rule for practice and opinion. The Ninth "Circus" Court of Appeals in San Francisco has been rendering absurd opinions for decades, but now it is the nationalized judicial system with the Supreme Court as the ruling junta on all law, even when it clearly wrests the Constitution in such a manner as to say what is not written.

Thus the Union overtook and overwhelmed the states, the monied interests overwhelmed the rights of the individuals under law and equity, the international bankers bought their politicians and manipulated the American economic structure, the military/industrial complex cashed in on wars fought by American soldiers and a supposed freedom defended by American blood. Further, the sociocratic establishment infiltrated academia from the university down to the kindergarten level to teach a revisionist history of America and alienate all allegiance to the republic.

Where once we had tolerance, we are now taught what tolerance we shall have or shall not have. Where once we felt free, we know we are oppressed and our rights are not inalienable but actually privileges granted at the pleasure of the ruling elite, including the judiciary. At times, this means especially the judiciary.

Freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof now depends on which religion is in favor and which is out of favor. Freedom of the press means the freedom to print whatever the government says is correct to print. Freedom to peaceably assemble means "peaceably" can be determined at any time by any court. Privacy in our homes and affairs is whatever the government says is privacy.

Once we had a common language and a common understanding of terms. The fact that we do not was clearly illustrated by the comical yet tragic case of redefining what "is" is. Suddenly we are back to the Tower of Babel where the languages were confused so that no one could understand another, and from there began a dispersion of people where now there is a spreading of the kudzu called Marxist doctrine.

The next step was the Orwellian response to the infamous Nine-Eleven attacks of September 11, 2001. That story is still unfinished, but the freedom Americans once assumed -- even if incorrectly -- is now not a matter of right but of privilege.

Perhaps a genuine prophecy of all this was engraved at the nation's beginning in the form of the symbols on the one dollar bill.

The other applicable prophecies we might keep to ourselves, those who know them are not surprised, those who do not may or may not learn.

Oh Babylon! Mystery indeed.