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October 2003   tom ambrose
Why Tom McClintock Must Finish The Race By Tom Ambrose

Why Tom McClintock must finish the race

Posted: October 2, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern

I'm going to keep this short and to the point: Tom McClintock must stay in the California recall race for the sake of California, for the sake of the Republican Party and for the sake of the people who have believed in him from the beginning.

He is without question the best qualified person for the job. He has a wealth of experience, he is articulate on the issues, he has not compromised on his convictions and he has a clean record.

By way of comparison, there is no value in voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's just as bad as the Democrats on social issues such as abortion and homosexuality he won't protect Second Amendment rights, he won't pledge not to raise taxes. His chief financial adviser, Warren Buffett second-richest man in America wants to repeal Proposition 13, which has protected the tax-paying property owners of California for decades. And don't count on Arnold to stop the flood of illegal immigrants who are killing California's economy.

Most people have no clue what Schwarzenegger will do other than he's promised to "terminate" Gray Davis. Big deal. A dog catcher could likely do as much. Davis is political toast because he's burned his constituents with his extremist policies and incompetent management.

Frankly, even if both Republican candidates lose, Republican leaders are long overdue for a big loss to help them figure out where their bread is really buttered. They've become arrogant and non-responsive to the clear majority of conservatives in their party. Propping up Arnold is but the most recent example of their outrageous behavior.

Also, a Republican loss would serve as an object lesson to so-called Republican pundits who were much too quick to jump on Arnold's bandwagon. Hear this pundits: Winning simply to say you have done so is winning nothing. Moreover, it is Schwarzenegger who is the spoiler, not McClintock. If Schwarzenegger is the great savior of California you have painted him to be, then it is he who must drop out and soon.

Is it too much to hope that someday these Chicken Littles and their entourage of Henny Pennys, Goosey Pooseys et al. will suck it in like the rest of those in the grass roots and start embracing the hard work of pushing for changes in thinking rather than running for shelter every time things look difficult? I won't hold my breath waiting. Meanwhile, they continue to prove the time-tested adage that those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

But the game's not over yet. Many Democrats fear Bustamante and Schwarzenegger alike. Consequently, these voters may yet view McClintock as their safest choice when they come face to face with their punch cards. And win or lose, Tom McClintock will have done the people of California and the nation a great service.

Tom Ambrose is the commentary editor of WorldNetDaily.