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October 2003   alan stang
The Coming Cataclysm, A Realistic Agenda (I) By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

First, letís discuss (but not dwell on) something no one Ė least of all your Obedient Servant Ė wants to mention. Consider what happens when a carnivore with bad digestion accidentally passes wind in a crowded room. Everyone pretends it hasnít happened, especially if ladies are present, hoping that if the pretense continues long enough, if no one says anything crass, like, "Somebody break a window! Iím suffocating," the problem will dissipate. Iím talking of course about what we all see approaching, and about what the man who manufactured girdles on Seventh Avenue said: "Somethingís got to give." How long can the pressure continue, how many more rights can be denied, how much more property can our Communist leaders steal, how many more illegal aliens can they illegally admit, how many more flawed believers can they incinerate, how many more Africans who donít know how to use a doorknob can they import and settle in hitherto tranquil American towns Ė and on and on and on Ė before there is an explosion?

We all know that explosion is coming. We donít like it and donít want it, but if you heat it long enough, the kettle will whistle. Already there are signs of confrontation. In Wyoming, sheriffs have told the federal government to stand down or get out. Along the Mexican border, independent groups of citizens are doing what Communist world government traitor George W. Bush refuses to do.

The coming confrontation will turn on the question of who is the government. Bush and his fellow Communists insist they are. But there is a lot of ground and there are a lot of people between the Hudson River and Los Angeles who think they are. There are many people in Montgomery who think they are.

Bush and his fellow Communists apparently believe (or maybe just hope) they can impose their world government dictatorship without incident. But because there are so many Green Beanies out there, so many Force Recons, so many SEALS and Army Rangers, the ones who still remember how to do it and have the Tennessee long rifles in cosmoline stored out back, I donít think they can.

The anti-American Communist Liars Union has quoted Tom Jefferson so much on the "separation of church and state," that many Americans think the phrase is somewhere in the Constitution. Tom also said that every generation or so, the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants. Tom did use the words "blood" and "tyrants."

I believe that some government agents will leave the office to confiscate something and will never come back; that some version of the race war the Communists have been promoting will erupt; that there will be sporadic, violent confrontations maybe even approaching anarchy, between federal usurpers and people they have driven mad, and that Communist Bush or his Communist successor will use those confrontations as the excuse to impose their dictatorship completely.

Remember that the Republican Party is no help. Clinton could never have gotten away with what Bush has done. Now Bush has sent the Arnold to prevent Republican Tom McClintock from becoming Governor of California. The Bush Communists feared a genuine Republican could be elected. There was no time to construct a statewide reputation Ė in a state so vast Ė for someone unknown. So Bush sent the Terminator.

But Ė but Ė but, if our people remain hypnotized, if there is no galvanizing incident, no domestic Pearl Harbor, if the Bush Communists can keep the lid on long enough, they could pull it off. And recent history shows that most such dictatorships are imposed in sly stages, not all at once. One morning, the people awaken to learn that their liberty is gone, and ask each other how it happened.

"My name is Adolf Hitler. I have failed at everything I have ever done, with the single exception that I was a great success as a sodomite prostitute in Vienna. I have always wanted to be Dictator of der new vorld ordnung and to kill untermenschen, so I am seizing power today."

Would an ambitious politician get farther with a spiel like that, do you think, or by promising to put a Volkswagen in every garage, prescription drugs for seniors, free medical care and education for imported Somalis and illegal aliens, environmental legislation that gives government title to the land, et cetera and so on? Historians a century from now will know what happened. We donít.

In the face of all this, what can we realistically do? When asked that question, my dear friend, Dr. Larry McDonald, the Member of Congress the Soviets probably kidnapped when they shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, on September 1, 1983, used to tell the following story.

A couple of men were traveling down a beautiful freeway in an SUV. Without warning, the driver took the next exit. Now they were on a blacktop state highway. The passenger told the driver, "Charlie, you shouldnít have turned off. You should have stayed on the freeway." Charlie replied, "I know what Iím doing."

In a few minutes, Charlie turned off onto a dirt road. Again, his passenger admonished him. "Charlie, you should have stayed on the blacktop." Again, Charlie said he knew what he was doing. Next, Charlie turned off the dirt road. Now, they were four-wheeling across a rocky field. The passenger was near hysteria. "Charlie, please! Go back to the road." By now, the passengerís endless complaints were annoying. "I told you!" said Charlie. "I know what Iím doing!"

Suddenly, the vehicle soared out over a precipice 5,000 feet deep. The driver calmly folded his arms over his chest, turned to the annoying passenger and said, "Okay, wise guy. If youíre so smart, you solve the problem!"

Larryís point was that we have inherited this problem. We didnít start it. We didnít want it. God knows, your Intrepid Correspondent for one has been fighting it all his life. The "playing field" is definitely not open and even. Others have done this to us, but we realistically must deal with what they have done. And we are now sailing out over that 5,000-foot precipice.

First, if you are serious about fighting this thing, you must protect your property. If you donít protect your property, and if you start to be effective, the Bush Communists will take it away, leading to divorce, demoralization, even death, which has been the unsung fate of many patriots. To protect your property, you must get it out of your name and put it into a trust or corporation, domestic or foreign. There are people who can do that for you. Even your lawyer knows how to do it. If he doesnít, let me know. Your Intrepid Correspondent learned it worked when we fought World War III with IRS.

Once your affairs are good to go, what could we do? Well, whatís the most important thing? Many commentators have remarked on the curious demeanor of todayís crop of white men. They have no sperm count and therefore no children. They certainly have no cojones. The nation is coming apart because they allow the enemies of our nation to cover them with slime and voice no complaint. Why?

This reminds me that for many years I crisscrossed the country on speaking tours. My hosts would take me to radio and television stations to be interviewed. There, the hosts would dump on me, humiliate me; call me every name the obscenity laws (then still in effect) let them get away with. I would not respond in kind. I would bow my head and smile, inviting them to cover me with still more slime, grateful that they had allowed me a few minutes to expose our nationís enemies, and to say a few words in defense of our civilization and constitution. I did this for a couple of years.

Then, testosterone kicked in. I decided I wasnít going to take it any more. I became a version of the Incredible Hulk. I would enter the studio as usual, mild and smiling, grateful that they were allowing me a few minutes to spread the word. If they gave me a fair shot, I would speak my piece and leave. If not, if they tried to run over me, if it turned out that they had brought me there to serve as the butt for their jokes, you know what happened. Youíve seen the show. And I should point out that every time I became the Incredible Hulk I would ruin a good suit.

I would mow them down. Since they had rejected civility, I never shut up. On the Communist News Networkís Cross Fire, Tom Braden dumped on me. Tom was a "former" CIA agent. Dr. Bob Jones III, President of the University, once asked me about him. I asked Dr. Bob why he wanted to know. Dr. Bob replied: "Tom Braden is the foulest human being Iíve ever met." So I talked over, under and around him. I never stopped until we went off the air. My new theory was Ė is Ė that if you wonít let me get out my message, you wonít get out yours.

Pilgrim, you donít have to take it any more. Itís time for the testosterone to kick in. Be with me next week, when weíll look at the reason todayís white man is the way he is and what he must do.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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