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November 2003   paula devlin
Recolonizing The US (II) Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch By Paula Devlin


By: Paula Devlin

The eastern half of the nation has to worry about the Brits trampling on our Constitutional rights via a sneaky extradition treaty and the west has to worry about an undefended border crossed by millions of illegals at the behest of their government (usted también brínquese la barda ads found in La Jornada).

The land in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California was ceded to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for $15,000,000. When the treaty was signed, General Scott was occupying Mexico City and President Polk was being encouraged by some to annex the entire country. California had around 11,000 residents with very spasmodic and loose ties to Mexico City. Arizona and New Mexico were desert and occupied (except for Santa Fe and Taos) primarily by native American tribes.

For nine years prior to the hostilities, the residents of what is now Texas had been an independent republic. In 1845 it chose to become part of the United States and use the Rio Grande as its southern and western border.

Mexico took exception to this and the Mexican-American war resulted. Now they are unhappy with the terms of the treaty and are acting as though it never existed.

In the Patriot Act provision was made for improving defense of the northern border but nothing was said about the southern border. Why? It continues to be open to all sorts of traffic headed north, carrying drugs, disease and racist hostilities. Transporting of weapons is still an open question. It is certainly feasible, given the ease with which drugs and money flow over the border.

With some estimates for illegals here as high as 15,000,000 and Vincente Fox (Fox isn’t Spanish!) lobbying for yet more amnesty, we have a grave problem that has all the earmarks of the globalist desire to foment unrest and to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. Congress and the White House appear complicit.

Mexican consulates are offering matriculas consulares as identity cards so those without proper American papers can avail themselves of many of the benefits of American life without the hassle of the immigration bureaucracy. This means an illegal can set up a bank account and who knows what else. Its advocates claim that people will feel freer to report crimes to the police without fearing immigration troubles, as though this card grants them immunity from our laws.

Pardon me for asking, but why are not the police mandated to arrest illegals? They should be able to arrest, microchip and deport them. If the legislatures don’t have the stomach to deal with the reality of illegals, at least arrest them on charges of grand larceny for being squatters.

Some jurisdictions where controls are lax will probably even accept the matriculas consulares for voter ID. In Mexico they have sense enough to give voters a card that has a photograph, thumbprint and eight security features. (See Too bad our legislatures don’t have the same common sense.

A website of interest is because of its blatantly racist, yellow-press sensationalism. Without having the slightest respect for private property, rule of law or diversity of cultures, it slams anyone who criticizes illegals as vile racists. It assumes an attitude that all illegals have rights equal to legal immigrants and that United States citizens have no rights, not even to defend their sovereignty or protect their property from trespassers.

It blames the deaths of all illegals on "racist vigilantes". It completely ignores the fact that drug running and human cargo are big business, with the usual competitiveness among gangs for a bigger piece of the pie.

In Arizona, families of 14 illegals who died of thirst crossing the border in May, 2001, have sued the US for $42,000,000 for failing to allow a group of useful idiots to install water stations in the wilderness area east of Yuma. Since when is the United States is obliged to facilitate criminal behavior? What violation has the United States committed that would cause a claim for damages? What Constitutional standing do these families have? What bogus right have their lawyers created so they can take 50% of $42,000,000?

There is a huge Mexican lobby in the United States and it is very well organized. Many Hispanic lawyers have dual citizenship. There are dual citizens who sit in the Mexican legislature and reside here, elected by Mexicans living here, just as though this were not a sovereign nation. They make themselves heard in Congress and state legislatures while Joe and Mary Sixpack sit in their doublewide watching newscasts that blatantly ignore the whole problem with the ongoing attacks on our sovereignty, borders and sovereignty.

It appears the game plan is to continue to flood the US with illegals who will cry about being an oppressed minority (you can go home and whine to your own government, thank you) who only come here to "take jobs Americans are too proud to do". They will continue to demand outrageous concessions such as amnesty, drivers licenses, medical care, welfare and voting rights while taxpayers foot the bill.

It is time we end all thoughts of amnesty, end dual citizenship and deport all illegals after inserting a microchip to track their movements. Once deported, they should never be allowed back into the United States for any reason. They should take their children with them. Mexico needs to solve its own problems, not export them.

Our legislators need to know we hold our nation sovereign. It is not up for grabs to the highest bidder.

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Paula Devlin is a former New Englander who bolted to the Rocky Mountain West, where the air is clean, the stars are brilliant and men still put their pants on one leg at a time. Paula is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Paula Devlin can be reached at: