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November 2003   alan stang
Brainwashing Is The Method, Treason Is The Reason By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Or, as the immortal Yogi Berra put it, "It’s déjà vu all over again." In obedience to instructions from Communist Washington, I have been loyally repeating the obligatory mantra, "It’s not a quagmire. It’s not a quagmire." Over and over again, attempting to suppress thought, I have been attracting unwanted attention from passersby, brainlessly mumbling, "It’s not a quagmire."

But now here comes Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, and despite my best efforts I am reliving the farce in Vietnam, like an LSD flashback by Timothy Leary. By now you certainly know the story of Col. West. Briefly, he is a battle commander in the most dangerous region of Iraq. Recently, he got wind of a terrorist scheme to assassinate him and ambush his men. Had the scheme succeeded, many Americans would have died.

Our intelligence people held an Iraqi policeman who knew about the scheme, but he wasn’t cooperating until Col. West showed up. The Colonel convinced the man to talk by firing his sidearm in his vicinity, not at him, mind you, but nearby. The policeman caved and told Col. West what he needed to know, with the hallelujah result that many, many American lives were saved.

I am not arguing here that Col. West should receive the Medal of Honor, but I certainly would toss a meritorious commendation into his service record and maybe promote him to bird colonel. Instead of which, here’s where we are as this cri de coeur goes to press.

Col. West dutifully reported to his superiors what he had done. The incident should have been a fitting farewell to arms, because he arrived at twenty years’ service last Saturday and therefore became eligible for retirement and pension. But the District of Conspiracy thinks otherwise.

Because Col. West admitted the crime of scaring that Iraqi policeman, Communist Washington is offering him a choice between a court-martial, which could put him in Leavenworth for years, or retirement with no pension. After twenty years of service, he, his wife and kiddos would be put out on the street. As I write, Col. Allen B. West has elected to stand and fight.

Remember Vietnam? Remember the Tet Offensive, in which our men had to violate orders and risk court-martial when they broke into locked cabinets to get the M-16s they needed to defend themselves? Remember the "privileged sanctuaries," where the enemy who was killing our men could R & R without fear of attack? Remember the sacrosanct Ho Chi Minh trail? Remember "Suicide Alley," so named because of the biggest concentration of Surface to Air Missiles in history, which our pilots were ordered to fly through, not avoid? No wonder we lost so many.

I should mention that I do strenuously disagree with Col. West on one point. In his report on the incident, he said he knows that what he did was wrong. Not so, Colonel West. What you did was exactly right, because other methods had failed and yours was apparently the only way to get the lifesaving information in time.

My guess is that the Hollywood traitors and futtbuckers will not be making a movie of this any time soon, but, if they ever do, it needs to star Denzel Washington. Why Denzel Washington? Because, according to a letter written by Mrs. West, LTC Allen B. West is black. Where have all the heroes gone? Nowhere. They are all around us, if only we would see.

This is the cue for the "African-American" menagerie that makes a lucrative living on federal slave handouts to start the usual screaming about "racial discrimination," the time for Jesse Jackson to explain that the "concatenation of deracination could paralyze the nation," for Al Sharpton to charge that Col. West wasn’t even in Iraq when the incident occurred, if it really did occur.

But notice that the usual cadre of black con men is silent. Apparently, they intend to deny us the delight of another Sharpton performance. There is as little humor in Jesse Jackson as there is scripture, but one must admit Al Sharpton is funny. Even the man’s hair is funny! Because they are smart enough to make a good living by inciting racial hostility, they no doubt are aware that defending Col. West could jeopardize their favored treatment by the Communist Broadcasting System, etc.

Could it be that the cadre has been too busy engineering the latest mea culpa from a guilty white man who has said something that displeased it, in this case – mirabile dictu – Democrat front-runner Howard Dean? In his zeal to be all things to all men, Dean apparently said something favorable about the Stars and Bars, and predictably wound up eating barbecued crow.

Like the long list of white grovelers he now joins, Dean didn’t understand that the black Brown Shirts don’t whine so much because they hate slavery, but because they love it so much; because they have made so much money and so many women from slavery, they want to protect it and won’t give it up.

How far gone are we? Is there a white man left in the public eye in our country who can refuse to make a disgusting spectacle of himself; who can say something nice about Strom Thurmond, about the Stars and Bars, about Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and who then can stand tall and tell the black shysters and Hollywood futtbuckers to go to Holy H-e-c-k? Or are we just too brainwashed for that to happen?

The West incident is merely the latest proof that Communist Washington considers our fighting men to be little more than expendable garbage, viz., the sick and wounded men at Fort Stewart and Fort Knox who can’t get medical treatment; the parents who spend upwards of $1000 to send their sons the latest flak jackets because DOD can’t seem to do it – and on and on and on.

Again I ask my favorite question. How long could LTC West be on trial – how long could all these outrages continue – after G.W. Bush picks up the phone and tells the ba---rds committing them to stop? I keep asking this question respectfully of Republican Bush zombies and so far have not received one answer.

We are talking about an odd mental aberration. The fine patriots I am talking about will condemn these outrages as much as I do, but for them such outrages are committed in a vacuum. No one up there is responsible; these things just happen. Or maybe they believe Bush is so far above the fray that he operates in a separate dimension too exalted to be concerned about the coming ambush Col. West faced.

Certainly at some point these fine patriots will wake up. The question is: When they do wake up will they find themselves surrounded by watchtowers and concertina wire? This latest incident reminds me of Michael New, like Col. West another of my heroes. Remember Michael New?

This outstanding career Army medic was ordered to appear in formation with his unit wearing UN insignia and cover during the Clinton bacchanalia. He refused. Remember? Imagine the moral courage required for this very young man to stand forth alone that morning – alone – the only man in the unit to report wearing the cover and insignia of the U.S. Army to which he had sworn an oath.

But he did it. He did it and was kicked out of the Army with a less than honorable discharge. One of Bush’s first official acts as Commander in Chief – an act that would have underlined his promises and electrified the nation – should have been the complete exoneration of Michael New and his restoration to active duty with full honors and back pay. Such an act would have told the world that the Clinton policy of world government had changed. How long would that not have happened had Bush picked up the phone and told DOD to do it? Hello? Republican precinct workers, are you there?

Needless to say, Bring ‘Em On Bush did nothing. But what else could one expect from a smirking drunk who – like Bill I Can Drop My Pants Faster Than You Can Clinton – evaded the military assignment he had signed up for, and then, installed by the Conspiracy for world government as President, showed up on an aircraft carrier pretending to be an Air Force pilot?

My question to you Navy SEALS, to you Army Rangers, to you Force Recon grunts, to those of you lucky enough to come back from the Nam and from Iraq with your brains still in your heads and without some debilitating disease inflicted by DOD, my question to you is: What are you going to do about LTC Allen B. West?

Meanwhile, remember: If Black is Beautiful, White is All Right. Pass the word.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at:

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