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December 2003   ted lang
Another Champion For Ignorance! America's No. 1 Gun Banner: Bill O'Reilly By Ted Lang


By: Ted Lang

Never mind that I have a degree in political science and a master’s in business – these certificates in education mean nothing! It wasn’t until I opened my own business and experienced firsthand the freedom destroying, overbearing regulatory interference by all levels of government that I finally began to really analyze politics. It wasn’t until I had to manage a family business that I came to understand what business and politics are all about. Education is best when you need to rely upon it to nurture and provide for your family. Regrettably, American government has become increasingly destructive to that end.

During the time of my business venture, a venture that failed, I began to assess harshly the political environment that largely contributed to my failure. That assessment may or may not be legitimate, but my education in political science along with my fascination with the talented Rush Limbaugh at the time when he was attacking abusive, meddling government, as well as then-President Bill Clinton, identified clearly for me what was wrong with American government. And one thing that was really wrong with Clinton was his contempt and hatred for the United States Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.

It’s astonishing, but most Americans have been so brainwashed by the American media that they believe our freedoms have been given to us by our government instead of being the gifts God gave us to give to ourselves. They fail to understand that the Second Amendment gives us both the right and the means to remove errant, despotic government that strips us both of our human freedoms and the wealth we have earned for our families and ourselves. And they fail to comprehend that America’s families and religions are the cultural cornerstone that protects and nurtures our political freedoms.

We have grown to take our freedom and the wealth it generates for granted. We have allowed political correctness to blind us with the misconception that government rather than the people provides all goodness and well-being. And what is understandable about these misconceptions is that while we are so busy earning a living, raising our families, and thriving on the wealth created by our competition with each other to achieve maximum benefits for those we love, we’ve lost sight of our nation’s beginnings and the obligations government has to us as its enablers. Government is responsible to we the people, and not the other way around!

We rely on the First Amendment that assures a free and independent press. And we assume the media is going to keep its eye on government by exposing fraud, abuse, waste and corruption. And if it is detected and reported, the people have the power, via the Second Amendment, to change its government, the latter being nothing more than force itself as authorized by the people. That's truly what the Second Amendment is about.

Mr. Bill O’Reilly professes to know "who’s looking out for us." Just as was the case with Rush Limbaugh, whose two books I read, I also bought and read Mr. O’Reilly’s first two non-fiction books. But I won’t be buying anymore. Why would anyone buy a book from a guy that has just proven on national television to all America his astonishing ignorance of all the founding principles and political foundations I have just finished elaborating upon?

I would have preferred to continue to allow Mr. Limbaugh to think for me, as many of my former Republican friends continue doing. But the attentiveness Mr. Limbaugh groomed in me led me to develop my own method of inquiry, which has now matured beyond my further dependence upon him. I have strayed far beyond the simple concept he offers: Republicans are good and Democrats are bad. My new credo is: Those who support the Constitution, especially ALL of it, are good, and those who don’t, like O’Reilly, are bad.

On his show this evening [Tuesday, December 9th], O’Reilly opened by analyzing the Howard Dean political campaign flip flops, and one dimension was his stand on the "gun issue." He had as one of his guest victims Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America. As usual, his guests were there only to fuel O’Reilly’s ego, pomposity and arrogance, but during this "interview," he displayed his ignorance as well. Here’s O’Reilly’s classic statement of ignorance: "I believe in the Second Amendment, that homeowners should be allowed to have a rifle or handgun to protect themselves and their families, but these ‘assault weapons!’ These things are big! People don’t need bazookas!" They sure don’t Mr. O’Reilly, especially when they have ignorant media bozos and journalistic palookas!

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Ted Lang is a columnist for the The Patriotist and the Sierra Times He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Ted Lang can be reached at:

Published in the December 10, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone