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December 2003   david T. Pyne
The End Of The Nation State? Time To Take Back The Republican Party By David T. Pyne


By: David T. Pyne

Earlier this week a friend of mine, who is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and Vietnam veteran forwarded me an article written by a prominent necon writer, Robert D. Kaplan, in Atlantic Monthly about seven years ago entitled "Fort Leavenworth and the Eclipse of Nationhood." The author of the article posed a rather bizarre question--what would be left for US Army to defend in a "transnational" world a couple decades from now?

Kaplan is an interesting character. He is a neocon globalist who has long served as a cheerleader for the establishment of a new American Empire in the Middle East by way of US invasions of a number of countries in the region. While he appears to favor strong national security in some articles, he often has supported and welcomed policies that serve to weaken it. What is interesting is that he advocates US participation in major wars as the best way to preserve the nation-state from succumbing to the natural outcomes of the very globalist America-last policies which he and his fellow internationalists have long supported. In a prelude to the neocon success in persuading President Bush to announce a new doctrine of pre-emptive warfare which has come to be known as simply the Bush Doctrine, he seems to suggest an Orwellian implantation of a policy of perpetual war. Like other neocon internationalists, Kaplan supports US military interventions everywhere even in internal civil conflicts in violation of the long-established tenet of international law which calls for respect for national sovereignty and recognition of and respect for existing national borders. He talks about "America being born to die"—which would be shocking if I had not read this kind of globalist garbage a hundred times before in articles written by some of the most influential US policymakers in the country in the pages of Foreign Affairs magazine and other globalist rags.

Patriots and nationalists find much in common between their Cold War enemies of decades past and the neocon, America-last globalists who menace America’s constitutional foundations and threaten its national sovereignty and independence today. Like revolutionary Communists did during the Cold War and before, globalists attempt to paint the picture of an ongoing nebulous transformation of world society to a globalist paradise as inevitable. They seek to establish a world in which the nation-state and all of its uniquely "undesirable" traits—patriotism, nationalism, love of country, constitutional republicanism as evidenced by constitutionally protected freedoms and national borders become extinct, replaced by some kind of global government.

Of course, the borderless world which Kaplan and his fellow globalists both predict and advocate will be one in which the USA will cease to exist, a prospect about which they, as individuals who eschew patriotism and nationalism, do not seem to care. They talk about globalization and the weakening of the nation-state as global trends to which they say the nation-state has no choice but to adapt. For them, the rise of the globalist economy to be followed by the emergence of regional/continental economic unions followed by regional political unions along the lines of the EU, is nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy. What they fail to state is that they and their failed America-last globalist policies are the one’s responsible for the national dissolution of the country that they are predicting.

Globalists support surrendering our national sovereignty to international institutions like the U.N. and its affiliate organs like the ICC, etc. through treaties like NAFTA, GATT/WTO and a few dozen others. They support America-last policies on trade, jobs and the economy and sometimes even on defense issues such as with their drive toward the unilateral conventional and nuclear disarmament of this country whether through their tankless army initiative or the Moscow Treaty which commits the U.S. to dismantling 75% of its strategic nuclear deterrent both of which will ultimately serve to transform the U.S. into a mere shadow of the military power that it is today. They also support the transfer of billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars worth of trade, aid, credits, dual-use military technology, jobs and strategic industries to our enemies most notably Communist China which they are, by virtue of their America-last national security policies, effectively building into military and economic superpower. The effect of all of these policies will be to affect a substantial shift in the global balance of power. They will likely serve to severely weaken and potentially impoverish the United States of America and strengthen some of our deadliest enemies in the process that may well choose to exploit the emerging strategic window of vulnerability with which we will soon be confronted.

The author relates a discussion regarding the Posse Comitatus Act among the Army officers studying at Fort Leavenworth. The Act prevents the National Guard from acting as a local police force once it has been federalized by the Army in a civil emergency. The implication of the discussion was that turbulence within the United States might one day require repeal of the act and its restrictions on the use of the U.S. military in law enforcement actions against U.S. civilians in the event of natural catastrophes, political breakdowns, riots, and nuclear blackmail--all-in-all a very scary prospect. The author also quotes one Army Colonel as saying that the U.S. media and by extension critics of the US government, which are essential to the existence of a free society might become a threat requiring the use of the U.S. military to suppress it, bringing to mind retired Army General Franks’ comment late last month that he believes the U.S. may one day have to be subjected to rule by martial law. Combined with the Patriot Act and associated legislation, we find that after spending the entire Cold War as opposites, the U.S. finally has something in common with Putin’s Russia. That is that both countries are moving in the direction of establishing a more authoritarian and potentially police state where constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are severely restricted if not eliminated altogether in the name of state security.

By virtue of his statements that Hitler and Tojo "saved us" from the nationalist America First "meanies," the author exhibits only veiled contempt for America First supporters who seek to put the interests of the nation first and put a swift and final end to the suicidal pro-U.N. policies of this and previous U.S. Administrations that given time will mean the physical extinction of the United States of America. Kaplan talks about his vision of a new "manifest destiny" in which the US is balkanized and "conquered" by a flood of immigrants and transformed into something else even as the U.S. moves to conquer a number of other countries and expand a newly established empire abroad by military force. Despite advocating a borderless world, Kaplan towards the end wonders if the U.S. might be balkanized like Europe into an indefinite number of lesser states—a disturbing prospect for patriotic Americans for which he expresses nothing more than banal curiosity.

This prediction is a logical extension of our current America-past policies which when taken together equate to a policy of national suicide, in which the nation which we love suffers "death by a thousand cuts" resulting in internal dissolution putting us at the mercy of our enemies who far and away outnumber us on the world scene. Needless to say, it is not too late for patriotic Americans to take immediate action to shore up our national identity and save our country from a flood of legal and illegal immigrants which otherwise will transform it into a multicultural monstrosity. Unfortunately, the neocon globalists can be counted on to try to veto the implementation of any policies that attempt to salvage the nation-state known today as the United States from its pre-planned dissolution.

Kaplan concludes his article in the leftwing journal by stating his opinion that the Democrats represent the party of the nationalists leaving the Republicans as the party of the globalists. He is only partly correct. In truth, both parties are globalist parties. Thanks to the neocon capture of the once nationalistic Republican Party some years ago and insertion of its globalist dogma to replace its formerly nationalist America First policies, America no longer has a major nationalist political party. It is time for all who regard themselves as American patriots, nationalists and conservatives to rise up and take back control of the Republican Party. Then and only then can the Grand Old Party be converted back into an engine of conservative change empowered to save America from the suicidal policies of the America-last neocon globalist luminaries that currently dominate its policymaking institutions.

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David T. Pyne, Esq. is a national security expert who serves as President of the Center for the National Security Interest, a national security think-tank based in Arlington, VA. Mr. Pyne is a licensed attorney and former United States Army Officer. He holds an MA in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. Mr. Pyne also serves as Acting President of the Virginia Republican Assembly. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the December 12, 2003 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.

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