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December 2003   Rabbi Yehuda Levin
The Silent Holocaust In Israel By Rabbi Yehuda Levin

20 Elul 5763 / 17 Sept. 2003

Rabbi Yehuda Levin

The Silent Holocaust in Israel Abortionists kill more children than terrorists

“He who destroys his own children…who wrecks the handiwork of G-D…brings hunger, plague, and the sword upon the world.” —Zohar, Shemos (Exodus) “Abortion is murder, plain and simple.” —Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, Da Ma Shetoshiv

I recently took a walk in Borough Park, Brooklyn, and noticed posters prominently displayed all over the streets: "STOP The Silent Holocaust — 2,000,000 children destroyed by abortion in Israel." The signs were posted by EFRAT-C.R.I.B, an Israeli-based group that works to prevent Jewish families in Israel from aborting their children. The poster listed major Rabbis as sponsors.

I was shocked by the enormity of this number—two million Jews over the last 55 years, murdered by their own parents—could such a thing really be true, could so many Jewish mothers have murdered so many of their own children? A little research confirmed the horrible statistic.

At the 1994 United Nations International Conference on Population and Development, Dr. Baruch Levy, the official representative of the State of Israel, stated: "…according to a law of the Knesset, passed in 1977, abortions are legal when performed in authorized medical institutions and approved by special abortion committees. The overwhelming majority of requests for legal abortions are, in fact, approved for health and CERTAIN SOCIAL REASONS [emphasis mine]."

How does this work out in practice? Well, to take a fairly typical example, in 1999, 20,581 women submitted applications to the abortion committees. Of this number 18,785 (96%) were approved. The committees approved almost every application that was submitted. The only reason that all 100% of the applications were not approved is that the religious parties in Israel managed to forbid abortions based on economic reasons alone.

Commenting on a videotape that was sent to 350,000 homes in Israel by EFRAT-C.R.I.B. in 2001, Health Minister Nissim Dahan (Shas) stated: "I received the impression that…the abortion committees approve terminations of pregnancy without sufficient thought."

In his worldwide survey of abortion rates, William Robert Johnson gives the incredible statistic that total REPORTED abortions in Israel, from 1979 thru 2002 (23 years) were 411,000. This figure means that about 13% of Israeli children are murdered in the womb each year. Additionally, he cautions that these are only the official figures—the unreported figures may be double the reported amount (or 822,000). In the 55 years since the founding of the State of Israel, we could project a figure of about two million abortions.

Should we be surprised that the sword has been unleashed against our people in the Holy Land?

Our continued silence on this issue makes us vulnerable, chas vesholom, to the punishments of hunger, plague, and the sword prophesized in the Zohar Hakodosh.

Now that Rosh Hashana (the New Year) is here, it is time for us to do Teshuva (repent) on this horrible crime in G-D’s Holy Land. If we truly want to end the sacrifice of Jewish blood of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land of Israel, we must cry out to the heavens, loudly and clearly, against this shedding of innocent blood.

Only then will we be entitled to say "Yodeinu lo shofchu es hadam hazeh" (Our hands have not shed this innocent blood).