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January 2004   jim moore
How Dare The U.S. Protect Itself? Say Mexican Officials By Jim Moore


By: Jim Moore

The American public, in its semi-comatose condition, has been buggered by their own government so many times, it's a wonder they don't just automatically bend over and say, Go to it boys.

And the ways in which they "nail" us is endless. For example, there's the prefabricated scenario of how desperately the world needed somebody to go after and unseat Saddam Hussein. So we did. Then it was the trumped-up imperative of ridding the world of WMD's starting with Iraq, which, as we found out, didn't have any.

After that, it was the specious claim of rogues in every corner of the universe, followed by the irrational and contrived "war on terrorism", which history, and commonsense, tells us will never end. Because terror, in one form or another, doesn't end, and never will..

Following that, came the phony "war on terrorism" here at home, which, except for local disturbances, didn't exist until we meddled in the Middle East and fomented a response.

Finally, as if in regimental step, came the infamous Patriot Acts. The first one taking a "trial" swing at our Bill of Rights. The second, getting more down to the nitty-gritty: spying on libraries, ID cards, telephone calls, the Internet, business trips, and making commercial air travel an obstacle course of waits, delays, inspections, and embarrassing searches.

And, while all our Constitutional rights are being aborted, in through the back door comes millions of illegal immigrants; already 10 million of them in the U.S., nearly half of them from Mexico.

"It's important for America to be a welcoming society," says White House press secretary, Scott McClellan. We're a nation of immigrants, and we're better for it." Scott doesn't say where he'll be working when the Latinos take over the country.

Now, despite its obvious implication of more votes for Bush in November, you would think that the President's meeting with Mexico's President Fox, in which they will discuss, among other things, amnesty for illegal aliens who have jobs in the U.S., would have Mexican officials doing the Hat Dance. Not so. Mexican officials still are not satisfied. They are complaining that Bush is using security fears as an excuse for not allowing freer movement over the U.S.-Mexican border.

Try and figure that one out. Bush has been doing nothing to stop the influx of illegal aliens. Worse, this being election year, he has offered amnesty to illegal aliens who have a job waiting for them over here. (Your job?)

So Bush, in his gratuitous effort to fill every Mexican belly (at your expense) has gone from a "look the other way" to an "open door" president.

But, the Mexicans are eyeing Bush's proposal with suspicion. As well they should. Knowing that it is an election year in the U.S., the Mexicans see Bush's offer as an election-year ploy to curry favor with the Hispanic voters, who are important blocs of electoral votes in border states, such as Florida, California, and Texas.

What is happening here makes me sick. Not only do we have a president who neglects our nation by not closing our borders. Then he adds insult to injury by encouraging more illegal aliens to come in, because the more that do, the more potential votes he believes he'll get.

It amounts to playing dirty, perhaps even treasonous, politics by using the sovereignty and security of the United States of America as a bargaining chip in this insane and dangerous border game.

And Mexico has the audacity to ask how we dare to protect ourselves?

How dare these people even ask.

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Jim Moore is a free-lance political writer and is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. His new "Flag Waver" CD is now available. A wonderful collection of patriotic essays complete with musical intros. The CD is $12.95 (includes shipping and handling) If you would like one, or as a gift, send check or M.O. to:

Jim Moore PMB #2113 3111-20 Mahan Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32308

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Published in the January 8, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.

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