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February 2004   Alan Stang
JFK (II) Be Very Afraid By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

So, unless some electrifying development we don’t yet know about erupts, Communist traitor A, George W. Bush, of Skull & Bones, will be running against Communist traitor B, John Forbes Kerry, of Skull & Bones. From now until the election, whenever either of these traitors appears in public, Bones should be the first question.

Recently, Communist traitor A faced Tim Russert on network television. Russert, we are told, is an interviewer so ferocious that his managers are afraid to let him out during the week. He is chained in the basement and fed on raw meat until it is time to tear out the next victim’s throat. But when traitor A laughingly agreed that Bones is secret, media pansy Russert supinely let the matter pass.

How did it happen that in little more than a week of media blitzkrieg Dean was destroyed? Two possible perpetrators immediately come to mind. (Maybe there are more.) First, there are the Bushwhackers. My speculation is that, for them, the man with the hair, who is married to the lady with the ketchup, is an ideal opponent.

We are still nine months from the election. If so much utterly putrid stuff already has been uncovered about Kerry, imagine what else the Bushwhackers can unearth or concoct about him in so much time. Imagine hearing about Kerry’s crimes day after day for nine months, until the most callow schoolboy can recite them by heart.

For instance, until a month or so ago, few Americans outside Taxachusetts knew who John Kerry was. After New Hampshire, they heard he was a "war hero." As a "war hero" he would have natural allies among veterans. But now, trying to discredit traitor A’s military record, he denigrates service in the National Guard and alienates those warriors. Is traitor B really that stupid, or does this year’s script call for him to take a dive for his fellow Bonesman?

But there is also Hillaroid, the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain. If the Continuing Criminal Enterprise known as the Democrat Party nominates a man who goes on to win – a growing possibility as traitor A comes apart – that successful candidate will routinely be renominated in 2008.

That would mean Hillaroid’s chance would finally come in 2012, in eight years. What would Hillaroid look like after eight more years of screeching hatred? Today, they can still clean her up. In eight years she will be sixty-four and will need to wear a Michael Jackson mask. No, the risk that this year’s Demo candidate could win is too great. Hillaroid has to do it now.

But she could do it only if all the other candidates for the nomination have been hopelessly defeated or discredited. Suppose that happens. Suppose that after months of Bushwhacker exposés, the party faithful arrive at the convention afraid that they will nominate a loser. The great hall is filled with the usual Communists, sodomites, bull dykes, government school totalitarians, infanticidists, cokers, etc., for whom Hillaroid has been a heroine since she championed the Communist Black Panthers in school.

Suddenly, she arrives. She is wearing a white pants suit, artfully designed to conceal the thunder thighs. She sits astride a jackass (no, not Bill), a gelding of course. She keeps her trap shut. For the moment, the banshee voice is still. The hall trembles. Suddenly, it spontaneously erupts. Every voice croaks her name. "Hillaroid! Hillaroid!" The delegoids realize that only she can save them, only she, the personification of glitchery and subjection of the hated male.

Of course she "doesn’t want" the nomination. She has committed to the lucky people of New York not to run. But, after all, if the Democrats will collapse if she does not – if she is drafted – would she not need to put aside her personal commitments for the good of the party? My speculation is that this is what she is hoping. Was it her people who sandbagged Dean? Are her people now conspiring to cripple Kerry?

Of course, in this corner we are not involved in politics. We tell you what we learn or surmise, regardless of party or personality. So far, I have talked only about what Kerry said and did when he came back from Vietnam, which really doesn’t matter because he is for whatever you are for and against whatever you oppose, as long as he moves steadily toward Communism.

I have said nothing about Kerry’s war record, because I was not in the military, wasn’t there and don’t know. But now comes a site run by men who were all those things, Green Berets who were there, did the job and do know.

The site is It contains a vast amount of material. All I can do here is give you a few samples. Go there and browse. For instance, there are Kerry’s medals. The ones he threw over the White House fence in disgust, except that the ones he threw were not his medals. Always thinking ahead, he knew that as JFK all over again he would need them hanging on his office wall.

Here is what the law says about those Purple Hearts: "Limitations. Except in the case of a prisoner of war, the wound for which the award is made must have required treatment by a medical officer at the time of injury." So how did JFK (II) get those three Purple Hearts? How did he get the Silver Star? Here are some excerpts from the site.

A man who retired as a Navy Captain says this: "I was in the Delta shortly after he left. I know that area well. I know the operations he was involved in well. I know the tactics and the doctrine used. I know the equipment. Although I was attached to CTF-116 (PBRs) I spent a fair amount of time with CTF-115 (swift boats), Kerry's command. Here are my problems and suspicions:

"(1) Kerry was in-country less than four months and collected a Bronze Star, a Silver Star and three Purple Hearts. I never heard of anybody with any outfit I worked with (including SEAL One, the Sea Wolves, Riverines and the River Patrol Force) collecting that much hardware so fast, and for such pedestrian actions. . . .

"(2) Three Purple Hearts but no limp. All injuries so minor that no time lost from duty. Amazing luck. Or he was putting himself in for medals every time he bumped his head on the wheelhouse hatch? Combat on the boats was almost always at close range. You didn't have minor wounds. At least not often. Not three times in a row. Then he used the three Purple Hearts to request a trip home eight months before the end of his tour. Fishy.

"(3) The details of the event for which he was given the Silver Star make no sense at all. Supposedly, a B-40 was fired at the boat and missed. Charlie jumps up with the launcher in his hand, the bow gunner knocks him down with the twin .50, Kerry beaches the boat, jumps off, shoots Charlie, and retrieves the launcher. If true, he did everything wrong.

"(a) Standard procedure when you took rocket fire was to put your stern to the action and go balls to the wall. A B-40 has the ballistic integrity of a frisbie after about 25 yards, so you put 50 yards or so between you and the beach and begin raking it with your .50's.

"(b) Did you ever see anybody get knocked down with a .50 caliber round and get up? The guy was dead or dying. The rocket launcher was empty. There was no reason to go after him (except if you knew he was no danger to you just flopping around in the dust during his last few seconds on earth, and you wanted some derring-do in your after-action report). And we didn't shoot wounded people. We had rules against that, too.

"(c) Kerry got off the boat. This was a major breach of standing procedures. Nobody on a boat crew ever got off a boat in a hot area. EVER! The reason was simple. If you had somebody on the beach your boat was defenseless. It couldn't run and it couldn't' t return fire. It was stupid and it put his crew in danger. He should have been relieved and reprimanded. I never heard of any boat crewman ever leaving a boat during or after a firefight.

"Something is fishy."

Another vet says this: "I was in the 533 pbr Gamewardens of Vietnam. I was a gun tub gunner on a 31 ft. patrol boat. Kerry was on a swift boat a 1/2 mile down river from us. I knew Tom, his stern gunner. He told me his j.g [Kerry] was a prima donna sent there to get medals. He thought Kennedys rigged the whole thing. Our job was to drop off navy SEALS and to extract them before they were killed. I only got one Purple Heart and the other hundred scars we got nothing. No one got three Purple Hearts in three months. No one got the Silver Star for killing Vietcong that attacked your boat. I was on that damn river as a river rat for 18 months and killed over 60 in two different firefights. This whole Kerry hero crap is just that: crap. The man doesn't even have a scar. He got three nicks and they gave three Purple Hearts so he could sent home and become an Admiral’s aid. So there, you got this from someone that was there."

Posted by: Ben Gustofik on January 30, 2004 01:12 PM: "It appears that all of Kerry's "Purple Heart" wounds were merely scratches on his arms, nothing worse then you would get trimming a rose bush in your yard, the third 'wound', the worst, granting him 2 days 'light duty'. None the less, after receiving the third "Purple Heart", Kerry exercised his (obscure rule) right to request and was granted transfer back to the states, ending up in a cushy job as an Admiral's aide.

"Kerry's "Silver Star" appears to have been awarded resulting from his having pursued a fleeing Viet Cong, wounded by his gunnery crew, who upon being wounded, already had dropped his weapon and was fleeing for his life. Kerry apparently bravely caught up with the wounded Viet Cong, where he had taken shelter hiding behind a hooch, executed him, basically in cold blood, and retrieved the rocket launcher the Viet Cong was carrying when wounded, on his way back to the boat, got back into his river boat and fled himself. He also admits to killing several innocents, women and children while firing on 'targets' of opportunity in 'free fire zones' while cruising up and down the Mekong Delta river. Maybe that's where Kerry gets his notion that all U.S. military committed atrocities, since he did, indiscriminating firing at anything that walked, breathed or moved from the safety of his river gun boat."

The commander of a unit was the man who recommended citations, and Kerry was the commander. Convenient, yes? He stays in the Nam long enough to become a "war hero" – because JFK (I) was a "war hero" – and leaves. By his own admission, he is a war criminal himself, not a "hero." Remember, these are only a few excerpts of the enormous body of testimony you will find on the site. You really do need to look at it yourself.

So, what can we Americans do this November? In the weeks to come I expect to explore the possibilities of creative non-participation. Meanwhile, pass the word that the "lesser of two evils" is dead. Both evils are Bones.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at:

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