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March 2004   al cronkite
Terminal Defeat, Losing The Battle For Freedom In America By Al Cronkite


By: Al Cronkrite

In the springtime we often harvest leaf lettuce from our garden. We go down the row and cut the lettuce leaves off about a half-inch from the root. The roots will grow more leaves and we can repeat the process. We put the cut leaves into a salad and they are quickly consumed. If the leaves are not used in a short period of time they wilt and die.

Great nations will inevitably experience the same sequence; with roots in tact they can endure severe pruning but without roots, in a short time, they will wilt and die.

The Ivy League Universities of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton founded as Christian institutions but now bastions of humanism exemplify the complete detachment of the roots from our current society.

At the beginning of his naively sanguine description of coming globlism "A World Recreated" Lew Rockwell lists a woman named Sudha Shenoy as the author of an essay that contributed to his writing. Sudha Shenoy is an East Indian lady who now lives and lectures in Australia. At one time she served as a professor in America. In an interview she said of America, "The U.S. government is so enormously powerful, and it must answer to an electorate that literally knows nothing about the outside world except that which the government feeds it. So in a sense the whole world just sits and waits nervously to see what this ignorant giant is going to do next....Everyone knows that when it comes to U.S. officials speaking about international affairs, 9 times out of 10 they are perfectly ignorant. So everyone wonders: what do you do with an ignorant chap with lots of money and power? "

Ms. Shenoy’s assessment is accurate. Americans live in a society that has not only been severed from its roots but has been deliberately dumbed down so that it can be easily influenced by the media and press to believe and vote for whatever the government wishes. With elected representatives that are historically challenged and ignorant of the Constitution, the Democratic process can move the country far from the Constitutional moorings our Founders intended.

This same pattern is being replicated throughout the world. Ignorant people living in a Democracy can easily be controlled. The pattern described as Democratic imposes a hidden despotism on unsuspecting people.

Witness the new constitution being crafted for Iraq; American elitists are overseeing every detail, they are selecting the writers and placing the politicians in power making way for an election that will be rigged from it foundation.

Unfortunately, the American press and media have been tightly controlled by a handful of people for several decades. As Sudha Shenoy says, we are an ignorant people who have elected an ignorant legislature. Huge chunks of vital information are never aired in the media and never appear in print. Yes, some of the news is reported but the implications of that news on the welfare of a free people are mostly ignored.

Judith Moriarity in a piece entitled "From the Dust Bowl to the Rust Bowl" writes "Not one politician has spoke to the newest final death knell to American jobs, that took place in Miami in November (FTAA). Not one has spoken to the tens of thousands of citizens marching (not covered on TV) to save our jobs, and how thousands of police with stun guns, shields, clubs, pepper spray and plastic bullets assaulted them.... Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson's exposed breast, gay marriages, car chases, Donald Trump, and whatever goofy reality show he does, the Passion, hearings on steroids, Las Vegas marriages, molesting priests, ad nauseam election antics etc., but no news. Nothing that addresses the confusion, fears, despair and anguish of the nation. Instead, we get Sherwin Williams, color coded fear days, advice of duct tape and plastic sheeting, for that next attack, followed by the calm advice to keep shopping. Pensions robbed, jobs gone, bankruptcies, hundreds of thousands of homeless, people dying for lack of medical care, salaries plummeting, taxes, cost of living out of sight, and nothing. Nothing but insane babbling, and public relations canned propaganda, disguised as real news.

Australian born, British journalist John Pilger speaking at Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia said, "In 1983, the principal media in America was owned by fifty corporations. In 2002, this had fallen to just nine companies. Today, Murdoch's Fox Television and four other conglomerates are on the verge of controlling 90 per cent of the terrestrial and cable audience. Even on the Internet, the leading twenty websites are now owned by Fox, Disney, AOL, Time Warner, Viacom and other giants. Just fourteen companies attract 60 per cent of all the time Americans spend online. And these companies control, or influence most of the world's visual media, the principal source of information for most people."

He went on to make this chilling statement "Those journalists who go their own way, those like Martha Gellhorn and Robert Fisk, beware. The independent Arab TV organisation, Al-Jazeera, was bombed by the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the invasion of Iraq, more journalists were killed than ever before - by the Americans. The message could not be clearer. The aim, eventually, is that there'll be no distinction between information control and media. That's to say: you won't know the difference."

In a prescient article Craig Hulet writes extensively about the future of what was once a beacon for the world, "This is the future. Borders already do not matter, you just have not felt the weight of what this means. When borders no longer matter, then being American doesn’t either, as what was known as America simply no longer exists. Put plainly -- when borders no longer matter neither do you."

"It is certainly not just myself, deluding myself, that what we have here is Empire in its rawest form, its religious form, as all Empire‘s tend towards a sense of the divine. Joshua Micah Marshall, a Washington Monthly contributing writer, recently wrote an intriguing piece titled "Practice to Deceive: Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks’ nightmare scenario--it’s their plan." He argues that the neo-conservatives have a vision for what they want to do in the Middle East and deception has always been part of their ideological make-up. In one telling paragraph he captures the argument when he wrote that the current crop of neo-conservative hawks have a vision for the world, a vision not "unlike," but "exactly like" a religious epiphany."

In their new book, "An End To Evil" David Frum and Richard Perle maintain that Terrorism is a state supported enterprise and the solution to ending it is to cut off the funds. This solution would involve American hegemony over several Arab nations and Russia as well. When they speak of the high cost of implementing Terrorism, their arguments fall far short of being convincing.

The recent train bombing in Spain is an excellent example of the efficacy of a couple of backpacks filled with explosives; the cost is insignificant but changing the government in a nation the size of Spain is a highly significant outcome.

While it is true that terrorism is generally a policy of weak nations that are being bullied, it also seems true that one individual willing to sacrifice a life can cause great upset in larger and stronger societies and that the only way to entirely eliminate that risk is to turn the entire world into a police state - an onerous and gargantuan job that may be the pre-determined goal!

As we fight to preserve the morality that characterized America we must be aware that we have always been in retreat, that the restriction of freedom is far advanced and that our chances of winning are slim. We are able to pick off an occasional enemy but the power rests with the adversary.

In a recent meeting I lamented the current attempt of the American Government to exert control of other nations. One of the ladies in attendance, bellicose and politically active, loudly charged me with being (perish the thought) an "isolationist".

Isolationism (favored by our Founders) is like Jesus (also, favored by our Founders); neither are acceptable in our degenerate, polite society.

A free nation must be intent on allowing the people to control the government.

Growth in size and power is inherent in the nature of government. These trends can only be controlled through an alert populace endowed with the power to change or eliminate malignant power. It cannot be done without a press and media that busily ferrets out problems, inconsistencies, and despotic intent relaying this information to the electorate in succinct and understandable terms.

Governmental control of the people should have been squelched a couple of hundred years ago. Instead the aberrant nature of power seekers to acquire more and more power was assuaged and the hypocrisy of leaders like Abraham Lincoln who uttered "of the people, by the people, and for the people" but was willing to illegally incarcerate thousands of citizens who rightfully resisted his war on the South went unchallenged.

In a frightening statement using Lincoln’s tyranny as a foundation Frum and Perle write "The United States is proud to call itself a nation ruled by law. But even a nation of laws must understand the limits of legalism. Between 1861 and 1865, the government of the United States took tens of thousands of American citizens prisoner and detained them for years without letting any one of them see a lawyer."

"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people". -- John Adams, August 1765

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Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida. He a is regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Al Cronkrite can be reached at:

Published in the March 22, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.