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April 2004   Al cronkite
Government By Polls, Supporting The Anarchy Of Human Opinion By Al Cronkite


By: Al Cronkrite

Recently on Joseph Farah’s (World Net Daily) radio program one of his guests referred to our style of government as a Democracy. Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Farah, his wife, made her first call to the program and set the record straight.

American was founded as a Republic. Knowing that it would quickly deteriorate into anarchy our Founders considered Democracy the worst form of government.

Karl Marx was in favor of Democracy; he considered it a predecessor to Communist dictatorship.

The American Republic was buttressed with a Constitution. The Constitution formed the legal platform of the Nation and was written with the intent that it would curtail the power of government.

Now that our most erudite citizens regularly refer to our nation as a Democracy it follows that government must be conducted by the will of the citizens and since all polls indicate that not only American citizens but most of the world population get their news from television all that needs to be manipulated is what is shown on the television screen.

A handful of large corporations now own the entire mass media in American and are in the process of expanding their ownership throughout the world. Michael Powell, Secretary of State Colin Powell’s brother, is Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He is seeking to further relax limitations on ownership. One source claims that fifteen families and corporations now own the entire mass media.

The Council on Foreign Relations is America’s premier protagonist for Globalization. Listed among its members, corporate members and benefactors are the following media owners: AOL Time Warner (Gerald Levin is an individual member); General Electric; Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation); Vivendi Corporation (Edgar Bronfman is an individual member); Walt Disney Corporation (Michael Eisner is an individual member); and Morton Zuckerman.

Definitive discussions of globalization, world government, clandestine national control, elite world planning sessions, the-one-headed-two party system, and the lack of electoral choice - all imminently important - are never discussed.

It makes no difference which party of the American one-headed-two-party system is elected the same agenda continues unabated. We continue on the Socialist road and we continue to relinquish sovereignty to the United Nations, NAFT, GATT, and a host of agreements that have already been enacted or wait in the wings to be enacted.

Polls are now a universal instrument used to create the illusion that the citizens of the worlds burgeoning Democracies are the ultimate consideration of those in power. A poll that favors one course or another is considered a fiat to pursue that course. Elections can be manipulated by polls that predict the results and the polls themselves can be rigged to produce whatever result is desired.

Polls are used to support the bastard form of government known as Democracy and to ultimately produce the chaos that always results from it.

Constitutions can be manipulated as well. Displayed to the public as a legal rampart a Constitution provides a solid platform for peaceful governmental transitions. Unfortunately, laws mean nothing unless they are obeyed in the plain meaning of their wording and if contemporary society has one salient characteristic it is disobedience.

No social order can peacefully exist without obedience. Laws are restrictions on freedom. When law is voluntarily obeyed, society is free, but when law must be enforced by violence, freedom is lost.

The rational behind the formation of our Republic was that citizens, indwelt by the mandates of God, would obey the Constitution of the Nation and that government would be righteous and curtailed by a well-informed citizenry.

Opinions can be controlled, real (immutable) law cannot. Those who would domineer the social order must malign immutable law and denigrate obedience. America’s congressional representatives are classic examples of the engine that creates tyranny - they ignore both their oath of office and the Constitution that is its object.

I have written about it previously but there is no better example of the vapid nature of human opinion than the results of a Florida election in which six amendments to the State Constitution appeared on the ballot. The voters, 99 percent of who knew little or nothing about the implications of these amendments, passed all six. One amendment mandated a school room class size that threatens to bankrupt both State and Local governments and another made the treatment of pregnant pigs a part of the State Constitution.

Governor Bush signed the Bill contending that implementing the class size Amendment would cost the State 28 billion dollars and result in the cancellation of other necessary programs. At this point both the State Legislature and the school system are troubled by this obtuse legislation.

Recently in Port Orange, Florida, the City Commissioners voted five to zero to ban outdoor smoking at all city parks, tennis and basketball courts, concession stands and little league ball fields, anywhere that children play. Americans are electing representatives that are perfectly willing to legislate their own opinions and foist them on an unsuspecting public - move over God, we will set the standards here!

Today in Iraq, while our government is providing money to families whose relatives have been killed by our own munitions, polls are being taken to determine the will of Iraqi citizens. You might call it “compassionate despotism“.

God’s Law Word as it is delineated in the Bible should be the standard for morality in society. When this standard is breached the creature installs himself in the seat of the creator, a seat he is unable to administer.

The Founders were wise men. They knew government not anchored in law would ultimately end with citizens losing their freedoms. They also knew the immutable Laws of God were the ultimate fortress against power hungry men.

It was intended that America be governed by Christian, male, property owning citizens who understood that freedom can only be maintained when the Constitutional mandates of the nation are obeyed in their literal translation and the Laws of God are not breached. Their duty was not to abide by the capricious opinions of the people but to obey the legal mandates and seek the overall good of the Nation.

Public opinion can be manipulated and it was never intended to be the basis for government. We live in a Nation that was designed as a Republic; public opinion was not to be considered in the conduct of national affairs.

Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida. He a is regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Al Cronkrite can be reached at:

Published in the March 31, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.