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May 2004   alan stang
Trust No One, Even Me By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

We live in a time of total disinformation. In comparison, propaganda these days is childish and quaint. Propaganda consists of massaging the facts. "I did not have sex with that woman. She had sex. I did not." Propaganda exaggerates or diminishes the facts and so is relatively easy to decipher.

Clear Channel is a monster talk radio network that owns 1200 stations in all 50 states. The bozos behind it have contributed liberally to George Bush since he was Governor of Texas. In fact, Texas billionaire Tom Hicks made Bush a millionaire when he bought the future President’s baseball team, the Texas Rangers. Tom Hicks is now vice chairman of Clear Channel.

Clear Channel is the reason you hear so many talk show hosts make themselves look utterly ridiculous by concocting preposterous justifications for Bush’s treasonous world government policies. Its purpose is to keep restive patriots loyal to Bush. It is a distinction without a difference to say that it does for Bush what Goebbels did for Hitler. Recently, on my own radio talk show, I interviewed Charles Goyette. Last year, the Phoenix New Times cited Charles as "Best Talk Show Host of 2003," despite which Clear Channel recently kicked him off the air. Charles is an old-fashioned "conservative" who refused to parrot the Bush war propaganda.

In a recent piece he did for The American Conservative, Charles Goyette explains as follows: ". . . The other KFYI talk-show hosts—so bloodthirsty that they made Bush apologists and superhawks Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity sound moderate—vilified me almost daily. . . . [I]t was a little hard to believe management would allow one of their key hosts to be trashed day in and day out on their own airwaves."

Of course that trashing, mandated by Clear Channel, hurt Charles Goyette’s audience. In other words, Clear Channel went out of its way to hurt itself in order to preserve the image of a happily united nation marching in lockstep toward world government under Bush. Hail Caesar!

For about fifty years, conspirators have used a technique that goes beyond propaganda and has come to be called "disinformation." Where propaganda exaggerates or diminishes the facts, disinformation manufactures the facts. Today, disinformation is conducted by consummate masters of the art.

All of which is prologue to some remarks about the war. Most victims of disinformation have never heard of it and never know they have been fooled. Because you do know, you can protect yourself by taking what I say with a couple of grains of salt, because it is possible that I myself have been suckered into passing disinformation along. To reduce the possible effects of that, let’s call my comments speculation.

The most important aspect of the incriminating photographs from Iraq is not what they show, but how they wound up on television. Remember, they were not taken outside with a hidden camera, but in a section of Abu Ghraib prison so secure that the U.S. commanding general of the facility says she had no access and did not know what was going on.

U.S. military intelligence controlled the area completely and therefore controlled what happened inside. Does this not raise the questions of how the incriminating photos were taken and then allowed to get out? Either the security was incompetent or it wasn’t. You can’t have it both ways.

Is it possible that somebody up there – maybe even in the District of Criminals – in collaboration with the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS), wanted the pictures to get out? Why would somebody up there want that? Well, what has been the effect? What have the pictures done?

They have intensified the hatred the Arabs – and Muslims in general – feel for the United States. They have made us look as bad as Saddam Insane, who committed atrocities in the same prison. They have made it easier for our enemies to call the United States another version of Nazi Germany.

Would not all this have the effect of widening and prolonging the war? We do know that the Trotskyite (Communist) neocons to whom Bush has given control of our foreign policy want perpetual war. Charles Goyette tells me he heard Limbaugh – prostitute front man for the world government conspiracy – say recently that we should have a war every 20 years.

Now let’s put some other facts together. First, Communism is still as alive and as dangerous as it ever was. The "Soviet collapse" is a fraud. See my series on the subject. Investigators uncovered only a small part of the Soviet underground after World War II. The Soviets have been infiltrating our institutions – our media, our schools, etc. – ever since.

Second, the Soviets have been recruiting, training, financing and directing Arab Communists for decades. The Ba’ath Party of Iraq is Socialist. Arafat has been a Soviet asset for most of his life. Gamal Abdel Nasser, the late Egyptian dictator, was another Soviet tool.

Third, notice that the American Communist Liars Union (ACLU) and other Marxist instrumentalities take immediate action to thwart even the slightest public expression of Christianity. Yet, these same Reds do everything they can to protect and encourage the spread of militant Islam here. Our Communist judges see no combination of church and state in the mandatory teaching of Islam in the government schools.

Are the Soviets using the protective coloration of "religion" to do what they never could get away with in plain sight? Is that why Moscow pretended to "collapse?" Have the Soviets and the Muslims joined forces for conquest? But how could that happen? Are not the Soviets militant atheists?

Yes, but remember that both the Soviets and the Muslims use religion as a weapon. Like Communism, Islam is a tool of conquest. Like Communism, Islam is a parasite; left alone it would remain a basket case with flies on its eyelids. It produces nothing. After it consumes what it conquers, like any parasite it must conquer more.

Communism would have collapsed long ago for real without continuous infusions of American investment and taxes. Communists preach atheism because belief in God is a competing loyalty with which they cannot compete. Communist atheism is nothing more than a tactic. So Communism and Islam could easily collaborate.

A problem that seems to be bothering many Americans is the obvious fact that many Muslims – especially here in the United States – appear to be peace-loving people who mind their own business and certainly do not participate in terrorism. Surely some allowance should be made for them.

In the old Soviet Union, the population was about 300 million. How many of them were Communists? About 12 million. Isn’t that 4%? Which would mean that 96% of the people in the Soviet Union were not Communists. Yet, the Soviet Union was and is a Communist country. Okay so far?

Was everyone in Nazi Germany a Nazi? Of course not. Some Germans were anti-Nazi. There was an anti-Nazi German underground. Most Germans were simply civilians, working on farms and in factories. Are you a Nazi or a Communist? No, but you certainly live in and maybe even work for a government that the District of Criminals is rapidly perverting into a Nazi/Communist version of those horrific systems.

So, the decisive factor seems to be who has the power. Right now, people around the world – especially Muslims – hate the United States, which means you and me. They hate us because of the policies of the District of Criminals, which we oppose and so far have not been able to change. So far, at least, you and I are irrelevant.

The same thing applies to the Muslims who are certainly not terrorists. They are irrelevant, precisely because they are not in charge, because they do not have the power. But – but – but, if the Muslims who do have the power come close to conquering the United States, their fellow religionists will go along with them, just as most Americans go along today with the District of Criminals.

Notice that Muslims in the United States tend to establish mosques rather than Christian churches. Would-be Arab conquerors no doubt consider those Muslims and those mosques as reservoirs from which they can drink at the right time. In other countries, the terrorists terrorize Muslims who would speak out against them. Could that be at least one reason Muslims here do not condemn the terror?

The Soviets, the Islamic Communists and now the District of Criminals have made it necessary to trust nothing and no one we hear and read. Needless to say that includes the highly paid radio liars who work for Clear Channel. Let everyone know that a Clear Channel talk host is nothing but a hooker for Bush.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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