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May 2004   jim moore
Christian Fundamentalists Are Supporting The Wrong Jews By Jim Moore


By: Jim Moore

President Bush makes no bones about it. Israel has the unconditional support of the Christian fundamentalists. And he should know, he's one of them.

What this amounts to is that well-meaning, God-fearing, church-going fundamentalists are dancing in lock-step to the siren song of administration foreign policymakers, which is taking Christian worshipers into a costly, bloody, non-stop Middle East war, and in the process making a mockery of their devotion.

This is a serious charge. It demands an explanation and clarification.

Here it is.

Christian fundamentalists, being inherently and extremely devout, taking the Scripture literally, performing all rites and rituals correctly and faithfully, and in some cases evangelizing to bring more people into God's grace and love, are to be commended for their unwavering faith. These same Christians, however, do not win any prize for their insensitivity to the unwavering faith in others and their religion. In this case, others meaning "orthodox" Jews, who are as staunchly devoted to their fundamental religious practices as these Christians.

Without rehashing again the historic tragedy of the Jewish exile from the Holy Land (until their Messiah comes) which was a command from God, let it be said that orthodox Jews still honor God's command and their acceptance of their dispersal throughout the world, to this very day.

Thus, "orthodox" Jews can, at least in theory, be considered wanderers by choice and therefore try to be comfortable and compatible in whichever country they settle.

It may be true that the Jewish "stigma" of the Old Testament has followed them wherever they go, and still motivates some Christians to express animosity and hatred of Jewish people. But the fact is, if they are "orthodox" Jews, Christians have nothing to worry about from the Hebrew family next door or anywhere in America for that matter.

But here's the catch.

Zionist Jews, that is, those who OPPOSE "orthodoxy", or laws from the Torah, are not quite so benevolent. There are exceptions in both Jewish camps, to be sure, but by and large this is a truism: orthodox Jews are usually passive people; whereas Zionist Jews have an aggressive agenda.

What is the Zionist agenda?

In essence, it is to ignore the command from God and retake what they consider to be their part of the Hold Land. Thus, Zionist Jews are pro-Israel, and they apparently will go to any means to make the State of Israel a viable nation.

Several factors must be mentioned here to make this Jewish dichotomy more understandable.

First, even under the most tenuous circumstances, the State of Israel is an illegitimate nation. It was "created" in 1947-8 by the Balfour Declaration, initiated by Great Britain and France, with the blessings of America. Yes, America.

Second, aside from the political aspects, which are obvious, Israel was created for two reasons (l) to give anti-orthodox (Zionist) Jews a homeland (which their religion forbids), and (2) to give the Western world---America, England, et al---a foothold in the Middle East for purposes that are just now beginning to reveal themselves.

Third, the most active and dangerous Zionist Jews in the United States have invaded, and now are key players, in our administration and defense department. As such they have close ties to Israel and totally support the war in Iraq and, if need be, other Arab countries---for the protection of Israel, of course. If you doubt this, you should know that many (if not most) Zionist Jews in this administration, and perhaps elsewhere, hold dual citizenships; one in the United States, the other in Israel.

So what we have here are powerful Zionist Jews supporting Israel for political reasons, and orthodox Jews NOT supporting Israel for religious reasons.

There may never be an end to that conflict of interests, but at least it consists of two distinctly differently agendas, each in its own way fairly obvious and not too difficult to recognize.

Although that dichotomy is anathema enough to the interests of the United States, the part that should trouble Americans the most is the stated position of the fundamentalist Christians in this unlikely debacle. They, as a universal gesture, have taken a position behind the Bush administration and the Zionist Jews who hold power within it.

You would think though, would you not, that Christians of all denominations---especially Christians who adhere to their religious fundamentals as faithfully as orthodox Jews adhere to theirs---would side with the "orthodoxy" in their rejection of Israel, and strenuously object to this illegal war with its senseless killing of soldiers and the slaughter of innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children?

But no. In a not-well-thought-out coalition with the Zionists in power, the fundamental Christians have decided that their allegiance must be to George Bush because God "spoke" to him. And when God "speaks" to a fundamental Christian it apparently supercedes the words in our Constitution, the laws of our own land, the warnings from our founders about interfering in foreign affairs, the separation of church and state, the arrogance and futility of American empire, and the rebellious and unsavory aspects of war itself.

It's only a guess, of course, but it is difficult to believe that even if He actually spoke to President Bush, God probably would not call upon him to ravage other nations and destroy the freedom and independence of our own country.

So, fundamentalist Christians, I hate to have to tell you this.

You backed the wrong horse.

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Jim Moore is a free-lance political writer and is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. His new "Flag Waver" CD is now available. A wonderful collection of patriotic essays complete with musical intros. The CD is $12.95 (includes shipping and handling) If you would like one, or as a gift, send check or M.O. to:

Jim Moore PMB 2113 3111-20 Mahan Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32308

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Published in the May 14, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.