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August 2004   alan stang
Republicrat National Convention, Act Two by Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Act One of the Republicrat National Convention, the Boston Boreathon, is now behind us and survivors are contemplating Act Two, the New York non compos mentis. Act Two inevitably inspires a comparison with the 1968 Dempublican Convention in Chicago, but a crucial difference now emerges.

The purpose of the turmoil outside, in the streets, at the 1968 fiasco was to subject the proceedings to intolerable pressure that would force the delegates inside to nominate the candidate the Communists wanted, Senator Eugene McCarthy. Their slogan that year was, "Get clean for Gene." In other words, scrape off the crud and pretend to be normal for a while. But the Reds made no attempt to disrupt the proceedings. Most of the delegates and most of the demonstrators believed the same thing and were at one.

Not so this year at the Republicrat Convention. The Communists apparently will try to prevent the convention from nominating George Bush, maybe even by forcing the evacuation of Madison Square Garden. Can they get away with it? They will be facing the biggest police force in the world, 40,000 NYPD, supported by the relevant federal agencies sent by the District of Criminals, the combined power of whom is awesome. On the other hand, the revolutionaries who are coming to provoke extreme violence are not mere cokeheads who can’t see straight, pimpled sophomores or vacuous Million Mom marchers pushing baby carriages. They are well-trained professionals, who have been planning their campaign for more than a year.

Michael Bloomberg, a far leftist, is the Republicrat mayor and he has already put one of his clodhoppers in a smelly pile of doo-doo. On Monday, he suggested that First Amendment rights of free speech and free assembly are "privileges" that could be lost if abused. "People who avail themselves of the opportunity to express themselves . . . they will not abuse that privilege," he said at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "Because if we start to abuse our privileges, then we lose them, and nobody wants that."

Needless to say, the alert Communists jumped all over Bloomberg’s stupid comment like maggots feasting in a suppurating wound. Bloomberg made his millions in the media. Can you believe he doesn’t know he should have said that as mayor he would do everything to prevent the terrorists from denying the Republicrats their right to convene?

According to New York magazine, more than 800 groups, including the Communist Party, are coordinating to attack the convention. What will they do? Of course the demonstrators will include the usual noodle heads, among them bare-breasted feminoids with provocative signs on their muffins.

New York says that because of the size, power and training of NYPD, the professionals will forego confrontations and instead opt for unpermitted street parties, cream pies thrown in the faces of delegates, mass sit-ins, and smaller blockades of hotels and convention sites. But those things could be mere diversions.

The revolutionaries could also cover strategic ground with marbles and bolts the police would slip on. They could launch batteries – and more marbles or bolts. They could use fishing line to trip horses and dogs, Molotov cocktails, named for Stalin’s Foreign Minister, and torches to set nuisance fires. There are also "super-soakers," containers filled with vinegar, gasoline, or urine. They used that technique to attack the police in Chicago in 1968.

They will have instant communication via scouts equipped with walkie-talkies, who will find and report weak spots in police formations or in the protection around certain potential targets. What they contemplate is not just a demonstration, however vast; it is a military operation.

Expect to see disruptions using the "sleeping dragon," a formation in which dozens of protesters lock arms – which they protect and make difficult to unlink by covering them with PVC piping – and block traffic. The professionals call this tactic "swarming." They could also do pretty much the same thing with big crowds on bicycles.

"You lock your arms in," says a practitioner. "When the cops come, they have to saw through these steel tubes. You get 30 people and you lock down a street for six hours. While this is happening, it gives other protesters a great opportunity to make their statement, to be further disruptive. They can lie down with these people, they can chant at the police, they can sit down where they are and be arrested for that or block further public space. They can disrupt the normal flow of society."

Needless to say, squads of liars who have passed the bar exam will be present to make accusations of "police brutality." Revolutionary clients will probably flood the 911 system with phony emergency calls, and fake injury when they are arrested, which will bog down ambulances, and no doubt cause the deaths of genuine heart attack victims in other boroughs waiting for help. If you are in the Bronx during the convention, plan not to get sick.

Once a month, the environmental group Time’s Up coordinates a "critical mass," in which thousands of bikers and inline skaters drive long distances to take to New York streets to protest internal combustion. Chaos erupts in the form of angry drivers honking and cursing, which of course intensifies the automobile pollution the phony polluters come to protest. This month’s convention protest will feature a tortoise pace up Eighth Avenue into tourist-heavy midtown.

On Tuesday, August 31st, Day Two, revolutionaries will conduct a day of "direct action," which kicks off at 9:30 a.m. outside Tavern on the Green and culminates in a mass swarming of Madison Square Garden at 7 p.m. There will be violence and property damage. According to one anarchist group: "A radical affront to democracy calls for a radical response."

Tavern on the Green is located in Central Park. The revolutionaries want to use the park as their staging area, but the city has denied them a permit. A confrontation could erupt. If they do congregate in Central Park, they will leave it the way they left Grant Park in Chicago in 1968, completely trashed and knee deep in garbage. They went home to organize the "ecology movement."

But all of this, however dangerous, is not the main event. Suppose you wanted to disrupt, not just the city outside, but also the proceedings inside Madison Square Garden. What would you do? To soak up police manpower, energy and resources, you would use hoax devices – suitcases or backpacks or other items that look like bombs. You would leave them in many places around the city. One or two of them could even be real.

Now that you have the attention of NYPD, you would call in bomb threats. You would report that bombs have been planted in the Garden itself. Yes, the police would know the reports are probably phony. But what is the standard police response to a bomb threat? Evacuation. And the President of the United States would be in the building. Would you gamble with the life of the President of the United States? No, you would not.

The subway runs right under the Garden. Every other man down there will be a policeman, of course, and many will have specially trained dogs. But when you get on the train in Washington Heights for the long ride downtown, your clothing will be reeking of gunpowder and drugs. The dogs will go crazy because you will have a reeking man at each end of the train. The cops will need to shut the system down while they investigate.

And now for la piece de resistance, as Communist traitor John Kerry would say. Now, you send in the clowns, the suicide berserkers whose only goal in life is death, already close enough to catch the tantalizing scent of those 47 virgins. By the way, what do those virgins look like? How old are they? Not that I don’t trust Allah, you understand, but a guy likes to know.

The experts tell us that while it is often easy to catch perpetrators who do bad things and try to escape, it is supremely difficult and often impossible to stop someone who is willing to die in the attempt. What would happen were you to send a squad of lunatics to the Garden who are willing to do that? Remember, your goal is not necessarily to kill someone, but merely to evacuate the building at the right time.

Finally, let’s apply the Hegelian dialectic. What would normal Americans between the Hudson River and the California state line think if Communist revolutionaries are able to disrupt the convention, force the evacuation of Madison Square Garden and delay the nomination of George Bush?

My guess is that a wave of sympathy for Bush and the Republicrats would roil across the country, sympathy that would translate into votes. Could that be one of the reasons the Republicrats chose New York City to convene? Maybe George Bush is smarter than he looks.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books, including, most recently, Perestroika Sunset, surrounding our Government's deception in the POW/MIA arena. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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