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September 2004   alan caruba
Terrorism At The Southern Gates By Alan Caruba

Terrorism At the Southern Gates By Alan Caruba

In July, Defense Watch reported that, in Arizona, an area called the Naco Strip has become a primary route of illegal entry by "significant numbers of Arab-speaking males."

It took a small town weekly newspaper, the Tombstone Tumbleweed, to reveal that, "males of possible Syrian and Iranian descent have been detained in the past few weeks." Since October 1, 2003, 5,510 illegal aliens designated "Other Than Mexican" (OTM) have been apprehended while crossing the Arizona terrain. These OTM's are not here to pick vegetables, mow lawns, pluck chickens, or wash cars.

Just do the math. If only five Muslim terrorists crossed the border every day for a year that would add up to 1,825 people ready to do the bidding of Osama bin Laden. If this has been going on for just the years since 9-11, that's an army of 5,475. Then, too, there are an estimated 2.9 million Muslims in America.

Extremists, worldwide, are estimated to be about ten percent of the overall population. Applied to the US, that represents a potential 290,000 American Muslims sympathetic to the Islamist cause. No matter how you slice and dice the numbers, it suggests that a substantial threat exists and is exacerbated by the failure to stop terrorists at our borders.

They constitute a virtual army of terrorists who, if not apprehended, could create a day of havoc from coast to coast when al Qaeda gives the signal. When that day comes, remember that you read about it here first.

Or, as some argue, there's no proof that any al Qaeda operatives have crossed the border. If, however, any were captured, normal counter-terrorism procedures would be to deny this and seek to extract information from those in custody.

The 9-11 operatives were here thanks to sloppy immigration procedures and, in the case of illegal aliens, the estimates are that eight to twelve million live among us. That is a huge margin for error.

The topic the Bush administration wants to stay away from until after November 2, Election Day is immigration. Some have called the Bush administration immigration policies "schizophrenic", but they are not. They are globalist, i.e., the views of someone for whom national borders should be regarded as outmoded while we all join hands in one big, global neighborhood.

One can understand the "schizophrenic" label, given the hue and cry about Bush's so-called unilateralism and willingness "to go it alone", but this is the same administration that supports a variety of policies that are globalist, most of which come straight out of the United Nations. The way civics is taught in our schools today is designed to create generations of globalists for whom our national sovereignty and the Bill of Rights are just a bunch of 18th century "ideas."

There are a number of problems with this see-no-evil immigration policy. On August 10, Jerry Seper of the Washington Times, reported that, under President Bush's guest-worker program, "Millions of illegal aliens in the United States would be free from arrest and deportation, have access to tax-deferred savings accounts and Social Security credits, and get unrestricted travel to and from their home countries." This constitutes a massive dollar transfer to Mexico.

Homeland Security Undersecretary, Asa Hutchinson, responsible for the nation's borders and transportation security, has apparently lost his senses. In a recently reported response to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hutchinson supported the Bush immigration policies while acknowledging that the "incentives" being offered illegal aliens are generous to a fault.

The National Border Patrol Council that represents 10,000 of the non-supervisory agents called the guest-worker plan a "slap in the face to anyone who has ever tried to enforce the immigration laws of the United States."

In January 2004, the Mexican government acknowledged that the number of their people entering the US illegally had increased 66% from 1990 to 2002. Naturally, Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, wants Bush to grant de facto amnesty to an estimated eight to eleven million illegal aliens already working in the United States, the majority of whom are Mexican. Amnesty and any other program of this nature is simply a reward for breaking the laws of the United States of America. There are even some voices suggesting they should be given the right to vote!

One little discussed cost of the open door policy being pursued by the Bush administration is the increase in the cost of law enforcement where illegal aliens gather in numbers. Right now, according to Seper, "About 80,000 illegal criminal aliens, including convicted murders, rapists, drug dealers, and child molesters who served prison time and were releases, are loose on the streets of America, hiding from federal immigration authorities."

They don't have to hide that hard. According the figures for 2002 from the former Immigration and Naturalization Service and from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than 375,000 known illegal aliens have been ordered deported, but have disappeared pending immigration hearings. Lee Boyd Malvo, the sniper who terrorized the Washington, DC area, was one of them.

Recently, Brazil agreed to step up the policing of the Triple Border Area with Paraguay and Argentina. According to a Washington Times editorial, "It has long been identified as a fund-raising, training and procurement haven for diverse terrorist groups, including al Qaeda and Hezbollah." The ease with which terrorists could be infiltrated into the US from these South American strongholds cannot be underestimated.

When the facts are examined, there are few good reasons to permit the massive daily influx of Mexicans and other illegal aliens, but there is one very good reason to shut it down completely.

Alan Caruba is a contributer to Insight. He writes a weekly commentary, "Warning Signs", posted on The National Anxiety Center