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October 2004   alan Stang
The Republicrat Party, A Sorry History By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

By now, anyone who has spent any more than a few minutes looking at this year’s installment of the quadrennial charade whose impresario is the conspiracy for world government knows that John Kerry (D-Hanoi) is a Communist traitor who should be serving a long sentence in Leavenworth, not running for President. So we don’t need to belabor that fact. Regular readers of these weekly diatribes know that I support Michael Peroutka, Constitution Party candidate for President, because this year especially there is no "lesser of two evils," so there is nothing to lose. Choosing between the Democruds (Communist Party A) and the Republicrats (Communist Party B) amounts to choosing the kind of Communism you want.

With Communist traitor Kerry, we would get "left-wing," Soviet-style Communism. With world government traitor Bush we would get "right-wing," corporate Mussolini-style Communism. One could make just as strong a case that Kerry is the elusive "lesser of two evils" this year. Bush puzzles many patriots. They see that his actions are clearly not "conservative." But they have no context and therefore can’t understand what he has done. Because no one talks about Republicrat history they wonder whether Bush could be an aberration. They ask themselves whether they are going crazy.

What I propose to do here is something I have not read anywhere. I certainly have not heard it on Republicrat zombie talk radio. This week let’s look at the record of Republicrat Presidents. Remember the timeworn cliché. If you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

We have discussed our first Communist President – mass murderer Lincoln – in these columns at length. So let’s move along to Herbert Hoover. The way the textbooks tell it, Hoover was a "staunch Republican conservative" who worshipped Free Enterprise, which caused the Great Depression.

In fact, when the Soviets were about to collapse for real in 1920-21, Hoover went there as head of the American Relief Administration and brought tons of supplies that saved Lenin’s borscht. In gratitude, Lenin apparently gave Hoover a lifelong enthusiasm for government control of the economy (Communism). As Secretary of Commerce, Hoover tried persistently to persuade President Harding to intervene.

Even before the Great Depression, the Hoover Administration was imposing Mussolini-style control of the economy. (Remember that Mussolini, like Hitler, was a far-left Socialist extremist.) One of the many places you can read about this is A History of Money and Banking in the United States, by the late, great Murray N. Rothbard.

Because of those controls, the economy could not recover from the disaster fomented by the Marxist Federal Reserve. In the 1932 election, Franklin Roosevelt accused Hoover of strangling the economy by imposing federal bureau upon agency upon department upon division. Elect me, Roosevelt promised, and I shall liberate American business from Hoover’s suffocating intervention.

Yes, we know that Roosevelt lied. We know he was a criminal himself, who compounded his lies by arranging the mass murder of 3,000 of our men at Pearl Harbor. But his characterization of Herbert Hoover was perfectly true. Truth accidentally was what Roosevelt needed to tell at the time.

In 1952, the nation was reeling from congressional exposés of Communist infiltration of our government. "Mr. Republican," Ohio Senator Robert Taft, was a sure thing to win the Republican nomination. The conspirators for world government feared that Taft would intensify and complete those exposés, throw the rascals out and torpedo their scheme to destroy our nation’s independence.

Instead, phony "Republicans" sabotaged their party’s own leader and got the nomination for Dwight Eisenhower, whom the Democruds had thought of running. Eisenhower was a front man for Soviet dictator Joe Stalin. Among Ike’s exploits was Operation Keelhaul, in which he forcibly returned to Stalin a couple of million refugees who had used World War II as their chance to escape the horror of Communism.

Some of those men had served during the war in our military in our uniform. Many committed suicide rather than go back. Mothers threw their infants off bridges into rivers and then jumped in themselves. Stalin killed or sent to slave labor camps the ones Eisenhower returned. You can read all about it in Operation Keelhaul, by Julius Epstein, and other works on the subject.

As President, Eisenhower did everything he could to destroy our national independence. For instance, there was considerable fear at the time that an international agreement or a treaty could override the Constitution. Senator John Bricker, of Ohio, sponsored an amendment to the Constitution that bore his name.

The Bricker Amendment forbade that from happening. Who could be against it? To be against it meant you were against our independence. But Eisenhower and his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, twisted arms from their sockets and narrowly defeated the Amendment. There are many more examples of Eisenhower’s perfidy.

Read The Politician by Robert Welch, a book that the Communist media denounced daily before it was published, but never mentioned again after, when people could read for themselves what it said. Read also my book, The Actor, a biography of John Foster Dulles, whom your history textbook says was another "staunch Republican."

In fact, Dulles was a passionate advocate of Communism, and The Actor proves it from his own mouth and actions. The book is now 36 years old. The pages have yellowed somewhat and the cover is faded but the facts are intact. We recently discovered a small trove of Actors. As long as they last, send a suggested donation of $10 for a copy to me, Alan Stang, P.O. Box 580503, Houston, TX, 77258-0503.

Now let’s move along to Richard Nixon. When he was trying to make a name for himself, it was fashionable to expose Communists in government, so that is what he did. Later, Nixon went to Communist-occupied China and paved the way for the treason Clinton committed later there.

Nixon destroyed the last link between our currency and money. Along with his Secretary of State, Heinz Kissinger, who is a Soviet agent, he arranged our defeat in Vietnam and lied about the Prisoners of War he abandoned. Nixon introduced the regional government and "revenue sharing" that have completed the destruction of our federal system. Communist terrorist Lincoln started the process. Nixon finished it.

Nixon said himself he was a "Keynesian," a follower of John Maynard Keynes, the English economist who was a hero in the Soviet Union. Keynes of course taught massive government control of the economy, including the clever use of inflation to manipulate trends.

Keynes was also a predatory sodomite, known to his intimates as "Sugar Keynes." He wrote to them with enthusiasm about his many trips to North Africa "on holiday," where, for a very reasonable price, he could rent "bed and boy." In the United States at the time, such practices would have landed him in a dungeon for many years. But Richard Nixon was a Keynesian.

Gerald Ford is as near to a nonentity as the Oval Office has ever come. Suffice it to say that he became President by accident and then did as he was told, including the appointment of Nelson Rockefeller – who paid even less income tax than John Kerry – as Vice President.

Ronald Reagan was so Communist in Hollywood he was known as "Red Ronnie." When he showed up at a patriotic event, Olivia deHavilland and other Americans wondered, "What’s Red Ronnie doing here?" Later, Reagan is said to have enjoyed a conversion, became a "conservative Republican" and, during the 1964 Goldwater campaign, made "The Speech," bristling with conservative themes.

In the next year, 1965, UROC, United Republicans of California, the biggest, oldest conservative Republican group in the state, encouraged Reagan to run for governor. In 1975, after he had served as governor for eight years, the same group, UROC, denounced him in a four-page resolution full of explanatory documentation.

It turns out that Reagan’s "conservatism" consisted of making masterful conservative speeches and then doing exactly the opposite. That is why you need the Ronald Reagan kit. It includes the 1975 UROC Resolution and my talk, "Reagan vs. Reagan," that I gave in 1984. The talk compares what he said to what he did.

No one else is making this information available, and you must have it to understand what is happening in today’s politics. You will see in the kit a Ronald Reagan you have not been allowed to see before. To get the Ronald Reagan kit, please send another suggested donation of $10 to me at the same address above. You should also read Kent Steffgen’s Counterfeit Conservative and Here’s the Rest of Him. For those books, call the American Opinion Bookstore of North Hollywood, (800) 470-8783.

Here’s just one example of many. I cite it because Reagan did it after 1984, so it isn’t mentioned in the kit. In 1985, Reagan met with Soviet KGB dictator Mike Garbageoff, and signed an agreement that, in effect, merged the schools of the Soviet Union and the United States. Remember that, at the very same time, Reagan was spouting off about the "Evil Empire." See the deliberate dumbing down of america, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.

And finally we come to Bush Senior, a "former" member of the world government’s Council on Foreign Relations and the world government’s Trilateral Commission. He pretended to "resign" from them before he ran for President. Bush made speech after treasonous speech advocating "the new world order," until his colleagues told him to shut up.

This is the context the Communist media have suppressed. Bush Junior is not an aberration after all. He is just the latest extrusion. You are not going crazy. From the beginning, the Republicrat Party has produced an endless series of totalitarian Socialist – even Communist – Presidents. Armed with this understanding, one cannot be surprised.

What was that you said about the "lesser of two evils?"

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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