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November 2004   sartre
The Nasty Little Secret Of Immigration, Ethnostate A Must By Sartre



It is maintained that a society is free only when dissenting minorities have room to throw their weight around.

As a matter of fact, a dissenting minority feels free only when it can impose its will on the majority: what it abominates most is the dissent of the majority.

---Eric Hoffer

The migration crisis is ground zero for the real war from foreigners. Successive administrations have surrendered the borders to the madness of internal toxic turmoil. The notion of congenial assimilation, denies the reality of incompatible fusion. The taboo culture abhors honesty.

Polite political society won’t tolerate telling the truth. The only speech allowed must parrot the indivisibility of amalgamation. This flood of unwelcome immigrates is not fabricating tempered steel. What is being forged is pig iron. That smelting process produces a pool of brittle fractures. What remains is fast becoming a compost pile of rubbish. Harsh words, but all so true . . . Any sensible and rational citizen, knows in their heart, that the practice of unrestricted open borders, destroys the essential quality of life. A viable national fabric is not woven from threads that can’t be sown together. Yet, that is exactly the garb that is being fashioned. America is rapidly becoming unrecognizable. A functional country must share basic values and mutual principles. The core reason for domestic decay comprises the ethnic issue.

Orthodox academics have long constructed the foundations for the superstructure doctrine of pluralism. Conformity to the multicultural dogma is a basic test for tenure. Deviation from this exercise risks both ridicule and disdain. The significance of the research and viewpoint of Professor Kevin MacDonald - CSULB, Department of Psychology - should not go unnoticed. Bold assessments with daring insights are rare. His work comprises genuine substance. Consider his recent essay in - Immigration And The Unmentionable Question Of Ethnic Interests - Immigration enthusiasts are quick to smear arguments that immigration will harm the environment as “the greening of hate”. “This strategy has been highly effective - because, if there is one area where the intellectual left has won a complete and decisive victory, it is in pathologizing any consideration by the European majority of the United States of its own ethnic interests. By "pathologizing" I mean not only that people have been indoctrinated that their commonsense perceptions of race and ethnicity are an "illusion," but, further, that the slightest assertion of ethnic self-interest or consciousness by the European majority of the United States is the sign of a grave moral defect - so grave that it is a matter of psychiatric concern”.

Only the mentally challenged will dispute that the substructure bedrock of the American experience was the creation from a transplanted Western Civilization. That part of our history that stands out as a beacon to the rest of the world, is rooted in our European heritage. Pride in our ancestry is no sin. There is no guilt in remembering who we are, and what embodies our heritage. And certainly there is no shame in following our own self-interest. So why should whites be embarrassed or reluctant to defend our own interests?

Professor MacDonald continues:

“Until recently, ethnic interests were understood intuitively by everyone. People have an interest, or "stake" in their ethnic group in exactly the same way that parents have a genetic interest in raising their children. By bringing up my children, I ensure that my unique genes are passed on to the next generation. This is the fundamental principle of Darwin’s theory of evolution. But in defending my ethnic interests, I am doing the same thing - ensuring that the genetic uniqueness of my ethnic group is passed into the next generation.”

As the traditional culture is systematically disassembled, the material villain rests within ourselves. By denial, the disease of the infiltrating invaders shatters the formula for national survival. With repudiation of our own common sense, we demean ourselves. Altruism is no excuse or justification for violating nature. Allowing our ethnic fraternity to bend into an inevitable absorption with alien cultures is sheer madness. The indisputable trends of demographics doom our progeny to the fate of an oppressed minority, within our own land.

Regarding Frank Salter’s book - On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethny and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration - Kevin MacDonald makes the following point: “Salter’s basic purpose is to quantify how much genetic overlap people in the same or race share, as compared to people from different ethnic groups or races.” The determining factor revolves around the compatibility of similar cultures. For any seasoned traveler, the lessons of indigenous cultures is well understood. Uniqueness and diversity in a native locality is often quaint. Importing that spice might seems attractive, but when you lose control over the magnitude of that foreign export, the quality of the public organism declines, and often perishes. The risks of a fatal contamination, becomes very real.

When MacDonald asserts: “It does not take an overactive imagination to see that how coalitions of minority groups could compromise the interests of formerly dominant European groups. We already see numerous examples where coalitions of minority groups attempt to influence public policy against the interests of the European majority - for example, "affirmative action" hiring quotas and immigration policy”, you get the crucial peril from our own communal congenital denial. No wonder why anyone with the courage to state the obvious is banished to the back of the bus.

Is it unconscionable to protect your own family, community or nation? Who deems it necessary to forfeit our own right for self-determination? If you accept that there is an implicit duty to embrace outlandish cultural perversions into your society, who will be left to preserve the fundamental integrity of the civic order?

Read carefully Salter’s conclusion: “the best way to preserve ethnic interests is to defend an ethnostate - a political unit that is explicitly intended to preserve the ethnic interests of its citizens. Promoting ethnostates is not only fair, it also serves the interests of most peoples. All existing nations are vulnerable to displacement by highly mobilized ethnic minorities, especially if the minorities have high fertility.”

Kevin MacDonald agrees. “A far better solution is to acknowledge everyone’s right to live in a state dominated by their ethnic group.”

How can observant folks refuse to face reality? The validity within the MacDonald and Salter position is rudimentary self-evident. The hidden source of discontent is inescapable certainty - different tribes seek varied objectives. What is the point of a forced melting into a inharmonious mold. The model for a free and open society has been established centuries ago. The tyranny of the mob is the predestined result from unrestricted and unsuited immigration.

The secret is now out, exposed for all to confront. The course is set for a sweeping disintegration of the multicultural matrix. Dissolution is the necessary solution. The ultimate well-being is determined by the Inherent Autonomy of the species. Fools hide behind their own stupidity. Wise men deal with their own warts, while accepting the natural order. Which are you? Your answer may well determine if you are willing to fight for a life within your own land. Or are you simply resigned to a fate not worth living?

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SARTRE is the pen name of a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. He is the content liaison for Ether Zone.

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Published in the November 4, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.