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November 2004   
War Is A Game To The NeoCons By Martin Kelley

From Washington

Commentary War is a Game to the NeoCons Commentary by Martin Kelly November 15, 2004

Neoconservatism is fascism.

Fascists conquer countries and demand that the conquered accept their ideology.

Fascists set up puppet regimes led by favoured strong men and backed up by force.

Fascists dictate that acceptance of their way is the only way by which the conquered can live in peace.

Fascists round up those who disagree or protest and imprison them without charge.

What is neoconservatism but all that?

The pampered neocon creatures of the think tanks, all the good little boys and girls who have networked so hard to get all the best jobs, who have all the education in the world but not a scrap of sense between them, are fascists.

To them, the business of war is a game, played out by other people, the kind of people they praise but with whom they would never really wish to mix, in corners of the world they know are dangerous – because one of their pals has told them so. Or because they interned for a Senator with an interest in Foreign Affairs. Or because they have a Masters in International Relations.

In many ways, they are the most privileged people in the entire history of humanity; unelected, isolated, insular, they have a finger on the reins of power in the most powerful country the world has ever seen, at the very height of its power.

As a result of their policies, the town of Fallujah is fast becoming rubble; those goat herders had better be made an example of! What is becoming clearer is that the smarter neck-smiters and Ba’athist dead-enders may have ‘exfiltrated’ themselves prior to the commencement of the assault. Although the fighting in Fallujah is brutal, it will not be conclusive; the unrest across the country says as much. By their stupidity, an action taken to improve security will only further undermine it.

Are these guys nuts?

They are like big yuppie kids, playing ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. The depth of their commitment to their ideology was plain when they insisted that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. They fostered an atmosphere of fear, telling people to buy stuff to make their homes secure, while the calibre of the intelligence they gathered was on a par with the medieval maritime maps that said of uncharted waters, ‘Here be Dragons’. For them, Saddam Hussein was a dragon to be slain, while their push for war sowed the dragon’s teeth amongst the body politic, a wound from which the greatest country the world has ever seen has still not recovered, despite the best intentions of John Kerry and those of his supporters who regard their shared history as Americans to be more important than their ideology.

The neocons are certainly adept at producing dungeons. The patsies for the scandal of Abu Ghraib are now and will forever be the reservists caught on candid camera, while there is little public talk of ‘Operation Copper Green’, and ‘contractors’ being brought in to ‘circumvent’ the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention is one of the high watermarks of post-Enlightenment civilisation, one of those documents that show, like the Bible and the Constitution, that Man is capable of great nobility, that prove we are better than beasts – it went into the trash to give the neocons what they wanted. And Abu Ghraib is what they got as a result.

Like all fascists, they favour their friends. To paraphrase Raymond Chandler, for whose plots their actions would be too fantastical, they scream like wounded eagles at the corruption of the UN Oil for Food Scandal, while they never mention that the UN Compensation Commission is disbursing 18 billion dollars to corporate interests for ‘lost profits’ and ‘business decline’ as a result of the 1991 peace settlement, all payable from a 5% levy on Iraqi oil, oil products and gas sales. According to the magazine Private Eye, Halliburton has received $18 million – as the Eye points out, this was money they and the other claimants never had in the first place. There would have been no levy if the neocons had not agreed to it. They are certainly intimate with the concept of double standards.

Once Fallujah is razed to the ground, their fascism will demand they seek a new foe; things are getting ropey in Mosul – better send a brigade. They will not stop until whatever mad master plan they have concocted for the domination of their interests has been effected. Their values are not historic American values, their language not historically American. Unless they are banished from influence, the neocons will continue to strut around in thousand dollar suits, far away from danger, playing their bloody games. Hey, dude, how do we get to the next level? Is that by imprisoning farmers?

Or by going into Iran?

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