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November 2004   alan stang
Covert Communist Bush, The Return Of The Smirk By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Little more than two weeks have passed since covert communist traitor Bush defeated overt communist traitor Kerry and you Republicruds who reelected him already have much to explain.

Remember that Bush appeared onstage to claim victory, accompanied by the "husband" of Dick Cheney’s dyke daughter, thereby spitting in the face of those Americans who voted overwhelmingly against sodomite "marriage" in all eleven states where the issue was on the ballot.

Bush has resurrected his scheme to "legalize" the presence in our country of millions of criminals who broke our immigration laws. He is thereby participating in the scheme to dissolve our border and merge these United States with Mexico. The inevitable result of the invasion will be the collapse of the culture on which our system is based.

Republicrud apologists tell us – as they have again and again – that Bush will "legalize" the present crop of criminals just this one time. How many times must someone hit you in the head before your figure out why you have a headache?

Secretary of State Colin Powell was an outsider, not that it did any good. His successor is Condoleezza Rice, who comes to us from the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations, the goal of which is to submerge our country in a totalitarian socialist world government. Remember that if you are working for world government you are working to destroy the United States government – because the two things are mutually exclusive – and you therefore are a traitor.

Condi inevitably is being compared to Bill On Your Knees and Inhale My Cigar Clinton’s female Secretary of State, Madeleine Halfwit, whose Kerryish diplomacy included wearing mini-skirts in meetings with Muslim leaders. If you got it, flaunt it, right, Madeleine?

One thing that certainly must be said in Condi’s favor is that because she seems to favor pants suits and is enviably skinny, there is little chance we shall see a rerun of the disgusting stalactites of adipose tissue the halfwit displayed.

Selling the American people on Condi includes the usual dialectical materialism that is the favorite technique of the conspiracy for world government. Republicrud Zombie Talk Radio went into action.

Shallow Sean fomented sympathy for the candidate by spending considerable time lamenting blatantly racist remarks about her some know-nothings are making. Hannity rambled on about the segregated schools she attended, etc. In one of them, an official told the young Condi she was not college material. It was terrible, and so on, and that is why she should be Secretary of State, etc., a miasma of sympathy designed to conceal her ideas.

Bush also has nominated Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. Alberto is one of the architects of the secret "Patriot" legislation; he generally favors abortion; and he opposes parental notification when a teenager wants that procedure. Of course, this is no surprise, because "born-again" Bush and his family see nothing wrong with abortion.

As I write, the battle about Arlen Specter is still under way. Remember that Bush went all out to get him reelected. A firestorm of protest is now raging in the heartland. Americans don’t want this baby-killing enthusiast to be Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. So far, Bush has said absolutely nothing, which means he continues to support Specter, thereby destroying the argument that Bush wants conservative judges.

Remember Lieutenant Colonel Allen West? A couple of female interrogators failed to impress an islamocommunist terrorist in Iraq. Colonel West impressed him by firing a .45 round near his head. The terrorist spouted information the Colonel needed to protect his men from an ambush. West was accused of scaring him. Needless to say, Bush did nothing to protect him. Colonel West was saved from court-martial, loss of pay, imprisonment, etc., only because the nation rose in fury to prevent that.

If crypto-communist Bush would do nothing to defend an officer who had merely frightened an enemy, he certainly would do nothing to defend a Marine who had – uh, well, you see, like – killed an enemy. Now comes the story of the Marine who killed that wounded islamocommunist in that Fallujah mosque.

I remember confessing I was wrong when I warned that if we invaded Iraq we would face house-to-house fighting. When Bush declared victory on that aircraft carrier, I expressed my happiness about how wrong I had been. But I was wrong when I said I was wrong. The Marines are now involved in the deadliest fighting since Vietnam and maybe since Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.

The islamocommunist monsters booby trap their own dead and even their own wounded to kill unwary Americans. They play dead and kill. The Marine in question had seen such horrors in his own unit. The day before the incident, he had been wounded himself – shot in the face – but, incredibly, returned to duty.

The terrorist he killed was wounded. But combat troops are taught that the enemy is most dangerous when he is wounded. It turned out that the wounded terrorist he killed was unarmed and unbooby-trapped. The Marine made a mistake. So what! He deserves the benefit of the doubt, the edge. The wounded terrorist was a terrorist.

But the network pimps are not impressed and neither is crypto-communist Bush. He is fighting the "sensitive" war offered by overt communist Kerry. Kerry’s complaint was that Bush wasn’t sensitive enough. The question is: Which side do you favor?

Bush favors the enemy. He doesn’t give a d-a-r-n about our Marines. If he did, he would not be sending them house-to-house. Now that Bush has tricked us into the war, he should be using the same strategy Clinton used on Belgrade, insensitive bombs. Instead, Bush prefers catering to lunatic Muslim whims.

Now it turns out that the "embedded" network puke who shot the video is in the business of discrediting and demoralizing our military. Imagine the effect on our military when enough of them realize they must not only worry about the islamocommunist enemy in front, but also about the District of Criminals at their backs. Remember that our incomparable Marines won in the Nam. They lost to Washington.

World War II was the biggest war we ever fought except for the War of Northern Aggression. Can you name one – one – just one such incident from that war? You can’t, can you? Why? Not because we had no instant replay.

We did have war correspondents. You can’t name such an incident, although the war was no doubt full of them, because war correspondents like Ernie Pyle and Richard Tregaskis were Americans, who wanted America to win.

Here, at no extra charge, is the solution to the imbroglio. When a question like the one at the mosque arises, send the embedded network puke to check it out. He is so much smarter than we are, so we know he’ll do it right. If he decides there is no weapon and no booby trap, the Marines can hold their fire. If he is blown up, propaganda pimp Blather can send another puke.

By the way, recently I was wrong again. I wrote here that, while debauching little boys is common in Islam, at least the Koran condemns it. An alert Christian informs me that the problem in Islam is even worse than I said; that the Koran is full of praise for the practice. It is, but the Koran also condemns it. Whatever turns you on, eh, Muhammad?

Finally, there is the Boy Scouts of America. Because the American Communist Liars Union (ACLU) complained about their oath, which mentions God, Donnie Rumsfeld’s Department of Defense has caved. Henceforth, U.S. military bases are forbidden to sponsor Scout troops, the members of which are mostly military brats.

The American Communist Liars Union was founded by Communists like Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and William Z. Foster, and run by Roger Baldwin, who said, "Communism is the goal." Its purpose from the beginning has been to cripple Christianity, so that our country will collapse.

I listened to Laura Ingraham lamenting DOD’s ruling. Laura is as stupid as she is beautiful – even more so. She could not understand how Donnie could do it. Is it remotely possible, do you think, that Laura Ingraham, who is a lawyer, doesn’t know Donnie’s boss is crypto-communist Bush? Donnie kicked the Boy Scouts out because that is Bush’s policy. It would stop at once if Bush called Donnie and told him to stop.

This is just the work of a couple of weeks. Imagine four more years of it. But you can be sure that, however bad it gets, the Republicruds will think it is heaven because "born-again" Christian Bush is doing it, a classic example of the BOHICA principle. Bend Over. Here It Comes Again.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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