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December 2004   
Jack Booted Fascists Still Mad, Here's Something They Won't Want To Look At By R.A. Hawkins


By: R.A. Hawkins

You may be interested to see what CBS has to say lately about the Internet. Before I start I’ll put the link right up here for you to peruse: Click here!

It seems that the chief political writer for CBS is concerned about the right-wing bloggers who helped to oust Tom Daschle the author of Patriot Act Two as introduced. They feel there is not so much a legal problem as there is an ethical problem. There is a problem for CBS and bloggers just as much as there is one for the leftists. One of those problems is that a blogger was the one that outed their unimpeachable memo against Bush. Within a few hours anyone with an IQ of above two digits was rolling on the floor laughing at them. For CBS bloggers continue to be a problem because they aren’t letting go of that egregious ethical snafu.

One of the more amusing questions in the article was this, and I quote, "While many are must-reads for political junkies, are some Internet blogs also being used as proxies for campaigns? In the nation’s hottest Senate race, this past year, the answer was yes." After I got off of the floor from reading this I was forced to ask a similar question regarding them and what they were doing when they released that memo. This is now known as ‘Memogate’. It was interesting to see that for some strange reason they only seemed to be concerned with conservative blogs. There was no mention of organizations such as or many of the other George Soros projects. I do have to say I was quite pleased to see that George Soros was met with total failure in what he called the most important task in his life. I am also glad to see he and many of the other leftists are many million short. To them it was probably money wasted. To me it was money well spent. Nice job boys.

To listen to the media, as we got closer to the election one would have thought there was only one site out there that was anti-Kerry, and that one was the Swift Boat Vets site. That was put together by a bunch of average guys with a legitimate beef and it outdid One site was done by a few average guys, and one was done by really big money. I doubt the left understands just yet what ‘grass roots’ mean. To some on the left grass roots are probably thought to be the part you don’t cut so you can grow and smoke some more.

But back to that article before I move on to bash a few more left-wing sites. The only acceptable conclusion that can come from the blogs and the ole what to do regarding them is this: They have exactly the same First Amendment rights as you or I do. That will be the end decision. Bloggers will have to be treated the same as reporters.

Some of them should make press passes and declare themselves the Internet version of CNN. Many of them are actually faster on the draw than CNN these days anyway. If the nice people at CBS want to start to appear rational instead of partisan they might want to mention some of the left-wing bloggers and sites.

The article even mention a hypothetical situation regarding one paper finding out that the New York Times has a reporter who is working on the Bush campaign. There is a rather obvious conclusion in there too. Yes the New York Times would fire them. They would probably also commit hari kari. Let us hope.

Since the air is still crackling with all of the excitement of the conspiracy addicts here’s one for you. There is one site that claims the Pentagon wasn’t hit with a jet. As I wrote earlier, a jet hit it and the evidence is here.

A French writer started the claim that the Pentagon wasn’t hit. Anyone over there that believes it shouldn’t drive or vote. But in the spirit of conspiracy growth, I have a question for the left-wingers: Why weren’t Teddy Kennedy and J.F. Kerry out in front of the pentagon playing hopscotch? What did they know and when did they know it?!?!

I was also sent a link last week to an apparently unbiased left-wing site called I noticed a lot of antiwar articles and there was even one by some guy claiming the marines are just killing anything that moves. When he runs for office a precedent has been set. Talk to Kerry before you run for office okay?

There were a lot of articles like that over there. I did a little investigating regarding that site and found something rather interesting about it. One Mark Ash in Los Angelos registered the site. The most alarming part was this: At about the time Mohhamud Atta and his crew of benighted freaks were shaving all of the hair off of their bodies and bathing in milk in preparation for the terrorist attacks, something else was happening. was created at 22:56:42 UTC in September 10th. What did he know and when did he know it?!?!

And that’s how stupid conspiracies are started.

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R.A. Hawkins is the author of "Through Eyes of Shiva", available through He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

R.A. Hawkins can be reached at:

Visit R.A. Hawkins' website at: Entropical Paradise.

Published in the December 14, 2004 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2004 Ether Zone.

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