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December 2004   levin
Time to Protect Jerusalem's Sanctity: An Open Letter to Mayor Lupolianski By Rabbi Yehuda Levin

3 Teveth 5765 / 15 Dec. 2004

Time to Protect Jerusalem's Sanctity: An Open Letter to Mayor Lupolianski

By Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Dear Mayor Lupolianski:

Sometimes party politics asks too much—this is one of those times. In just eight months, in August 2005, radical homosexual groups from all over the world plan to assemble in Jerusalem for a 10-day extravaganza that will feature a parade, a film festival, and massive publicity in the Israeli newspapers and on Israeli radio and television.

This gathering, called WorldPride 2005, is part of a well-coordinated effort to legitimize perversion and depravity in the eyes of the Jews in Israel and people all over the world. The city of Jerusalem has been purposely chosen for maximum impact precisely because it is revered as a holy place by all.

According to their official press release, "WorldPride is a unique event . . . to bring change where it’s most needed, to carry a special message . . . to have a global impact."

Mayor Lupolianski, you bear a very heavy responsibility for this planned massive desecration of the holiness of Jerusalem. While electioneering for the office of mayor of Jerusalem in the weeks preceding the 2003 Sodomy parade, you made statements celebrating "diversity" when the Sodomy issue was raised. (You did issued a belated statement criticizing that parade only when you were pressured to do so by Rabbi Eliashiv, shlita.)

You were responsible for issuing official permits in 2003 and 2004 to the Jerusalem Open House organization to conduct its Sodomy parades and to put up its flags in the streets of Jerusalem.

Mayor Lupolianski, I know that you were elected to your position by a slim majority that included many secular Likud people, and you probably feel that you have to reach out to accommodate them as much as possible. But there is a limit to what can and what cannot be tolerated. You cannot be a complete sycophant.

Your "tolerant" behavior only emboldened the homosexuals, and now radical activists from all over the world are preparing to come to Jerusalem in massive numbers to publicly desecrate the city with their abominations.

Mr. Mayor, you know that during Chanukkah we honor the brave Maccabees and their father Mattisyahu, who was the kohen gadol [chief priest] in the bais hammikdash [Temple] in Jerusalem.

What did the Maccabees do that was so important that all of the Jewish People have been required to honor them, year after year, for thousands of years?

The answer is this: They rescued the Jewish people from a fate worse than death. They saved the Jews from complete cultural destruction.

The Syrian Greek empire under Antiochus, which ruled the Land of Israel in their time, demanded nothing less than the complete abandonment of G-d and his Torah. They insisted that the Jewish nation adopt the Greek civilization as its own or face wholesale genocide.

Although the Greeks had much to offer—mathematics, physics, literature, art, theater—they were a decadent people. Morality was a strange concept to them. They worshipped only physical strength and beauty—especially the perfection of the human body. Homosexuality was practiced openly and without shame.

The Jewish People suffered mightily from the high taxes imposed by Antiochus, but they never would have revolted against him for that reason. What triggered the revolt in the small town of Modi’in was the attempt of a Greek officer to force the townspeople to participate in the public worship of a Greek idol.

When a local townsman stepped forward to offer a pig sacrifice to the idol, Mattisyahu stepped forward, drew his sword, and killed both the townsman and the Greek officer. Thus began the successful revolt of the small band of brave Maccabees against their mighty Syrian/Greek overlords.

Mayor Lupolianski, the Hellenizers are returning to Jerusalem—on your watch! You have a very important decision to make: Are you with us or against us? Whose side are you on – the Maccabees or the Hellenizers?

Mr. Mayor, I fear that, if this event goes forward, the entire Jewish community will be placed in mortal danger. Our sages have written that sins committed in G-D’s own courtyard, in the Land of Israel, and especially in the Holy City of Jerusalem, bring swift and severe punishment.

Certainly our dear brethren in Israel, who live under the daily threat of terrorism, need to do everything possible to enlist G-D’s favor and blessing. They certainly cannot afford this dangerous provocation against G-D in Jerusalem!

Mr. Mayor, you were elected thanks to the overwhelming support of Torah-observant Jews because they felt that you would safeguard their well-being. You cannot imagine how disappointed and shocked they would be if they discovered that you were endangering their safety by striking a Faustian bargain with these Greek Hellenizers.

Mayor Lupolianski, are you going to participate in this open defiance of G-d in his Holy City? Will you pander to your secular political allies and pretend to see no evil and hear no evil?

Or will you, like Mattisyahu and his five sons, stand up for G-d, for His Torah, and for the people of Israel?