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December 2004   
Conspiracy For World Government, Could It Be Any Clearer? By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Historians debate the question of when the Hitler regime became a dictatorship. It certainly was not when he took control of the government in January, 1933, because he did that legally. In conformity with the German constitution, President Paul von Hindenberg invited him to do so.

There is no debate that when he committed suicide in der bunker in the spring of 1945, he was running a dictatorship. So the perversion of Germany’s constitutional republic obviously happened at some point during those twelve years, and Hitler did not cooperate by announcing it. Achtung! Effective today, ve haff a totalitarian dictatorship!

So the question remains for historians to play with. When did Germany under Hitler become a dictatorship? Yes, we understand that the process was gradual, that the government, like Lugosi’s Dracula, kept usurping more power from the people. But was there an incident that finally confirmed the transformation?

Many people say the Reichstag fire did it. The Reichstag was of course the German version of our Congress. The National Socialists winked and blamed Marinus van der Lubbe, the Dutch half-wit the police found wandering in the wreckage, but everyone understood that Hitler’s thugs had burned the building down.

Machiavelli and dialectical materialism come to mind. Hitler of course blamed the Communists – van der Lubbe conveniently was one of them – and used the fire as justification to tighten der screws. Geheimland Security came to Germany in earnest. Was the precipitating act Hitler’s Waffenrecht, the Weapons Law of 1938?

Or was it Hitler’s destruction of local government? Germany consisted of historic states like our own, which had their own legislatures. Hitler kicked out the legislators and installed his own men, National Socialists, thereby turning the states into mere administrative appendages of the central government.

I don’t know the answer, so let’s move along to the question of when the United States became a totalitarian socialist dictatorship. When future historians look back at us, will it even be a question? Or will the answer be too obvious to debate? Are we living in such a dictatorship right now? Remember that most Germans probably didn’t know from beginning to end that their government was a dictatorship. Until the Eighth Air Force and General Patton brought an end to the Thousand Year Reich, they probably would have told you how happy they were, because Der Führer’s genius had solved the terrible fiscal problems inflicted on Germany by the lying allies at Versailles.

Likewise, most Americans today would not recognize a dictatorship if it were wet and slimy, covered with scales, smelled a couple of weeks old and hit them in the face. Were a column of troops wearing black SS uniforms and Nazi armbands to goosestep down Main Street singing the Horst Wessel, most Americans would assume somebody was making a movie and would apply for work as extras.

Consider the atmosphere the bushmasters have extruded. Contravening the wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt, they have entwined loyalty to country with loyalty to President, until many Americans no longer can tell them apart. Criticism of the President or his policies – even criticism of the schizoid Republicrud Party – is shouted down with cries of "treason" and threats of retribution.

Does this not stink of Stalinism? See the Gulag Archipelago, where Solzhenitsyn tells the story of the auditorium of people who leaped to their feet applauding when the speaker mentioned Stalin’s name, and then were afraid to stop clapping because the homeland security people might punish the first man who did.

Finally, one heroic soul, driven to mortification by the madness, unable any longer to tolerate the pain of pounding his hands together, stopped. So did everyone else, instantly, as if a door had been closed, no doubt giving thanks to Stalin. Need we add that a few days later, the hero was arrested? Is the smelly atmosphere the bushmasters are creating an Americanized version of all this?

Maybe the movie connection is the thing that prompts this modest essay. In every movie about the National Socialists there is a mandatory scene in which somebody asks the hero or heroine for identification. "Papieren, bitte!" Your papers please! The popular expression has become a comedic staple.

Remember Patriot I? It made one of the biggest changes in the history of our government. It was hundreds of pages long and Dr. Ron Paul says that he and other congressmen never were allowed to read it. We only learned of the existence of Patriot II because a whistleblower spilled the frijoles. This amounts to secret government, always a hallmark of totalitarian dictatorship.

And now comes the new "intelligence" law. It is more than three thousand (3,000) pages long and the congressmen were allowed to see it only a couple or three hours before they were required to vote. In other words, it was still more secret legislation the congressional puppets were expected to approve.

The reason for all this was the burning of the Reichstag. Oh, pardon me, did I say, "the burning of the Reichstag?" I misspoke. It’s so easy to get confused. I meant, of course, Nine Eleven. The purpose of the new law is to protect us from terrorism. Yet, notice that it targets you and me – Americans – but specifically exempts illegal aliens.

Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner tried to include language that would have prevented illegal aliens from getting driver licenses. Remember that the nineteen alleged Nine Eleven perpetrators had sixty-three such licenses between them. The bushmasters forced the removal of that language.

So, the next driver license you get will be federal. It will state the name of your state and will be issued through your state, but it will be a federal license and will be the same in whichever state you live. It will amount to the old "internal passport" issued by the never-did-collapse Soviet Union. You will need it to do everything. You will need it to go to the ladies’ room.

It will include everything about you, even stuff you don’t know yourself. Your "biometric" information will certainly be there (DNA, fingerprints, scars, etc.), maybe your criminal and medical records, and government alone knows what else. Will the new system include random roadblocks, meant to find "terrorists?"

Your papers, please!

Add to this the fact that almost everything – I am tempted to delete the word "almost" – Bush has done and not done since the election has been totalitarian, has been Communist. The Anti-American Communist Liars Union, Hollyweird and the Communist government schools are trying to destroy Christianity. Bush occupies T.R.’s "bully pulpit" and is alleged to be a Christian, but he has not said a word – except to encourage and excuse Islam.

Criminals, including the very terrorists Bush claims he is hunting, are presently invading us across the Mexican border. Bush does nothing to stop them; he even encourages them. In fact, he is trying to stop the Americans on the border who are trying to stop the invasion on their own.

Now comes word that Bush will send women into combat in Iraq, proving to the world that Americans are so corrupt, so unmanly, that they will send their women to fight their battles, thereby hastening the same moral collapse that was essential to Hitler’s rise to power.

Along these lines, Bush is doing everything he can to implement the sodomite agenda. And he has arranged to spend us into irretrievable bankruptcy. These are just a few examples. Meanwhile, Republicrud zombie talk radio says nothing. Michael Savage (Weiner), the sissy, says he can’t understand what Bush is doing.

While recovery from (il)liberalism is unlikely in most cases – most victims are doomed to a lifelong regimen of quiche and bull dykes – recovery from the Republicrud Party is not as serious a mental disorder and can happen with enough effort. A couple of therapeutic techniques may be helpful.

First, ask the victim what he or she would think of one of Bush’s many Communist policies had Bill Drop Your Pants and Inhale My Cigar Clinton, or Communist traitor John Kerry, recommended it. Second, wait for the victim to complain about some Communist policy extruding from Washington.

Then drop the bomb. Smile and ask sweetly, "How long could that policy continue after George Bush picks up the phone and says he wants it to stop?" Yes, you may get some nervous breakdowns, but it is now time for triage. You could also get some Republicruds who are willing to admit that Bush is President and therefore that the policy in question must be his.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Alan Stang can be reached at:

We invite you to visit his website at: www.stangbooks.