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December 2004   
War On Christianity The President And The Preachers By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

Nothing is as it seems. We are enmeshed in a war, yes, but the main theater of operations in that war is not Iraq; it is here in the United States. Many Americans expect a revolution; they don’t know the revolution is almost over. Most Americans believe their President is a staunch Christian; he is nothing of the kind. And neither are their preachers.

The war in the United States is a war against Christianity. What our enemies are after is not just control of Iraq. The prize they seek has always been our country, the foremost exemplar of everything they hate. They attack Christianity because it is the basis of our system and culture.

As Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party taught, they mean to destroy the building by collapsing its foundations. Instead of seizing the government and then forcing the dictatorship down on the institutions, as they did in Russia, they have reversed the scenario: first the institutions, then the government. That is easy to see. It is happening in plain sight.

As I write, the war is erupting across the country. In the Communist government schools, the name of Jesus Christ is verboten. Macy’s, home of the "miracle on 34th Street," has kicked Him out, but still rakes in the bucks He inspires. We have "happy holidays"(holy days), but no mention of which holidays they are.

Now the conspiracy for world government has taken the war to a new phase. In Philadelphia, four members of Repent America await trial for a combination of felonies and misdemeanors totaling forty-seven years. What did they do? Did you know that Philadelphia is now a modern version of Sodom?

The city where the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution conducts an annual sodomite event – paid for with tax funds – called the "Outfest." Repent America appears there to spread the Good News, the Gospel. This year, the sodomites were waiting for them. A sodomite security force calling themselves the "pink angels" surrounded them, screaming, and would not let them pass.

The sodomites were clearly breaking the law, so the police acted. They arrested the victims, the evangelists from Repent America. The charges include conspiracy, using instruments of crime (a bullhorn), ethnic intimidation, etc. Michael Marcavage, Repent America leader, says the prosecutor – a man of indeterminate gender – raged in court like a madman.

But, however outrageous, these are not the most potentially devastating charges. The prosecutor maintains that the evangelists used "fighting words," which apparently is a lawyer’s "term of art" that means an insufferable provocation. What are the "fighting words" Brother Marcavage used?

Did he tell the sodomites to go to h-e-c-k? Did he point out that a man who, in effect, routinely plunges his pecker to the hilt into human excrement probably deserves the fatal diseases he gets? No, what Repent America did was quote scripture. As you know, from beginning to end scripture excoriates sodomy on page after page.

So, one of the ramifications of the horror in Philadelphia could well be the criminalization of scripture. The Bible could be made illegal, as it is already in many parts of the world. You probably think I’m talking about Communist-occupied China or the Middle East.

Yes, Pilgrim, but I’m also talking about Canada, which is almost completely down the toilet, where a man was convicted of taking a newspaper ad that merely cited scripture verses. In Canada The Bible is illegal right now. Do not be surprised if the sodomite court in Philadelphia cites that Canadian case.

Again, the conspiratorial goal is to extirpate every trace of Christianity, thereby to destroy the system based upon it, and then to impose the totalitarian socialist world government dictatorship on the ruins. Lenin is alleged to have said that our system would collapse "like overripe fruit" into his hands. Instead, we are collapsing into the hands of overripe fruit.

The question arises: Where is Bush? Hello, Georgie! Is he still President? Wasn’t he reelected? He is allegedly a "staunch Christian." He prays every morning. Why, land o’ Goshen, the man is even "born again!" He has even communed with Billy Graham! And – and – and he occupies Teddy Roosevelt’s "bully pulpit." He is supposed to be the moral leader of the nation.

What has George W. Bush said about the present battle for America, in which the foundation of America – Christianity – is under terminal assault? Typically, he has said nothing. He has praised the preposterous fraud called Kwanzaa, founded forty years ago by a man convicted of torturing two of his followers.

Kwanzaa is an "African religion" that uses maize as one of its traditional African sacraments, which presents the difficulty that maize is not found in Africa. Bush has also praised Islam many times as the "religion of peace," and he has lovingly told the story of Channukah, the Jewish holiday.

But this most "Christian" of Presidents has said and done nothing to protect Christianity. He has not given any hint that he even knows about the attempt to destroy it. Look at the White House web site. This year, it’s "Happy Holidays." The White House songs are of the Rudolf and Santa variety. The familiar hymns we love are gone.

Every country is allowed to be what it is. The nations of the Middle East are allowed to be Muslim. India is allowed to be Hindu. Latin American nations are allowed to be Roman Catholic. Communist countries are certainly allowed to worship Marx. The anti-American Communist Liars Union would forbid only our country to be the Christian country it overwhelmingly is.

And Bush of course eagerly participates in the scheme because he is a covert Communist world government traitor. Remember that his grandfather actively worked with the Nazis throughout World War II. In the Bush family, anything goes to make a buck. Ask yourself what T.R. would do now if he stood in the bully pulpit.

And we must not forget the preachers, cowering in their churches, simpering sissies afraid of everything that moves, who make the most neurasthenic woman look like Queen Isabella. So far at least, Michael Marcavage reports that the preachers have given him and Repent America little if any support.

No, the preachers are too busy you see, too busy debating the lucrative question of how many (financial) angels with big bank balances can dance on the head of a pen. Using modern marketing methods, they have improved and updated Jesus. Why spend forty days in the desert when, using those methods you can perfect yourself without deprivation in the same length of time?

The preachers are afraid to offend. They are afraid of IRS. They got tax exemptions from IRS to make fund raising easier, even though our friends at IRS told them explicitly in writing they were tax exempt automatically because they were a church. But because they have applied they are controlled.

They fear the state because they incorporated even though they didn’t need to; and now that they are corporations they are creatures of the state. When a couple of sodomites show up and demand to be married so they can legally bugger each other, the incorporated preachers will grit their teeth, bite their tongues and marry them.

After all, why make somebody mad? Isn’t the preacher’s first duty the preservation of the church? Do you hotheads really want the state to take the meeting- house away? That is what the preachers say.

They should now be marching on Philadelphia. Remember that during the War for Independence the preachers were so formidable an enemy that the English called them the "black regiment."

If you want to see an accurate rendition of what preachers of the time were like, see Mel Gibson’s movie, "The Patriot," or read Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805 (Ellis Sandoz, editor, Indianapolis, Liberty Fund, 1990). Call 1-(800) 470-8783 for a copy. In contrast, the anti-American Communist Liars Union no doubt privately calls today’s preachers "yellow dogs."

Like sentinels asleep on the watchtowers, they have completely abdicated their spiritual commission. One of the reasons is no doubt the fact that the Communists have been infiltrating religion in this country from the beginning. Remember for just one example that Professor Harry F. Ward, one of the top Communists in this country, churned out "Christian" ministers for years at the Union Theological Seminary.

Yes, I know there are inspiring exceptions, but they are overwhelmed. Are you one of them? If you are one of them, you will be reading this on your way to Philadelphia. You don’t need to wear black, but you sure as h-e-c-k will not be wearing pink. Meanwhile, Merry Birth of Jesus to you all.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.